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From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
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The Pre-Production Copy Has Arrived!

Posted by Eddy Boxerman (Creator)

Hi everyone! Prototype parts have been trickling in from the manufacturer over the last few weeks, and today we received the plastic box insert – the final ingredient that was missing. Put it all together, and voila: a complete pre-production copy of Karmaka!

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It's looking great! Only a single issue outstanding: minor color tweaks we're making to the cards. Proofs for these are arriving in the post next week.

Once we've approved the final card colors, Karmaka goes into full production! We'll let you know when we hit that milestone. We'll send out the backer surveys at that point as well.

Thanks, and have a great week! :)

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    1. Eddy Boxerman Creator on

      Thanks for the lovely feedback, everyone. Much appreciated! :)

      @Magnus: the latest update has some info on production run time (7-11 weeks). We're still shooting for a November delivery to backers!

      @Brad103: Doh! I meant to show this. (I had done that in a previous take.) I'll try to post a little something on that soon.

      @Yitzchak: I'll do a little research and recommend some sleeves soon. I'm afraid we won't be able to include them in the game box / shipment though. (We want to keep things as simple as possible; extra parts adds risk, which we've seen bite other Kickstarter creators many a time.)

    2. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      It's looking great so far. I would like to offer thanks in particular for the consideration of having space available if we so choose to sleeve our cards. It's not something most board game creators give consideration for and it saddens me immensely.

    3. Missing avatar

      Truongquoc Tran

      Wow this is the best investment I ever done. You even account for card sleeve to fit in the box which most game maker don't.

    4. Charles W. Phillips on

      You have just been promoted from dung beetle :-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Magnus Vinther Lund on

      looks great!
      any idea how long the productions run should take?

      is November still the estimated release date? seems awfully far off :-P

    6. Brad103 on

      Nice update. I'm very happy with the extra time spent on the box insert. The little details in the bottom of the card slots you'll rarely ever look at, but it's cool that they were included to continue the theme of the game. Also, I love the accommodation for sleeved cards! (knew you were already accounting for this but its nice to see it in action)

      PS: Wish we could have seen the Karmic Ladder cards as well though :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Yitzchak Schwarz on

      Looks good.

      I have to wonder if there's a possibility of paying a little extra to have the sleeves come with the game.

    8. Manny M on

      Looks fantastic. I was wondering how this was progressing the other day and this fulfills all expectations I have.

      Commend your attention to detail, which is so crucial given a great deal of the appeal was in the graphic design of the product.

      Very excited for this one.

    9. ShadowsKat on

      Great update. Though I kinda wish the insert was still white like the prototype in the previous update was since I think it shows the components better. And that the black meeple had been changed since the black seems just too, well, dark considering the colorfulness of the rest of the game. (Though I totally commend the consideration given for colorblind people. Kudos to that.)
      It all still looks fantastic and I'm super excited for it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Dunkle on

      Awesome video! I wasn't excited because it feels so far away but seeing the game...yeah, I'm excited!

    11. Mitchell Lehnert on

      What an awesome update. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am so excited to get this game in my hands!!

    12. Martijn on

      Great update & video! Thanks!

    13. Connor Brinsmead on

      What a great update! I wish all games I backed gave us such a nice little unboxing video.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Groff on

      Looks fantastic.

    15. Brian Roth

      looks great congrats on your milestone!

    16. kathryn dowell

      Excellent update! Your attention to detail (matching meeple colors to board colors) is commendable. This will be a standout within my board game collection!

    17. Christopher Grano on

      Thanks for the update! Really looking forward to this game! :-)

    18. PraveenSawh on

      looks awsome can't wait to get it!

    19. Missing avatar

      Aaron B. on

      I just have to say, you have just done an amazing job with this. Accounting for sleeves is such a nice bonus that really showcases your interest in producing a product we really want to buy. Thank you!