Skull Tales: Full Sail!

by Eclipse Editorial

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    1. Jaime on

      Just raised funds for mine!!!


      Ya he aportado para la mía!!

    2. Dizn on

      This will probably add a few nots to Full Sails.

    3. Francesco Minghetti

      Looking nice! It will be cardboard? Plastic or wood would be amazing... for the moment I’m adding one, will see later for more in case

    4. Francesco Minghetti

      Never mind, I saw the WOOD!!! Great!!!

    5. Daniel Esteban on

      shut up and take my money!!! 😍😍😍
      it's going to be my first dice tower

    6. Ramon Gomez on

      Is there any chance you could remove your branding from the side of it? I'd like to use it for games other than this one...

    7. Anders H. Pedersen

      I agree with Ramon.
      Please consider removing all logos, so it will be usable for other games, without ruining the thematic feeling.

      If it is used in other games, people are going to ask about it when they pass the table, so you are going to get your name out there even without your logo present.

    8. Guoccamolé

      Or put the branding on the inside so easily visible when disassembled.

    9. JMC on

      How does removing the branding prevent you from using it for other games? It's still a pirate ship, it isn't going to make thematic sense for many other games.

    10. Clint Lee Werner

      Usually I pass on dice towers. This has me changing that opinion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Darcy Fairbrother on

      I screwed up. New to Kickstarter. I pledged in the 48 hour period to get game and twins. I wanted this dice tower so I managed pledge and added (so I thought) 17 bucks with the top pledge, and when I did it removed my original, which is now not available. You might want to change the wording a bit because you confused this old bastard.

    12. Buster Lehn Collaborator on

      @Darcy Fairbrother: There is no need to worry! We will send the full early bird pack to all those of you who pledged in the first 48 hours. Feel free to send us a private message, and we will update your pledge in our database. So, your pledge on Kickstarter will remain as the regular pledge, but you will receive your early bird pack.

      ¡No hay por qué preocuparse! Todos los mecenas que aportaron durante las primeras 48 horas recibirán su pack early bird completo. Envíanos un mensaje privado y actualizaremos tu aportación en nuestra base de datos.
      En Kickstarter seguirá apareciendo que has aportado para el pledge básico, pero recibirás tu pack early bird.

    13. Alejandro Lorente Pons on

      Este comentario sólo pretende ayudar :)
      La voz inglesa "carton" significa por sí misma "caja de cartón" (se usa poco, normalmente para tetrabricks de leche o cartones de huevos).
      Normalmente se usa "cardboard box" para decir "caja de cartón", pero "carton box" es redundante (sería algo así como "caja de caja de cartón"). Lo he visto en esta actualización, en la información general, y en las preguntas frecuentes.
      Por cierto, qué chulada de dice tower! :D

    14. N.Horstman on

      I also like the dice tower. :)

      And think that it would look at it's best with no logo's.
      Or less or less Obvious logo's. ;)

    15. Ramon Gomez on

      JMC, I have a variety of dice towers, and I use them when they're appropriate for the game at hand. Specifically, though, I play a lot of Pathfinder, and there are plenty of opportunities to play either an entire pirate-themed campaign, or play a character who is a pirate in an otherwise non-pirate setup.
      Not to mention games like Rum & Bones. Or Dead Men Tell No Tales. Or...
      Anyhow, I wouldn't want to plop down a heavily branded item of any sort to play those sorts of games. It destroys the immersion that such an item is meant to encourage.
      Not that it matters, though. Eclipse has not shown any interest in engaging in the idea of remove the branding. :)