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Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
5,171 backers pledged $609,189 to help bring this project to life.

The Pledge Manager starts

Posted by Eclipse Editorial (Creator)

Greetings Backer, (link en español)


The Pledge Manager is finally ready, it will be handled by the Kick&Go platform. Once it’s running, it will allow you to manage your Kickstarter contribution very easily, you can include new ADD-ONS, choose the language for your copy of the game, indicate your shipping address and/or pay the shipping costs for your pledge. When the delivery dates approaches we will send you a notification, so if there is anything that needs to be changed from your info, you can always send us a Private Message through Kickstarter or by email.  

In the next few days, we will send you an email with the link to access it, for you to fill in your data. We would really appreciate it if you could take care of it before the end of July, so that we can confirm the production quantity with our factory. We will also send an email to those backers who’ve experienced problems handling the payment with Kickstarter. If this is your case, please be sure to send us your email by private message.  


Let us remind you that this add-on was NOT available during the campaign but we decided to include them by popular demand! We’ve adjusted the price as much as we can, so you can get acquire this duo of new characters for $10, although the final retail price once it hit the shops will be significantly higher.

It brings 2 miniatures, the dwarf musician on one hand, and the bodyguard (Turkish giant), in addition to the 2 character sheets cards, 4 team cards and its 2 PvP game mode cards


Our sister company, the publisher Draco Ideas has received the new “punched” customizable tray samples for safe keeping of your tokens and game components. Originally offered in their Normandy Kickstarter campaign and the final results are much better than expected. We have reached an agreement with their management board and we can offer them to you at the same price they did, only $3 per unit and with a perfect size perfect to fit both boxes of Skull Tales and the Mega-Expansion, with measure of approximately 285x285x20mm. In addition, given that they are punched and can be customized, you can adapt them for any game. 


For all those of you who don’t own our very fun game RatLand (currently available in 4 languages: English, French, German and Spanish), you now have a very good chance of getting a copy since it is very hard to find in retail stores outside of Spain.

What's New?

We also wanted to use this opportunity to inform you about our novelties, which are not few! 

  • Miniatures: We have finished 100% of the designs for the miniatures and have begun production sampling. Manufacturing will begin in July.  
  • Voyage board: Thanks to your great ideas and suggestions, we’ve decided to redesign the voyage board again, also taking advantage of the fact that we now have an auxiliary board. It will now be represented as a top view of the ship, giving it a much more thematic appearance as you can see in the image below.  
  • Auxiliary Board: One side will be used when playing the voyage phase, and the other side will be reserved for adventure phases, to be used by Magic wielding character and their magic cards.  
  • Finally, we have also redesigned the bounty hunters and mummy miniatures.


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    1. Eclipse Editorial 3-time creator on

      Hi @Nathan Thompson

      I have already updated your data.

      Best regards


      Hola @Nathan Thompson

      Ya hemos actualizado tus datos.

      Saludos cordiales.

    2. Nathan Thompson on

      @Creater I need to change my shipping address but can't, its 3 miles away from original destination so I am not worried about shipping cost.

    3. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Calvin:: As explained in the shipping section of the campaign, the initial shipping costs detailed in KS were an estimation according to the size and weight of the base game. During the campaign a really huge amount of content has been unlocked, including a full large box expansion and lots of new goodies for the base game. Both game boxes are now over 4Kg + extras + add-ons, so that’s what has caused the shipping costs to increase.
      But feel free to send us an email or private message if you have doubts about your shipping costs so we can check your case.

      Tal como se explica en la sección de envío de la campaña, los gastos de envío detallados en KS son una estimación en base al tamaño y peso del juego base. Durante la campaña se han desbloqueado una enorme cantidad de nuevos componentes, incluida una expansión en caja grande y muchas cositas para el juego base. Ambas cajas están en este momento sobre los 4Kg + extras + add-ons y eso es lo que ha causado la subida en los costes de envío. No dejéis de escribirnos por email o mensaje privado para que podamos revisarlo si tenéis dudas con los gastos de envío.

    4. Missing avatar

      Calvin on

      Is the shipping correct? On the Campaign page said $19 to Canada but at the PM they charge $30??

    5. Danny Shafer

      I couldn't believe the shipping was $35. The add-on's were cheaper than the shipping. I could only afford a couple of things. sigh

    6. Missing avatar

      Ghanaka on

      @Javier Romero PayPal doesn't allow me to pay if I don't create an account

    7. Missing avatar

      rasmus johnsson on

      Hey, I was wondering about something. I have backed the full sail: complete game and have gotten the link to the kick and go. But I'm not sure about which of the add-ons are already included and which aren't. I haven't been able to find anywhere where you might have told us about that already so I'm sorry if you have made that clear somewhere and I just couldn't find it. So that's it, I'm looking forward to trying out the game when I get it :)

    8. Daniel on

      Disculpa si ya respondieron a esta pregunta, pero hasta cuando va a durar el PM? Muchas gracias!

    9. Javier Romero Collaborator on


      Send us an email to about that RatLand addon, please.

      Thanks in advance!


      Por favor, envíanos un email a sobre los addon de RatLand.

      ¡Gracias de antemano!

    10. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      @Sean, Daniel and backers with complains about shippment calculation

      Please, send us an email to with your issue, so we can check shippment cost calculation.

      Thanks in advance!


      Por favor, envíanos un correo a con vuestra incidencia, para que podamos revisar el cálculo de coste del envío

      Gracias de antemano

    11. Javier Romero Collaborator on


      In the checkout, you can log in your PayPal account or make the payment as a "Guest", I mean, you fill the form below, PayPal makes your credit card operation, but you dont need to register, nor PayPal stores your credit card data.

      I hope it helps


      En el pago, puedes registrarte con tu cuenta Paypay o hacer el pago como "Invitado", me refiero a que rellenas el formulario de debajo, PayPal realiza la operación sobre tu tarjeta de crédito, pero no tienes que registrarte ni PayPal almacena tus datos de la tarjeta.

      Espero que te sirva de ayuda

    12. Missing avatar

      Ghanaka on

      Hello, is Paypal the only possible paying method?

    13. Derek R Boudreaux

      RatLand looks interesting, any chance we could add-on the rat miniatures as well?

    14. Daniel Woltanski

      @Sean Ferguson: I concur. $34 is a steep shipping price. I was hoping to grab the $22 voyage phase minis, but if it comes down to paying for shipping or getting an addon, I'll end up skipping the addons. This game is so amazing; I really want to support it further by collecting the addons, but when addons plus shipping comes close to the price of the base game, it makes me sad. :(

    15. Sean Ferguson on

      Wow I was going to get a lot of the add ons but $34 for shipping? That's insane! It seems like that is a flat rate for anything which is messed up. I think you need to rethink your shipping costs and base it on the weight of the item. You could also encourage people to buy more if you offered a low flat rate for a group of items if they bought three or more things.

    16. partenopei on

      Pledge Manager completed nice and smooth.

    17. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @David Cordero: We are still sending the links to access Kick&Go and manage your pledge, so if you have checked in your inbox and spam folders and haven’t received it yet, you should in the next couple of days. Send us an email if that is not the case.

      Aún estamos enviando los enlaces de acceso a Kick&Go para que podáis administrar vuestras aportaciones, así que si has comprobado tu bandeja de entrada y la de correo no deseado y no lo has recibido todavía, debería llegarte en los próximos días.
      Si no fuera el caso, mándanos un email.

    18. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Paul Soukup: I would need to double check, but that sounds about right… as you may know, courier agencies set different prices for different weight intervals, so once you go over the end of one interval it jumps straight to the next. In any case, send us an email or private message if you have any further doubts.

      Tendría que confirmarlo, pero en principio suena correcto… como igual sabes, las agencias de mensajería determinan diferentes precios para diferentes intervalos de peso, de forma que cuando supera el final de uno saltas directamente al siguiente.
      En cualquier caso, ponte en contacto con nosotros por mensaje privado o email si tienes más dudas.

    19. David Cordero on

      A mi no me ha llegado el enlace del pledge.

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Soukup


      Just trying to get a handle on the shipping costs.
      I'm in the US... base shipping cost is $26... and if I add anything (say Witch and Freedman) it jumps to $34.

      Is this correct?

    21. Sean Wheeler

      PM done and dusted, now the wait to get this awesome looking game.

    22. BigDaddio on

      How sturdy are those trays? I'm concerned that during shipment they could get crushed by the two game boxes full of components.

    23. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      Hi @RomyCat

      The tray is about 2 cm deep. The miniatures will be stores in their own box, so you can use the tray to store tokens, coins, etc.
      And, of course, you can use them for other games too!

      Thanks for your support!


      La bandeja tiene unos 2 cm de profundidad. Las miniaturas se guardarán en su propia caja, así que puedes usar la bandeja para fichas, monedas, etc.
      Y, por supuesto, ¡para otros juegos!

      ¡Gracias por tu apoyo!

    24. Daniel Esteban on

      Great! You are a cracks!
      As I said, the dynamic duo is also coming home :)
      What a surprise the trays, possibly also i contributing for 2.

      I already have it and I recommend Ratland to everyone, it's a very fun game, mix strategy and chance perfectly, and also ideal to take in a day that you have people at home not so boardgamer like us hehe

      I really like the new voyage board (the boat on 2 levels).
      Then, on the other side will be the adventure board (the one of the skull)?
      And in the auxiliary, on one side with the inkwell and on the other side for the magic cards?

      Genial! Sois unos cracks!!!
      Como ya dije, el dúo dinámico también se vendrá para casa :)
      Qué sorpresa lo de las bandejas, quizás aporte para 2 pues.

      Recomiendo Ratland a todo el mundo, es un juego muy divertido, con su punto de estratégia y su punto azar bien compensados, y además ideal para sacar esos días que estás con gente no tan jugona como nosotros jeje

      Me gusta muchísimo el nuevo tablero de travesía!!! (el barco a 2 niveles).
      Entonces, por la otra cara estará el tablero de la aventura (el de la calavera)?
      Y en el auxiliar, por una cara con el tintero y por la otra cara para las cartas de magia?

    25. RomyCat

      How deep are the plastic tray add ons? Can they hold miniatures or only tokens, coins, etc.

    26. Beatriz Molina on

      OK.... Vi un nuevo tablerito (el que lleva un tintero con pluma dibujado y una brújula) y pensé que lo habíais cambiado.
      ¡Entupendo entonces! :)
      Con todo lo que habéis añadido, ¡¡no se puede pedir más!! Muy contenta, gracias. :)))

    27. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Beatriz Molina: Is the new auxiliary board a replacement for the adventure board?

      No, we haven’t changed the adventure board in any significant way. We have separated the magic card section, which is now in the auxiliary voyage board, but the adventure board has pretty much the same design as shown in the campaign.

      ¿Es posible que lo digas por el nuevo tablero auxiliar que acompaña al tablero de travesía (el del barco)? El tablero de aventura no lo hemos cambiado, al menos no de forma significativa como para mostrar los cambios.Sí que hemos separado las cartas de magia que ahora van en el tablero auxiliar para travesía, pero por lo demás el tablero de aventura tiene el mismo diseño visto en la campaña.

    28. Beatriz Molina on


      Me estaba encantando todo lo que habíais implementado y/o cambiado... hasta que he llegado al tablerito de la fase de aventura. Me gustaba más el de la isla-calavera. (Al menos, parece que lo habéis cambiado.) No es que sea feo, pero prefería el otro. ¿Puedo preguntar a qué se debe el cambio?
      Por lo demás, está todo estupendo. Muchas gracias. :)

    29. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Keltickope: The trays are made of plastic and they can be unsnapped. In the following links you can find some more images of them, so you can get a fairly good idea of how they work:

      Las bandejas son de plástico y se pueden separar. En los enlaces previos se pueden ver más imágenes de ellas, para hacerte una idea bastante aproximada de cómo funcionan.

    30. Missing avatar

      Julian Gonzalez on

      Sent form with my problem.

      Just waiting to ad more things.

    31. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      I feel like I could use more details on the trays. What are they made of? Do they snap together? And unsnap?
      They looks very interesting

    32. Justin Boehm

      Aww no new female, oh well

    33. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Julian González: If you have any issues accessing Kick&Go send us an email or private message for us to solve it.

      Si tienes cualquier problema para acceder a Kick&Go mándanos un mensaje privado o email para que podamos solucionarlo.

    34. Miguel MS on

      Al final no han puesto a la venta fundas para las cartas

    35. Missing avatar

      Julian Gonzalez on

      Genial. Ratland disponible. Lo probé en Ludomania este invierno y me quedé con las ganas.... He recibido un mail de Kick and Go, pero no me carga mi aportación del Kickstarter... ¿He hecho algo mal?

    36. Miguel MS on

      Entonces con 2 bandejas decís que es suficiente. Eso espero, porque es lo que voy a comprar.

    37. Vincent Hawke

      Sweet! Those trays are gonna be so handy.! Yes to everything!

    38. Gonzalo Hernan Ortego

      Great Job! I love you guys!

    39. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Thegreatjohndoe @Alexander Garmendia: We would recommend one tray for the main box and one for the expansion, to keep everything perfectly sorted out.

      And don’t forget that these trays are perfect for safekeeping not just Skull Tales, but any game!

      Recomendamos una bandeja para la caja base y otra para la expansión, para mantener todos los componentes perfectamente organizados.

      ¡Y no olvidéis que estas bandejas son perfectas para almacenar no solo Skull Tales, sino cualquier juego!

    40. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Rosa: Yes, the pledge manager is already set and running. We are already sending the links for all of you to join and manage your pledge of Skull Tales: Full Sail!, but we have a lot of backers so this process will take a few days until everyone of you has received their invitations to the pm.

      Sí, el pledge manager ya está listo y funcionando. En este momento ya os estamos mandando los enlaces a todos vosotros para que entréis a administrar vuestra aportación para Skull Tales: Full Sail!, pero tenemos un montón de mecenas así que este proceso llevará unos días hasta que todos hayáis recibido vuestra invitación al pm.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alexander Garmendia Calvo

      how many trays do we need for the components off the full pledge plus all the addons?

    42. Thegreatjohndoe

      So, we only need one tray for the components that come with Skull Tales?

    43. Rosa Cousinou Corpas on

      Ya está listo el pm?