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From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
7,198 backers pledged $220,852 to help bring this project to life.

Wrap-up. (Any Stragglers?)

Posted by Eddy Boxerman (Creator)

Hello you beautiful backers! 2016 is soon coming to a close, and it's time to wrap up this Kickstarter with a ribbon and a kiss.

At this point I hope you've all gotten and enjoyed your games – it's been great to hear all your kind feedback! Once you've had a chance to play Karmaka enough to know if you like it, please ♥ it and rate it on BoardGameGeek. If you haven't gotten your game yet, please check out the "Straggler" section below.

Karmaka is available in some friendly local game shops now as well! This is thanks to you and the game-shop owners who are passionate about discovering cool, new Kickstarted games. It's been exciting for us to see Karmaka on shelves next to all those "real" games!

Karmaka – a staff pick at 401 Games in Toronto!
Karmaka – a staff pick at 401 Games in Toronto!

If you'd like to pick up a copy for a friend, please ask about it at your friendly local game shop. Here's a list of retailers and distributors (the ones we know of anyways) who already carry Karmaka. (These are still First Editions; identical to the KS version, but about $5+ more expensive than what backers paid.) If that fails, you can also order it from our website.

And of course our Society6 art prints are still available.


If you haven't gotten your copy of Karmaka yet, please let us know. Here's how, depending on where you live:

US, Canada, and EU countries: You should have received an email from Blackbox when your package shipped. If you got the email but never received the package, check the tracking (if any), and reply to that email explaining you never got it. If you never got an email from Blackbox nor the game, contact with your name, address, and what you're expecting (eg. a copy of Karmaka). They'll confirm your delivery address and either track down the package or send it again.

New Zealand: btw, I owe Julia of Cheeky Parrot Games an apology for crediting Blackbox for her work in our last update. She did an excellent job fulfilling Karmaka to all our NZ backers; in fact NZ backers got their games before anyone else on the planet! Thanks again, Julia. Anyways, I'm pretty sure all our NZ backers got their game back in September / October, but in case you haven't please get in touch. (See Rest of World instructions below.)

Rest of World: if you haven't gotten your copy yet, send me a message via Kickstarter (click on my name at the top of the KS page, then "Contact Me") with your name and address. I'll look up your order with SendFromChina and see if we can track it down.


FYI the language translations (rules and card lookup sheets) we promised to provide during the campaign (French, German, Spanish, and Italian) are all available now on our Print-and-Play page. A few other translations (Japanese, Korean, Polish...) have been undertaken and posted on BGG as well. Big thanks to all the friends and backers who created those translations! (The credits are in each language's rules.)


And that's a wrap! (Hopefully there aren't too many straggling packages.) Many thanks to all of you for helping to make Karmaka a reality! It's been a wild journey, and we couldn't have done it without you.

As for what's next... that's a good question! A digital version of Karmaka perhaps, or an expansion, or another game entirely. I'm mulling at the moment. I'm definitely curious to hear what / how much demand there would be for those things though! Comments welcome. :)

Thanks again and happy holidays.

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    1. Vincent B. Donadio

      Hoping for an expansion! My wife and our friends love it.

    2. MrMortonScience on

      Still waiting for my version. Any idea which delivery company I should be contacting?

    3. MrMortonScience on

      Still waiting for my version. Any idea which delivery company I should be contacting?

    4. Elizabeth Creelman on

      My family loves this game. My husband has requested playing this many times since it arrived. From the box, to the gorgeous artwork , the thematic meeples and the awesome insert. We just love this game.

    5. Marcus Zwolsky on

      And thank you! I've really enjoyed Karmaka so far and you've done a great job with this campaign keeping us all updated and delivering a wonderful game to us on time.
      Kudos and thanks, it's been fun!
      Greetings from Germany

    6. Missing avatar

      Serpentian on

      I got it and have fun with playing it

    7. Monica Elida Forssell

      I have played the game a few times. Even tried it out on a non gamer friend. And she liked it! I am having lots of fun with the game.

    8. Ash and Eli on

      Played the game many times now. It's a great game for taking down to the pub, especially with those two cards that function as a handy portable board.

      I do feel bad when I win after stacking so many bad deeds though. It's a good variant to try and win while only using non-destructive deeds :) makes any win that comes from it feel 'right'.

      Thanks guys and Merry Christmas.

    9. Luke Ryan on

      Really enjoying he game played it 4 or 5 times now and everyone I have introduced it to is a fan. Feel like 3 player is the best player count otherwise games take too long.
      How about a mini expansion with new cards/powers? That would definitely be snapped up and add extra replayability

    10. Bryan F. Irrera on

      I would absolutely LOVE a digital/IOs version of the game. I play a lot of board/card games on the iPad and this would be an excellent addition to THAT collection, as much as the physical edition was to my "real" board games.

    11. Nate Strenger on

      As far a what you do next, I would support any physical game you do in the future (be it an expansion or full game). I love Karmaka and this was an enjoyable Kickstarter experience. Thanks for the game!

    12. Zach Durtschi on

      I've been able to play through it a few times and have loved it every time, and everybody I've introduced it to has loved it too! :D I would absolutely *love* an expansion, though a digital version would be fun too, to play with my friends across the world. If I get a vote, though, I would definitely go for an expansion.

    13. Evan McCoy

      Yep, my game group all liked it as well. I'd be very interested to see an expansion someday, or even an entirely different game. I'll definitely be looking out for what your next project is, whatever it turns out to be!

    14. Phillip Stewart

      Was able to play this for the first time last night with friends. Our 3-player game took a little longer than an hour because of how spiteful we were being. Truly shows how karma comes back to bite you in the ass..

      We all loved it though!