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From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
From the creators of Osmos comes Karmaka, a competitive card game that plays out over multiple lives.
7,198 backers pledged $220,852 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Markus Tomten Nilsson
      on September 15, 2017

      when do we get the digital walpapers?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jon Lean on March 12, 2017

      Been playing a lot of this this today after a break of a few weeks - still a great little game!

    3. Ismael M
      on January 17, 2017

      Finally my karmaka copies arrived today at Mexico, unluckily the boxes are heavily damaged but contents are intact. :)

    4. Jay Marsh
      on January 15, 2017

      I just played my first game of Karmaka finally, and absolutely loved the mechanics. Super fun, and intense.

    5. Missing avatar

      Derek Nesbitt on December 31, 2016

      Zee gives a thumbs up review on Dice Tower...Well of course he does!
      Who wouldn't?

    6. John Drinkwater on December 28, 2016

      Loved by the family ... easy to learn and challenge to master.

    7. Missing avatar

      Xertez on December 27, 2016

      Go digital. There are definitely outlets (such as tabletop simulator) that you could work with the development on. I would love to see something such as this, as I'm not always next to my allies.

    8. Trevor Crystal on December 15, 2016

      I love this game! I think an expansion which rewards players for good karma would be beneficial. It could be a good way to speed up the game, one criticism I got from a friend was just how long it took to play.

    9. Missing avatar

      blake wheeler on December 15, 2016

      An expansion would be awesome as well as a new game entirely maybe based off the same mechanic?

    10. Paul Aldama Miller on December 14, 2016

      I meant the art alone is already worth it. The whole game is just awesome~ Thank you guys for this amazing game!

    11. Paul Aldama Miller on December 14, 2016

      Got my copies. Beautiful game!!! The art alone is worth it.

    12. Eddy Boxerman Creator on December 7, 2016

      @George: I just sent you a PM.

      @Israel, @Rodolfo: Great, thanks for letting us know! :)

    13. Rodolfo Schmauk Ortúzar
      on December 7, 2016

      I just received mine, and I wasn't expecting it at all!

    14. George Chih
      on November 29, 2016

      @Eddy, I didn't receive any email from Blackbox, and I didn't receive the package too. Can you contact them? Because I have no way to do it by myself. Thanks.

    15. Israel Rodriguez on November 29, 2016

      Brilliantly professional, I just got my package. You said it would be delivered in November, and it happened, I'm truly amazed. Thank you guys, I'm looking forward to play it this weekend!

    16. Eddy Boxerman Creator on November 29, 2016

      @Robert, @Alex: please msg me through Kickstarter's messaging system and I'll follow up on each of your packages. (So as not to post any of your private information, like mailing address, in a public thread.)

    17. Robert Ölei on November 29, 2016

      Hi Eddy, please check my delivery too ;-) Thanks. I'm really looking forward to play!

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Islander on November 29, 2016

      Hey Eddy, could you please give a look to my package, I did not get any tracking and I am getting concerned... thanks!!

    19. Eddy Boxerman Creator on November 29, 2016

      Wooo, Brazil and Russia! Thanks for reporting in, Talles, Daniel, and Edarneor. Good to hear: Those are two of the trickiest / longest destination countries to get games to.

      @George: I just looked up your order with Blackbox. Fedex is reporting your game as having been delivered on Oct 4th! I guess you never received it...? Did you ever receive an email from Blackbox about your copy being on its way? If so, please reply to that email and let them know.

    20. George Chih
      on November 29, 2016

      Hi I'm from America but I'm still not get the game. Could you help me to check the status?

    21. Talles Lessa on November 28, 2016

      Got mine here in Brazil ( São Paulo) as well, looking forward to play and review it.
      On top of that the package came perfectly intact !

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Nascimento on November 28, 2016

      Hi, guys!
      I'm from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and my game has just arrived an hour ago!
      I'm hoping to play it as soon as possible!
      Congrats for the great job done!

    23. Missing avatar

      Edarneor on November 26, 2016

      Thank you guys!! St. Petersburg, Russia here. Just got my game. You're the best!

    24. Eddy Boxerman Creator on November 22, 2016

      Hi everyone, hopefully most of you have gotten your games at this point! Some destinations take a little longer though (eg. Brazil). I'll start "getting concerned" about individual orders at the end of November. In the meantime, especially if you're in the US, Canada, or the EU, feel free to send me a PM and I'll look up your order.

      If your copy did arrive with bothersome box damage (some SFC deliveries are arriving this way despite their "double bubble wrap") or any manufacturing errors, please send us a photo at and we'll help you out.

      Thanks for all the kind feedback as well – nice to hear! :)

      @Nelson: Glad to hear it. Indeed, Blackbox has been excellent to work with!

      @Derek: Thanks for the pointer. Yeah, not the greatest review; I was hoping for better from the Dice Tower. It's true that Karmaka is much more intense & tactical than it appears from the art and theme. I guess I have a habit of designing games that look zen but have a tougher core. eg. Osmos, and now Karmaka. ;-)

    25. Missing avatar

      Alex Islander on November 22, 2016

      Still nothing here in New-Caledonia :-( Fingers crossed...

    26. Grant David on November 21, 2016

      I'm in the UK and still haven't received my game - who shall I contact about this?

    27. Adam Long on November 21, 2016

      Mine arrived in Australia. The artwork looks great! Thanks :)

    28. Arjun Sukumaran on November 18, 2016

      Starting to wonder if something happened to my copy, because a friend (in the same city) got his a couple of weeks ago. Who should I contact about this?

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrey on November 17, 2016

      Got my package hour ago - Russia, Yekaterinburg. It's awesome. Thanks you!

    30. Talles Lessa on November 14, 2016

      Still waiting, has anyone in Brazil got their copy yet?
      I'm used to delays and all bit since no one received their tracking numbers, and it has been a while since shopping o was wondering where my package is.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nelson Viegas
      on November 11, 2016

      ...just forgot to say where I am... Sunny Southern Portugal. :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Nelson Viegas
      on November 11, 2016

      My first copy got lost in the mail. :( My second copy arrived today! A big thank you for the wonderfully nice people at Blackbox (I guess it's the fullfilment company) that did a great job fixing the problem immediately. A five star company indeed.
      Now to try the game out! :)

    33. Qiaosi on November 11, 2016

      Got my copy today (it actually arrived yesterday). Xi'an, China.

    34. Saodhar
      on November 8, 2016

      Got my package today (Ukraine, Kyiv). Thanks!

    35. Thorlight
      on November 6, 2016

      @Eddie Boxerman: Ty very much for the info. This was the only rule we where discussing while playing the game since it stated "On a nother players Deck". Now let the choas begin haha :P Awsome game all around by the way. Waiting for youre next game with anticipation :P

    36. Missing avatar

      Derek Nesbitt on November 5, 2016

      Jason Peacock, (a backer) has done a review on Dice Tower, his overall comments may be fair
      but perhaps the game itself looks too good and disguises it's true creds.
      For me the gorgeous art and the games lofty goals belie it's dark and devious nature, you may think supping herb tea with the Buddha, is the desired goal, but it's much more fun stabbing others in the back, and spoiling their angelic tea party...hehe!

    37. Kenneth McCulloch on November 5, 2016

      after receiving the game a long time ago, i finally got to play it. WONDERFUL game! we all loved it. so happy i backed it. thank you.

    38. Arjun Sukumaran on November 5, 2016

      Cheers Prakash, nothing for it but to wait then :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Prakash Raman
      on November 4, 2016

      Got my game in Singapore last week -- I was away from SG, returned yesterday night.
      @Arjun : Did not get a tracking email.

      The package was bubble wrapped and inside a padded cover. In spite of it, one side of the box was warped and the playmat has a slight warping at the bottom corner. Not sure if it happened during delivery or at the begin itself.

    40. Eddy Boxerman Creator on November 4, 2016

      Thanks again for the wonderful feedback everyone – music to our ears! :)

      Sounds like some backers in Asia and Australia (and some further afield) have received their games now – great! Hopefully everyone else will get theirs in the next couple of weeks.

      @Thorlight: You can always play Longevity on a player, even if their deck is empty and/or they will reincarnate on their next turn. (A general rule is you can always play a card, and on any player that the card allows, regardless of the game's/player's "state". That said, the card may end up having no effect of course. ;-)

      @porklasagna, @Keith Yuji Miyazaki: It's still a bit early to get concerned, but send us a private message if you'd like us to dig up your tracking number.

      @Joel McCulla: Thanks for the info. Yeah, it doesn't seem like SFC is sending out emails, which we thought they were going to do. ("Email" is a required field when entering orders that include tracking.) Disappointing. That said, we can do manual lookups to see what's happening if things are taking a long time. Hopefully you'll get yours soon!

      @-GoRdoN-: Hmmm... they should be more resilient than that. That said, I highly recommend sleeving if you're going to play/shuffle a lot. (This is the trade-off of not adding a linen finish to the cards: The art comes through much more nicely, but they're less resilient to shuffling.)

      Thanks again everyone! At this point I figure >90% of backers have received their games. I'll keep doing my best to make sure everyone else does as soon as possible as well.

    41. Arjun Sukumaran on November 4, 2016

      Singapore backers, did you get an email with a tracking number?

      (Still waiting here in India, so thought I'd check.)

    42. Missing avatar

      on November 3, 2016

      Hmmm, still no tracking update here. Hopefully there will be! I'm in the Philippines by the way.

    43. Missing avatar

      Steven Mewett on November 3, 2016

      Received in Adelaide, Australia. Everything looks fantastic! The box and game board are nice and sturdy & the cards feel great and look fantastic. Thank you!

    44. Missing avatar

      Stuart McDougall on November 2, 2016

      Received Melbourne, Australia. Looks great. Thanks

    45. Joel McCulla on November 1, 2016

      Received Brisbane.
      But just saying if you paid extra to have tracking sent to the recipient (beleive you said so in an update?) You got ripped off no tracking.
      Game though, simple, amazing, beautiful, fun... In general awesome!

    46. Missing avatar

      Lutitus on November 1, 2016

      I just wanted to drop y'all a line to thank y'all. This has been a hit at the office.

    47. Andrew Ngo on November 1, 2016

      Got my game today in Melbourne, Australia. Was delivered to the post office on Monday but yesterday was a public holiday. Game looks great can't wait to try it out.

    48. Keith Yuji Miyazaki
      on November 1, 2016

      Dear Creator,

      Do you have a tracking number or something for my package to brazil?

      Best regards

    49. Thorlight
      on November 1, 2016

      I`ve played the game 2 times now and i have a rule question: Is it possible to play cards that add cards to a players "deck" even though they have entered rebirth? Ergo they play there last card and next turn they rebirth, but u play like "Jubbelié" "That adds 2 cards to a optional players deck"?

      Or does that mean that they actually hafto have a deck so u can use that card and put more in it? I mean the red cards that destoy deeds are a given when someone is in rebirth mode but would like some clarification on the "add cards to deck" cards.

    50. Missing avatar

      Daniel Iglesias Perez on October 31, 2016

      Just got the game delivered. Sydney, Australia.
      Great presentation, can't wait to play it.

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