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A community-led air quality sensing network that gives people a way to participate in the conversation about air quality.
A community-led air quality sensing network that gives people a way to participate in the conversation about air quality.
927 backers pledged $144,592 to help bring this project to life.

The Last Leg

This Kickstarter was about taking an idea we had as a small community of interested technologists (just like many of you) and seeing if there were people "out there" who wanted to join us.  We were completely blown away by the response.  I personally have never had commercial ambitions in this space and so I never saw AirQualityEgg as a product at this stage.  But as "collaborative, community-led" project grows into a group of people large enough to have vastly different viewpoints, expectations, and opinions, things can get messy. For us, that has translated into delays and cost overruns, eating deep into personal time and pocketbooks. It hasn't been a smooth ride.

But, we finally see the finish line!!! Over 600 Eggs have been hand-assembled and shipped so far. We've gotten SO MUCH feedback, and that feedback has ranged from spiteful Internet troll-venom to incredible outpourings of uplifting support. On the whole, the feedback has left us incredibly optimistic and keeps us going strong.

The GOOD NEWS: If you bought an Egg and haven't gotten it yet, we'll be shipping it to you by April 9th (if you are out of the US, it will obviously take a little while to get to you).  We have some bulk orders we'll fill after that, but all of you individual backers who have been champing at the bit, your Egg is coming very soon.  Seriously, thank you for your patience.

For anyone who ordered a radiation sensor add-on:  You will be getting your Egg as I stated above, but it will not have a radiation sensor. We had to prioritize our efforts and resources, and this sensor got pushed to the end.  Over the next 4 months (approximately), we will be finishing the design/code, manufacturing, and shipping of these.  But they are coming.

If you have any further questions concerning the status of your particular order at any time or to confirm/change your shipping address, you should email

More to come!

- @edborden


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ken Baker on October 17, 2013

      Hi, you said that "For anyone who ordered a radiation sensor add-on: You will be getting your Egg as I stated above, but it will not have a radiation sensor. We had to prioritize our efforts and resources, and this sensor got pushed to the end. Over the next 4 months (approximately), we will be finishing the design/code, manufacturing, and shipping of these. But they are coming." It's been 7 or so months since you posted this. How are the Radiation Sensors coming along and when can we expect them?


    2. Andy Powell on April 17, 2013

      @sensemakers No one is on a crusade, you've just been pretty poor at communicating - That's fact. The Bristol team are doing pretty well and appear to be writing code that actually works properly - at least they're testing it.

      And as Andra has pointed out... WTF are you doing delivering product to non-kickstarter backers *before* you've even shipped one unit to backers. It seems very clear that you have your priorities in the wrong place. I'm hopeful, although doubtful, that you'll learn from your mistakes, but I'll never get involved with another project you do.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ian Horswill on April 8, 2013

      Oops, never mind. I see the other sensors seem to be in the COSM feeds, just not getting reported on the page.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian Horswill on April 8, 2013

      Just got my egg. Seems to work well. I know you you said you weren't sending out radiation sensors until later, but what about the other options (O3, particulate, etc.)? I assume those are coming later too?

    5. Andra Waagmeester on April 7, 2013

      Finally got some data out of my airqualityegg, jeej!! Frequent reboots and frequent resync between the external and base are still required. Here is my output: If you are lucky you will not see a flat line. Next steps are first get a stable output and then make sense of the output. The first readings were so high, that I should be dead immediately. As I expected, the readings are not realy accurate.

      I am looking into alternative to the airquality egg. Anyone found some nice alternatives? Thanks to the COSM website I ran into which overs wireless CO2 meter. Any other suggestion on alternatives to the AQE would be highly appreciated.

    6. Bashar Abdullah on March 31, 2013

      @sensemakers I already did... twice. Feb 14, and March 17, from same email I backed from. I will email once more. Hope this time someone will actually read it.

    7. Andra Waagmeester on March 28, 2013

      Sorry @sensemakers the only one who is disparaging the project is yourself. Stop being so melodramatic all the time. Nobody is having a crusade against your project. You raised quite some expectations, of which most are not met yet.

      The fact that people still bother to complain here, should be a sign to you that people still care. I finally got my FTDI cable in the mail this week and if I manage to flash my egg, I will blog about it and will try to be as enthusiastic as I was in the beginning. For now my position remains skeptical.

      Regarding the prerelease on an event in Bristol for a lower price, even if the organizer brought its own funding, in my opinion is plain wrong! In my book the whole idea behind kickstarter is that people invest in you hoping the project succeeds. It can't be the case that, especially when you are 1 year behind in schedule you deliver to people outside the scope of the kickstarter pledge. Again if this was the implementation of the $2500 kickstarter pledge, then just say so!

    8. #Sensemakers Creator on March 26, 2013

      @andy @andra In your crusade to disparage the project, you are actually attacking someone from the Egg community in Bristol, who took their own time to put together an event and bought all the Eggs themselves, then raised their own funding locally from participants. They subsidized some of the cost from local business sponsorship to lower the price. They also received prototype boards with no enclosures. Then a few of us flew there with our own sponsorship to help run the event for free. Quite the scandal.

    9. Bashar Abdullah on March 26, 2013

      I got an email back in Feb 10 saying my item was shipped, still no sign of it. I emailed you guys twice and no reply at all. What's up with that?

    10. Andy Powell on March 26, 2013


      They did an event in Bristol in the UK, eggs were £40/£60 depending on when you signed up. See - specifically

      "For individuals, the “Early Bird Ticket” costs 40GBP and the “Standard Ticket” costs 60GBP. Both tickets include an egg which you will be able to take home and install after the workshop. "

    11. Andra Waagmeester on March 25, 2013

      @andy powel. Is it really true that the aqe on one of their events was available for a lower price then through kickstarter? That is quite an accusation. Initially, I also decided to stop backing up projects because of the failure to deliver by the aqe guys, but that would be unfair to all the other people who "just did a kickstarter project". My last pledge (just before receiving the plastic box with electronics) was on the StormFly, which is of similar complexity as the AQE. I am going to let the progress of that project be indicative, whether I should keep continuing supporting kickstarter projects or not.

    12. #Sensemakers Creator on March 25, 2013

      @Gavin, Yes the latest firmware goes on all the Eggs as they ship.

    13. Andy Powell on March 21, 2013

      "spiteful Internet troll-venom "

      Probably due to how bad your communication was.

      You seem to think that just because someone disagrees with you they are an internet troll. You're wrong. People have had every right to complain about your inability to communicate with people who invested their hard earned money into this project.

      Those that finally got their eggs then found that they wouldn't work because the code on them didn't work properly - You hand assembled all these devices and you didn't test even a few and then go

      "Hmm, there's an issue. Oh, let's test a few more. Oh this is a real problem, let's fix it".

      Instead, you left people who purchased fully built eggs, ie those that are probably the least likely to be able to fix any issues or have the confidence to plug "some wires" into their PC to reflash their egg in the lurch.

      Here we are, nearly a year on from your estimated delivery timescale and you *still* haven't delivered all the eggs.

      Of course, the backers could have just gone to one of your events and purchased an egg direct instead for a lot less than the price on Kickstarter, and they would have been able to use them - of course, if everyone had, you wouldn't have been able to deliver the eggs.

      I was bitterly disappointed in this project and the lack of communication - it stopped me backing other Kickstarter projects, I know I'm not the only one.

      Andra is right, stop feeling sorry for yourselves, MTFU and learn from your mistakes.

    14. Andra Waagmeester on March 21, 2013

      Again the victim card is pulled. I am not buying it. This is a community project as you say. So the community response when given expectations are not met, is part of the game. Calling that trolling venom, is weak. In a world where you can buy raspberry pies for $20, it is surprising to say the least that with almost $150.000 in cash you can't deliver.
      It is really blunt to all other kickstarter projects to start an update with a rethoric picture stating that "One does not simply do a kickstarter project." This is a blow in the face to all the other projects on kickstarter that just simply did a project. If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.
      You got quite some funding and with that comes some responsibility, which you have been evading for quite some time now.

      Please stop feeling sorry for yourself and start explaining in detail why it is taking so long to deliver. Instead of stating that you had cost overruns and other "just" reason, why not just give the real details? It would be interesting to know for example what the final total cost of manufacturing and delivery is. You simply owe this openness to other community lead project, since openness remains the adagio in community projects

    15. Missing avatar

      Gavin Chester on March 21, 2013

      Hurrah. Not sure why the internet troll venom came in but the only issue for me was lack of progress updates. The update in Jan said they were shipping but I guess not.

      There were comments the firmware needed updating, will this be the case with all the eggs still to ship or will they have the latest firmware on them?