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From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
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Translations, Interviews, Box Upgrade.

Posted by Eddy Boxerman (Creator)

Hi, everyone! $100k has come and gone; official translations have been unlocked; and we're on to another stretch goal!


Before we jump into stretch-goal details, we'd like to mention two interviews we've done which may interest you. Both of them dive into some of the inspirations and design behind Karmaka, each from a different perspective:

  • Dave Burke in a written interview with Matt Pavlovich on Games Precipice.
  • Eddy Boxerman in an audio (podcast) interview with Tom Chick on Quarter To Three.

Stretch Goals

Officially supported translations are now happening!

Big topic.

A bunch of you have reached out to help translate Karmaka, and translation work has begun in earnest – thank you! Groups ranging from 4 to 10 people in size are coordinating in Google docs for French, Italian, German, and Spanish. We've written up guidelines for them, and each group is converging on translations for the game's keywords (things like Ruins, Future Life, The Well, etc. - we really want these to be spot on) as well as the cards. As those are being nailed down, a couple of first-drafts for the rules have come in. Things are moving quickly and it's been fascinating to participate in the discussions!

To be clear, please note that we are only manufacturing the game in English. Perhaps we'll do runs in other languages someday, but we don't have plans to now. So these translations are going to be documents we make available online that people can download to accompany the English, physical version. There will be translated rules as well as a cheat-sheet listing all of the cards (grouped by color and point value) for quick lookup during play. 

For people interested in translating the game to languages other than EFIGS (many of you have reached out on this already), here are some guidelines we just published to help you along. Feel free to make a copy of that Google doc to edit and/or work with others on a translation. We'd also recommend posting to this BGG thread if you want to embark on a new language so as to collaborate rather than duplicate efforts. Finally, we're fine with people posting fan-made translations to BGG or elsewhere. Please do let us know about 'em, though! :-)

Last but not least, a new stretch goal: a linen finish for the box. Many premium games have this finish, and we really appreciate the look and feel of it. We think it'll complement Marco's painterly box-art really nicely!

Ok, back to making the donuts! :-)

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    1. Missing avatar


      I can't load the guidelines for some reason.

    2. Jonas on

      I´m from Germany but I prefer the english language, I always try to import the original version of any game.
      German is a cool language if you design everithing in German, but translations are always "uncanny" because the correct translation results in words you would not coose if you designed in German. Especially role play games fall into that trap.

    3. Manny M on

      Seems a little odd to me that translations are a stretch goal, when it's the community using a free online app that's actually doing the work.

    4. Franck Cini on

      +1 Kai, it seems a fair proposition and a good compromise.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kai Windmöller

      A fully translated box would be great. but I can see the trouble in managing multipe versions of gameboxes, and the rising price for an all-in-one (multilingual) box. But would it be possible to make the box a slight bit higher, so that a cheatsheet and a translated rulebook would find room in the box?
      So the game material would remain in english, but the rulebook(s) would be multilingual (atleast the important parts).

    6. Eddy Boxerman Creator on

      Dave here (Eddy and I are a two-headed beast).
      @Kai and @André: we wish it were possible, but adding additional rulebooks and translated cards to the core game for every language would send manufacturing and shipping costs skyrocketing. It's just way too expensive to have all languages present in every box.

    7. André Braghini on

      I agree that the translations should be included, however why not having them as add in?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kai Windmöller

      Would it be possible to make it a strechgoal to put those official translations and cheat sheets into the box?