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From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
7,198 backers pledged $220,852 to help bring this project to life.

Fulfillment – Full Steam Ahead

Posted by Eddy Boxerman (Creator)

Fulfillment is in full swing, everyone! I'll jump right into the regions...

US + Canada + EU + New Zealand

Many backers in the US, Canada, EU countries, and New Zealand have already received their games thanks to Blackbox's warp-speed processing! We thought they'd take longer, which is why we projected mid/late October for many. For those who haven't received their copy yet, please give it another week before getting concerned. Some package and destination combos take longer than others; thanks for your patience!

A lot of you have already sent us your great feedback on the delivery, the quality, and the gameplay – thank you! It's such a treat to hear all your kind words after our long journey of design, manufacturing, and shipping to get Karmaka from our brains to your hands.

One favour we'd like to ask: once you've had a chance to play Karmaka enough to know if you like it, please ♥ it and rate it on BoardGameGeek. THANKS!


This includes Australia, Asia, non-EU Europe, Central & South America, and Africa.

We have placed your orders with SendFromChina (SFC), a fulfillment service which will air-mail games from China directly to each backer. Because we ran into some hiccups with them, most of you will get your games in November. Keep in mind this was our original estimated delivery date. Unfortunately SFC was not able to deliver early, as Blackbox was.

Gory Details: Many tabletop creators have reported excellent success with SFC, but we've also heard some cautionary tales about shipment-packaging issues. Asking them to double-bubble-wrap games seems to be a good solution. Great – we asked SFC to do so. But we wanted to be sure, so we sent a test package from SendFromChina to Dave in Toronto. This was over a month ago, and the copy still hasn't arrived. Ugh. Despite not having received our test yet, we feel we shouldn't wait any longer; it's time to ship these puppies. So we're going to trust others' experience with SFC and move forward. Given the mystery around where Dave's copy might be (who knows – it may arrive tomorrow), we're paying a premium to SFC to apply tracking to all Rest-of-World orders. This is an extra cost we didn't anticipate, but we're going to eat it to make sure everyone gets their copies in a timely and reliable manner rather than "firing them into the void." Hopefully all rest-of-world packages will be underway soon – double-bubble-wrapped, and with tracking. Go go SFC! We'll keep you posted as things progress.


Thanks again everyone for backing and believing in our tabletop baby. If you've already gotten and played it – yay! – please rate it on BoardGameGeek. If not, please be patient and we'll keep you posted.

<3 and more soon...

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    1. Missing avatar

      Yitzchak Schwarz on

      I just got my copy today. It's beautiful. The box is smaller than I expected.

      However, 2 of the corners of the box were just a little bent.

    2. Fiona Madafiglio on

      So excited to receive my game today here in Australia (1 Nov) - can't wait to play it! It looks amazing!
      Just some feedback about packing: The game was wrapped in bubble wrap then in a bubblewrap envelope, but the inner layer of bubble wrap was thin, popped - may pre-used? Anyway, the box is damaged a bit, which is a pity after all your hard effort to make sure that wouldn't happen. :/
      Certainly won't affect play though. :)

    3. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) on

      Thanks, Eddy, no worries. Re: Australia, definitely try me next time, but I have a feeling Cheeky Parrot wouldn't be able to compete with Send From China's rates. For our upcoming game, Hoard, postage + labour for SFC to fulfil Australia was about the same as postage from NZ, and though I don't mind working for myself "for free" I'll be in trouble if I do it for others!

    4. Monica Elida Forssell

      Thanks, Eddie!! It is looking really cool. I will be bringing it to a gathering in a few weeks. Yes, Norway sometimes gets included in EU by mistake... Hopefully this won`t put you back too much for payment! :D

    5. Catherine Dock

      Mine arrived last week (UK). Looks beautiful! Well done guys. :)

    6. David Wilson on

      Mine arrived about 2 weeks ago, which is a whole month ahead of the original expected delivery given of November, so congratulations! The artwork is as stunning as it looked on the campaign page, and the game plays as beautifully as expected. It's a very elegant game, and I shall be looking forward to your next kickstarter. FYI I won the first game with an entire hand of blue to achieve transcendence. I managed to plan my future life perfectly, then got lucky with the cards I drew during the hand.

    7. Missing avatar

      Artyom Alexeyenk0 on

      Hurrrah! Guys you rock, so looking forward to get Karmaka

    8. Eddy Boxerman Creator on

      Ack! I can't believe I didn't mention Cheeky Parrot in this update – so sorry Julia! (I have SFC heavily on the brain atm.) You have been an absolute dream to work with, and indeed, it's thanks to you (and not Blackbox) that New Zealand backers got their games so quickly. We did highlight Cheeky Parrot + NZ in our last update, but I'm kicking myself now for this oversight... sorry!

      Besides that, very happy to hear everyone's pleased with the fulfillment and the game so far!

      @Saodhar: SFC (or the carriers they'll use) should send an email to each backer with their tracking info. This may not happen for a week or two though. (They take a while to process orders.)

      @Monica: Hmmm... it seems Blackbox fulfilled your game! We must have included the Norwegian orders in our EU list to Blackbox, which I guess they fulfilled. We'll probably pay extra for those. Ah well, so long as you got your game safe and sound!

      @Emmanuel: We did ask Julia (of Cheeky Parrot) if she was interested in fulfilling our AU orders, but I think she wanted to focus on NZ. Maybe next time, Julia? :)

    9. Manny M on

      Surprised NZ and AU weren't fulfilled together... but props to cheeky parrot for sorting that quickly. Definitely deserves actual props.

    10. Paul Aldama Miller on

      Hello from Philippines. Going out of your way to pay extra for tracking is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Thank you guys for doing your best (and more) to fulfill the rewards. You are awesome.

    11. George Meskus on

      It is a beautiful game, and it came when it said it would. An impressive feat for Kickstarter :)

    12. Cheeky Parrot Games (Julia Schiller) on

      Great to hear that the rest of the world is starting to get their copies. Just to note that New Zealand backers got theirs thanks to Cheeky Parrot doing the fulfilment here--a bit hurt that your posts lets Blackbox steal our birdy thunder :(
      I've had no complaints, so I assume Kiwi backers all received their copies in good nick.

    13. Jean-Michel Oblette

      One 2p game so far and loved it. We played it nice for the first few reincarnation cycles, and I turned into ape a few turns ahead of my opponent. We spent a few turns there accumulating rings. Then it got really tactical, and I ended up gifting too many green cards to her future life - she easily reached the 4 she needed (with 3 rings).
      LOVED IT and can't wait to try 3-4 players!

    14. Monica Elida Forssell

      I already got my game, like last week or so, and I live in a non EU European country... Did it go that fast for me?!

    15. Saodhar

      Thanks for paying for tracking! Will we get the number - or will you track them yourself?

    16. Jivanjit Saimbhi on

      I'd just like to say how much I've enjoyed Karmaka since receiving it. I've taken it around the UK and played numerous games with people from different backgrounds. It feels fresh, fun and the quality of the cards/packaging/everything is top notch.

      I only have one complaint about the game...

      I would LOVE to see more!!!!