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Under the Island of Jiin, two gates forged thousands of years ago hold back the demonic forces repelled by Arashi “the Exile”.

A banished hero, a false emperor who has plunged the country into an endless civil war, and rumors of monsters patiently awaiting to regain with blood what they once lost, will welcome you to Yohei when you lead one of its clans in search of glory and the throne.

Yohei is a skirmish game born from the combination of Japanese folkloric mysticism and its heroic deeds.

Combine die rolling, modular boards, and card management to immerse yourself in battles fought by the warriors of your army. Construct buildings, summon powerful events, invoke legendary weapons, and crush your enemy in games that last around 30 minutes per player.

Yohei offers 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 3 player free-for-all skirmishes. Additionally, for those who manage to master the game and want to delve deeper into its mechanics, you can also build your own decks with your favorite characters and events, seeking endless combinations and hidden tricks among the skills, weapons, and heroes of Jiin.

A good backstory provides the historical background to the feats and conflicts of the heroes of the Island of Jiin and its asymmetric clans.

Will you be the chosen one? Will you manage to subdue your enemies?

Advantages of backing Yohei on Kickstarter:

  • You will get ALL the exclusive Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign.
  • You will receive the game at least one month before the retail version is available in stores.
  • You get the game with a significant discount compared to retail (MSRP: 60€ / ~69$).
  • Last but no least: you help the game become a reality

 (*) One of the first Stretch Goals of this campaign is to replace building cardboard tokens with 3D wooden tokens, since it significantly improves the game experience. As we are sure we will unlock the Stretch Goal, the image of components already shows 3D tokens. :)

Yohei has been under development for over 2 years and has been tested at dozens of events by scores of players, thanks to whom the rulebook has been improved and polished.

Click on the link to download the draft version of the rulebook in both English and Spanish. A Quick Reference Sheet in English and Spanish is also available.

 Rulebook in English | Español - Quick Reference in English | Español

If you have any suggestions regarding the rulebook, do not hesitate to contact us via private message (instead of comment), so we can consider it in detail.

The new recruits on the Island of Jiin are instructed first in the knowledge of the clans. The soldiers able to prove their value rise to more challenging positions to ensure the survival of the population against the demonic hordes that ravage the island.

For all kinds of players, from beginners to highly experienced, Yohei offers different game modes that provide a rewarding experience to those willing to learn and delve into its mechanics.

  •  Clan Mode (2 to 4 players): the basic game mode we recommend to learn the game mechanics, where each player controls two different clans.
  •  Yohei Mode (2 to 4 players): shuffle the Unit cards of all the clans and the Rogue units to form the Market deck, where players hire the best mercenaries.
  •  Duel Mode (2 players): for advanced and competitive players. Each player builds their own deck.

In Yohei, you need to read the battlefield wisely and optimize your unit cards and the skills of your heroes to achieve success in all its game modes. 

You can win the game by destroying your opponent or gaining the most Victory Points.

The units (or heroes) are gathered in different clans:

 Loyal Clans, faithful to the (false) Sun Emperor: Majishan, Kotei, Ankoku.

 Rebel Clans, faithful to Arashi “the Exile”: Muryo, Kaji, Kaizoku.

 Ancestral Clans, under watch and no affiliation: Shisai, Akuma. 

 Rogue units do not belong to any of the 3 factions.

Four types of terrain shape the landscapes of Yohei. Terrain hinders movement or offers advantages to those who move through or occupy it. For example, forests and mountains protect units from enemy fire, but more movement points need to be spent to move across them. 

Each game of Yohei is totally unique due to its modular terrain board which players can arrange in many different ways to create a huge variety of battlefield maps. The different double-sided terrain tiles provide endless replayability.

Gain control over the battlefield and you will control the tempo of the game. Think ahead of your enemies and you will control their morale.”

Each warrior of the Island of Jiin is represented by a card and a circular token that share the same character/unit image.

The card indicates the skills and attributes of the unit with a series of symbols easy to understand. Move, melee combat skills, ranged attack and special skills comprise the basic abilities of these formidable warriors.

 The unit token has a combat frame” divided into 3 sections: red, yellow, and green. Red is the weakest section of the unit in terms of attack and defense, whereas green is the strongest. The number of dice rolled during attack and defense depend on the colors of these sections.

Therefore, facing at the end of a unit’s move action on the battlefield is extremely important.  Positioning, facing, the distance at which an enemy can deploy, charge, attack or use an effect, are key factors that need to be taken into consideration.

In Yohei there are powerful ítems that can be used to equip our heroes and make a unit more deadly.

The ítem card is placed under our unit card so the rest of the players can easily see the unit’s additional and improved skills.The ítem token is placed on the equipped unit token. 

Players will be able to play Event cards from their hand by paying their cost in Command Points

 Event cards enable players to gain unique benefits or cause damage to opponents, among other effects. 

Managing successfully the events in your hand can mean the difference between death and victory on the battlefield of Yohei

 Juegorrinos - Gameplay - IN ENGLISH

Juegorrinos - Gameplay - IN SPANISH

La Mazmorra de Pacheco - IN SPANISH

Juegos de Mesa 221B - IN SPANISH

Escapando del Espacio Reticulado - IN SPANISH

FrikiGuías - IN SPANISH

Rincón de Jugones - IN SPANISH

Only the few stores that back this project will have the game with all the Kickstarter extras. If you own a store and want to back this campaign, please send us a private message or contact us via email at eclipse@eclipseeditorial.com

The game and all its components will be manufactured in Europe.

Most of the art and design is final. Depending on the Stretch Goals unlocked and the number of backers, production time may vary, but our plan is to start shipping games between March and April 2020.

We truly believe in engaging in effective communication with our backers, therefore, as we have done with previous campaigns, we will keep you informed on production status and progress via Kickstarter updates.

We will try to bring forward the date of fulfillment, but only if it does not affect the quality of the game components. 

This project is US-Friendly, EU-Friendly, Australia-Friendly, and Canada-Friendly, therefore the games are delivered with no extra tax or custom charges.

As the size and weight of the final boxes may vary slightly, shipping costs will be charged during the Pledge Manager, where we will try to reduce the cost as much as possible.

Eclipse Editorial has previously published Skull Tales: Full Sail!, Ratland, and The Waylanders, all successfully funded on Kickstarter. Additionally, Eclipse Editorial has published Boom Party and Theft of the Century.

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Here are some pictures of people playing Yohei at different events where we have shown our prototype.

If you want to cancel your pledge, we will refund 100% of your money within 14 days of the campaign’s end. After 14 days we will refund the amount you pledged minus 20%, which accounts for Kickstarter and payment processing fees.

We are unable to issue refunds once we have confirmed quantities and/or started production and/or if we have begun the packaging and shipment stages of the project.

Risks and challenges

The art and design of the components, extras and rewards are subject to change and may differ slightly from the final product.

Before this Kickstarter project, Eclipse Editorial has funded and delivered on time 3 successful projects: RatLand, Skull Tales: Full Sail! and The Waylanders.

At Eclipse Editorial we believe in communicating with our backers, so all your suggestions and comments are welcome and taken into account.

More information about the concept of responsibility in Kickstarter at: https://www.kickstarter.com/help/hc/sections/115001107133

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