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Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
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Skull Tales: Swamp tiles & gameplay videos

Posted by Eclipse Editorial (Creator)

Hi Backer, (link en español)

Crossing that swamp was turning into more of a pain in the neck than we could have thought. We tried avoiding the stagnant cesspools of water by hopping from one potruding rock or mound to the next, but it was no use...most of our boots had completely soaked through. Old Sanders slipped when he tried to jump from a mouldy boulder and abruptly fell into the water.

It was all laughs until that damned Bootbiter came up from nowhere and dragged Sanders under with his tentacles. All our former crewmate left behind was a blood stain in the murky water...


Our pirates have come across a new type of terrain - swamps.

  • Firstly, water tiles slow down movement, requiring two action points to be spent when moving out of one.
  • Secondly, these tiles can be jumped in the same way that we can jump from one roof to the next. A pirate can take a Jump action from a normal tile and make an Agility 2 role. For every success, the pirate moves one water tile without suffering the penalties from such tiles.


New gameplay videos!

This week we have recorded a fun playthrough of the Adventure Phase in English with the youtube channel “Juegorrinos", which we will upload in a few days.

We’ve included a new video in Spanish of the Journey Phase which you can find on our KIckstarter webpage. For this video, we teamed up with the youtube channels “Discípulo de Armitage” and “Mazmorra de Pacheco", completing the series of 3 videos that we have played with them. You can see them on this Playlist:


  • We bring you another gameplay video of the Adventure Phase with "Juegorrinos"!(Spanish)

Fair Winds and Following Seas!

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    1. Rocket Pig Games on

      Swamp tiles! Yes!!!! Always my favorite terrain to explore in!

    2. Marcel Claxton

      ¡Muy agradable! Estoy muy contento con los objetivos de estiramiento e impresionado por su rendimiento y trabajo duro. ¡Gracias chicos! :)
      Very nice! I'm so happy with the stretch goals and impressed by your output and hard work. Thanks guys! :)

    3. Rastrapiés on

      Great swamp tiles!! It was a beautiful surprise!!

    4. Rastrapiés on

      You are right,@Freddy
      In the meanwhile, you can turn on subtitles for follow the video in english!
      How you dothat?…

    5. Freddy

      Looking forward to that english video!