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Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
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Know your enemies: Ghost! (4 miniatures!)

Posted by Eclipse Editorial (Creator)

In english, (link en español)

One dark night, the moon obscured by a cloudy sky, a tropical storm hit and with it came a ship with black sails that landed near the Jesuit Mission San Martín. Here there lived a small indigenous population under the care of Father Javier.

Laughing as they did, much like the devil, the men landed. Their human forms could be made out by the light of the torches, and Father Javier felt better knowing those voices did not belong to evil. He could not have been more wrong.

The next day, ashes were all that was left of the Mission. The men were murdered, the children kidnapped, and the priests hung from the tower of the church.

The natives that survived went insane and, as if of one mind, threw themselves to the sea praying to Yemayá to grant them vengeance in another life. Their cries echoed across every corner of the Caribbean.

And so the legend of the Weepers was born, ghosts brought back to life thanks to the power of Yemayá. They have sworn to take revenge on any man who comes to the sea...

Now, backers have four new Ghost minis available for the Adventure phase. New enemy: Ghost (4 miniatures!). A new type of enemy arrives to your adventures to torment your pirates. We’re adding 4 ghost miniatures, with enemy card.

«I always thought it was just a fairy tale, but now its standing in front of me, hanging in the air, fireballs for eyes…my soul shakes at the memory of that horrific vision».

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    1. Golden Candle Studio on

      Cool minis.

      But where are the epic monsters.

      We need Moby Dick, Nessy, Big Foot, huge octopus and many more. Please can we have some lager scale epic monsters?

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine

      Translucent mini's for the Ghosts would be awesome, and they could still be painted by those people that want to. :)

    3. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      Very, very nice! And I love the stories, guys! You are my most favorite story-driven board game so far, because of all the atmosphere you put into it! Congratulations to the writer(s)!

    4. Etienne Colin on

      +1 for translucent minis,
      would look so awesome =)

    5. Zamukito on

      +1 for translucent minis for the ghost

    6. Eduardo on

      I agree with @Joe. The ghost minis would have to be in transparent, that would make them much more spectacular.
      Estoy con @Joe. Pienso que unas minis de fantansma en transparente las haría mucho mas espectacular y mejoraría el juego

    7. A. L. on


      ¡Pintaca vamos!

    8. Joe

      It would be cool if you could make these in a translucent material, like the ghost minis from Folklore the Affliction.

    9. Gonzalo Hernan Ortego

      OMG! They look great!

    10. Alfredo on

      Wow these minis are amazing! I need them, all of them.