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Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
5,171 backers pledged $609,189 to help bring this project to life.

State of production. The PM is coming!

Posted by Eclipse Editorial (Creator)

Greetings Backer, (link en español)  

Less than 2 weeks have passed since we ended the campaign, but we keep working at full sail to get as much work done as possible, and thus have more time for revisions and quality control. 

Pledge Manager

Although we have not yet received the funds from Kickstarter, we already have solved most payment incidents, which at this point are under 100 backers, less than 2% from the total. To all those of you whom had issues with the payment, do not worry, we will include them in the pledge manager, which will start running before the end of June. The Pledge Manager is a very easy to use platform, similar to an online store, where you can give us a break down of your contribution, detailing what you’ve pledged for and the language you want your game in, fill in your shipping details and cover the shipping costs, and you may even include new Add-ons to your pledge.


We are glad to announce that the winner of the contest is Ángel Luis, with 22% from the 660 votes received. We will send you a surprise gift along with your contribution, worthy of a great pirate! Congratulations to the winner and our eternal gratitude to all the participants.

 State of production

  • Miniatures: we are completing the redesign of some of the old figures and creating new ones. You can see some images of the progress below. We already have 95% of the miniature models finished and we have began to make quality tests with our manufacturer, starting with the doors and chests.  
  • Illustrations: our graphics team are working in the new overhead view presentation for the Voyage board, which will be divided in 2 boat sections, as well as the auxiliary board.
Cursed one remodeled figured
Cursed one remodeled figured
The Sea Serpent and the Sea Enemies’ miniatures ADD-ON
The Sea Serpent and the Sea Enemies’ miniatures ADD-ON
Sea Miniatures for Voyage Phase: 11 miniatures to replace the tokens in the Voyage Phase
Sea Miniatures for Voyage Phase: 11 miniatures to replace the tokens in the Voyage Phase
The dwarf musician miniature
The dwarf musician miniature

The Dynamic Duo pirate couple, special ADD-ON available in the pledge manager.


Seek adventure in the lovely Airborne Archipelago alongside your Temtem squad. Catch every Temtem and battle tamers around the world.

We would also like to let you know a friendly project, Temtem. In case you are interested, over 5 Stretch Goals have been unlocked. Please, share!

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    1. Joan Aracil Andrés on

      ¿Sabemos algo del PM?

    2. Daniel Esteban on

      And an innocent question, and why does the sea serpent not "match" with the megalodon or squid and instead have a rectangular base instead of a hexagonal one? To fit the boat with her in the same box? If so, with the hexagonal based ones can not that possibility be given?


      Y una inocente pregunta, y porqué la serpiente de mar no va "a juego" con el megalodón o el calamar y en su lugar tiene base rectangular en vez de también hexagonal? Para que quepa el barco junto a ella en la misma casilla? Si es así, con los de base hexagonal no se puede dar esa posibilidad?

    3. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Rastrapiés: As you can see in the image, there will be both hexagonal and square bases depending on the size of the miniature. Regular sized figures will have a square base while the larger figures will have hexagonal bases.

      Como puedes apreciar en la imagen, habrá tanto bases hexagonales como bases rectangulares dependiendo de su tamaño. Las figuras de tamaño estándar tendrán bases rectangulares, mientras que las figuras más grandes tendrán base hexagonal.

    4. Rastrapiés on

      Will the bases of sea miniatures be hexagonal or square?

    5. Daniel Esteban on

      Congratulations to the winner of the contest!

      The new models of the minis are great! I like everyone except the dammed one who still doesn't convince me ^^"
      But the swordsman ... amazing!!! <3

      Cenital? I thought you had decided to show the ship crosswise! Ok, we will be attentive to more news about this ;)


      Enhorabuena al ganador del concurso!

      Los nuevos modelados de las minis son buenísimos! Me gustan todos exceptuando al maldito, que sigue sin convencerme ^^"
      Pero el espadachín... qué pasada! <3

      Cenital? Creía que habíais decidido mostrar el barco de forma transversal! Vale, estaremos atentos a más novedades sobre el tema, pinta interesante ;)

    6. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Freddy: If you recall update #25, we mentioned that we would bring a new Add-on in the pledge manager after the campaign: the Dynamic Duo, formed by the dwarf musician and his Turkish giant bodyguard. We just wanted to remind you about it and show you the preview of the dwarf miniature you can see in this update.
      Si recuerdas actualización nº25, mencionamos que vamos a traer un nuevo Add-on en el pledge manager tras la campaña: el Dúo Dinámico formado por el enano músico y su guardaespaldas, el turco gigante. Simplemente queríamos recordároslo y enseñaros el previo de la miniatura del enano que podéis ver en esta actualización.

    7. Freddy

      Love the minis! What's that line about the Dynamic Duo pirate couple... was there supposed to be a preview of their minis in this update as well?