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From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
7,198 backers pledged $220,852 to help bring this project to life.

Variants Unlocked! Vote for Art Prints.

Posted by Eddy Boxerman (Creator)

It's day 4 of the campaign and we're already at $52k, and have broken through 5 stretch goals! Awesome – thanks everyone!

Multiplayer Variants

Two multiplayer variants have been added to the game! You can see all the details in the brand new "Variants" section of the print-and-play rules. If you've printed the PnP, we'd love to get your feedback on how you like them. In particular, please tell us who won in your "Big Bad Wolf" games – the Wolf or the Beetles! (We'll publish the stats.) Here's the gist of each:

2v2:  A fun way to play 4-player Karmaka is to play in teams: 2 players vs. 2 players. The first player to achieve Transcendence wins for their team! What’s more, this mode adds an additional (fourth) way to play cards each turn: you may play a card to your teammate’s Future Life!

2v1 "Big Bad Wolf": This is an asymmetrical variant in which a team of 2 plays against a single player. The catch is that the solo player begins the game as a Wolf, while the teammates both begin as Dung Beetles (as per usual). The Wolf wins by transcending first, and the Beetles win if either of them transcends first.

Upgraded Ladder

The Karmic Ladder got a nice upgrade as well! This will be a nice, sturdy, proper game board (single piece, non-folding) rather than punchboard with edges exposed.

Art Prints

Quite a few people have asked for this; art prints of some of Karmaka's cards. Each one requires Marco to touch up and polish the areas that are usually covered by the cards' graphical elements, so we have to restrict ourselves to picking our favourites to offer as prints. We're having a really hard time picking our favourites though, so we thought we'd let you decide via this poll

We're setting the stretch goal for this at $62k, and we'll announce the winning art-pieces in 4 days, on Wednesday, Jan 27th. May your favourite win! (And feel free to share the poll with your friends.)



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    1. Eddy Boxerman Creator on

      @David Y: We'll probably assign 3 points for people's #1 pick, 2 for #2, and 1 for #3; then add up the points, and voila! I'll try a couple other schemes (eg. 5,3,1 or 1,1,1) to see if it makes much difference.

      @David: Haha, agreed! That's why we made the poll – we couldn't decide! ;-)

    2. David Y.

      How will the decisions be made? Top three of the number-one choices? Top picks for number one, number two and number three? total number of votes? Thank you!

    3. David Wilson on

      Difficult to choose as the artwork is so good on all of them!

    4. Eddy Boxerman Creator on

      btw, it looks like someone abused the form by submitting to it a bunch of times. [Crisis, Crisis, Crisis] over and over, which is why it has that across-the-board boost. I can't delete those votes from Google's results, but I'll cut those out when tallying the final results.

      I've also made the form require a Google login now as well, rather than accepting anonymous results.

    5. Eddy Boxerman Creator on

      I hear you Makana. I was surprised Longevity didn't get more love. (I voted for it. ;-)

    6. Makana on

      I'm disappointed that Longevity didn't get any love in the polls - it'd be perfect to hang up in my smoke spot!

      On the other hand, I'm glad everyone else agrees that Embody is absolutely gorgeous.