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Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
5,171 backers pledged $609,189 to help bring this project to life.

Skull Tales: Full Sail! Last hours on Kickstarter

Posted by Eclipse Editorial (Creator)

Greetings Backers, (link en español)

The end of this step of our journey is almost here, we continue working without pause these last hours of the campaign to ensure that the games reach your homes as soon as possible. 

Pirate Contest!

There is no goal we cannot reach with a crew like you, backers! After gathering more than 200 contributions in Twitter and Facebook, the treasure chest sliding box has been unlocked. Here is the link to vote for your favorite, so we can choose the winner together. Don’t forget that we’ll include a Voyage card inspired by the contest winner, who will also receive a prize!

The Darkclaws and Bootbiter

The Darkclaws and Bootbiter miniatures have received a major redesign. We are very happy to read that the Skull Tales community liked the new design as much as we do!

 Playlist miniatures

Our way of showing our appreciation for your support during the campaign is by making sure that our backers will get a lot more for your contributions during Kickstarter than when the game is released to the market. In its retail version, Skull Tales: Full Sail! will be divided into the base game box and an expansion box, which will bring together all unlocked SGs labeled "Free Expansion". This way, the full game with the expansion will have an MSRP of around $200, not counting the exclusive SGs which will not be sold after the campaign.

Many of you have been wondering what will come in the other side of the large tile unlocked during the campaign. It is time to announce that the back will bring a temple tile, where never-before-seen dangers lurk our pirates: rotating walls that will change the layout of the tile… or maybe narrow down to crush you. A gigantic rock that will chase our pirates, forcing them to flee if they do not want to be overrun, or even lava trap spaces for you to dodge!

This is the Headquarters' side of the large tile:

Headquarters' side of the large tile
Headquarters' side of the large tile

"We came ashore in the midst of a frightful fog – you could barely see your hand in front of your face. The vast mounds of seaweed were beyond anything natural, suggesting that the tide in this area was stronger and pulled any marine life from the depths of the sea onto the beaches. When the seaweed began to move, I felt as though someone was strangling me to death. Fear overcame me, especially when I saw our pistols did little damage against the shapes covered in seaweed..."

New Enemy unlocked: The Stranglers come to join the rest of the abominations. On this occasion, we’re releasing 4 Strangler miniatures and their enemy card.

The powerful tarantula Anansi has arrived to Skull Tales: Full Sail!

The Caribbean will never be safe with the presence of this supernatural beast. This time, we’re adding an enemy that brings new game mechanics with enemies that take up four spaces. The Tarantula Anansi is represented by a miniature the size of 4 spaces, and comes with her corresponding enemy card.

“And Anansi came from the shadows, wrapping that pirate up in a cocoon of silk, making quick work of the poor lad…”


Some of you have asked for an ALL-IN pledge, but we would like to remind you that all add-ons of the Kickstarter campaign are aesthetic elements to make Skull Tales: Full Sail! more visually appealing. All elements adding gameplay have been included as stretch goals. Likewise, we have adjusted the prices of said add-ons as low as possible in order to make them accessible for our backers. The following list contains all elements that would be included in that "all-in" pledge:

Full Game pledge: $106

  • + Sea Miniatures $22
  • + 40 pirate metal coins $23
  • + Set of 12 Doors and 5 chests $18
  • + Set of 10 Custom Dice $14
  • + Wooden Dice Tower $17
  • Total: $200

If you have a standard pledge, also add the Twins (+$9) for a total of $209.


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    1. Justin Boehm

      @Petr agreed

    2. Petr K.

      Exactly we want to some sale for the all-in bundle :-(

    3. Missing avatar

      Jordan Grey Williams on

      Please tell me there will be an option in campaign five other than killing Anansi. Because honestly, a story in which I have to stop one of my childhood heroes from from ending the slave trade is a campaign that I will never touch, just wasted paper. If you haven't already written it yet, I would request that some thought be given to how the story is handled, in a similar fashion as to how the "native scout" was changed from the "savage". Players should have a choice on how they address slavery and the slave trade in the game, especially since one of the playable characters is a Freedman, and a campaign revolves around the vengeful exploits of an African trickster god. I'll be making a full pledge regardless, I think as so much of the game looks so well done, but because it apparently needs to be said, adding in a campaign about protecting the institution of slavery is equivalent to adding nothing at all for many of us, and worse for others.

    4. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Vincent-Michel Aubé: We will launch the pledge manage shortly after the campaign ends. We’ll keep you informed as we get more specific information.

      Lanzaremos el pledge manager poco después del final de la campaña . Os mantendremos informados en cuanto tengamos datos más concretos.

    5. Missing avatar


      I guess a little discount is wanted for All-In pledge or a addon-bundle to make it more attractive to the people :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Vincent-Michel Aubé on

      do we hv a better idea of the opening of PM ?

    7. Justin Boehm

      So... no Sea Miniatures+Doors/Chests+Dice bundle as an add-on?