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pledged of $5,180 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $5,180 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Scarlett about 21 hours ago


      Keen on this wallet as my aki (previous kickstarter) was recently stolen!

      Happy to see your previous campaign stuck to schedule too!

      - in your last campaign, you received a few comments regarding an unpleasant glue smell and stitching issues. how have you combated these concerns to ensure a better quality product this time around? (i wouldn't want to buy one and have the cards get stuck because of glue overspill or have the stitching undo)

      - brand. have you considered a makers mark that is just a symbol instead of the name as well 'edcharley' is a masculine name and i think it'll be a barrier towards females buying this product. this point alone is making me consider trying to find something else more suitable for me. a single makers mark was a huge draw card for the aki wallet - i hate carrying obvious branding around. it also meant it got more comments and people asing where they could get one from. people in australia where i am hate the obvious branding. the EC logo will remind me of the name and i can then send people to your site so they can purchase one. i can guarantee this wont happen if the 'ed charley' is left on the side as pictured so far. i work in branding, I've seen this play out heaps of times.

      - can you post a quick video showing the use of the cash slot with cards already in the wallet? the previous campaign says it was hard to access cash while cards were inside - because it was too stiff. im also concerned, without the cards in place it could become 'too soft' and the cash could fall out... can you explain how these issues have been addressed?

      - wil this wallet fit australian sized bills discretely or will they be visible?


    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Yeo
      2 days ago

      And I am here!

    3. Ed Charly 2-time creator on May 15

      @potato miso, thank you very much! Hope you will like this wallet too!
      @J Thank you, I'm still loving the Ed wallet too. While working on this project which supposes to be a card holder wallet, the idea of a coin pouch seems to be bugging me. haha! There we have it!

      Thank you every one for your support here.

    4. Missing avatar

      potato miso
      on May 15

      Glad to see u again. I backed one immediately without even reading the campaign but I think ill back for 2 after. All for myself :) love it

    5. J on May 15

      Loved the first edition, been using it everyday. Rare to find a minimalist wallet with coin pouch. Looking forward to this one too to add my most-used key.

    6. Ed Charly 2-time creator on May 14

      @Chee Yong - Thank you very much for the support! This will be great additional to the first one.


    7. Chee Yong
      on May 14

      really liked ur previous edition. been using it regularly and it is very neat and the design is good. backing you up for this wallet as a back up to the first. Thanks a lot.