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Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
Pirate-themed board game in which you sail the seas in search of treasure, powerful enemies and amazing adventures!
5,171 backers pledged $609,189 to help bring this project to life.

Your voyage just started and you´ve gotten 71 miniatures already!

Posted by Eclipse Editorial (Creator)

Thanks you so much, Backers! (link en español)

Thanks to the more than 1900 backers who have helped Skull Tales: Full Sail! to be funded in less than an hour. It needed less than two hours to double the amount from the previous edition.

With your help, we’ve already achieved the amazing number of 71 miniatures! including the Twins, that will still be available as an add-on after the 48 hours Early Bird.

To sum up, all this content has been unlocked so far::

  • New character: Far-Eastern Spy. She comes with her miniature, card and equipment cards.
  • 3 new enemies: Bounty Hunters, with 4 minis, the Mermaids and the Drowned Enemies, both of them with 6 minis and their cards.
  • 1 New enemy for the Journey Phase: the Sea Serpent, with a token, as well an assignment card and an event related to it.
  • Backers of the Ships add-on will also get a mini of the Sea Serpent too.
  • Plastic coins replacing the coin tokens, as well an aged-look for them.
  • 20 gems and 1 necklace.
  • 5 two-digit dials to track the Prestige of your pirate.
  • An action point compass dial to to keep track of spent AP.
  • A medal coin to represent who the Captain is and who has the initiative.
  • 15 Additional cards for the Port Phase.
  • 5 Event cards.
  • 10 Journey Cards.
  • 4 Equipment Cards (2 x bayonets and 2 x Ring of Legba)
  • A complete campaign with five new chapters, adapted from the previous edition of Skull Tales, described in a new campaign book along with 4 tiles and tile markers, Bounty Hunter minis and cards, as well as one legendary card.
  • 2 Brand new adventures!
  • 12 New tiles and tile markers. Two of them with their own mechanics: Pit and lava.
  • Notepad to write down your character’s information.
  • A cloth bag with the Skull Tales: Full Sail! logo.

But the campaign has just started and there are still lots of treasures for us to loot together and we want to reward your support with high-quality stretch goals, adding fun and excitement to the game.

Stay tuned to the Kickstarter campaing. Also, you can follow us on the social networks and help unlock the social SG's as a side bonus!

  • FACEBOOK: for reaching 2000 likes and sharing this special post 400 times you’ll receive two exclusive, specially-designed 70x70x110mm boxes to store all the larger cards: Voyage and Port events, Rumors, and Captain Assignments.
  • TWITTER: for retweeting THIS TWEET 400 times and reaching 1200 followers on our Twitter you’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE Zombie miniature that can be summoned by the Voodoo Man.
  • Pirate contest! Share pirate-related photos, videos or audios of your family and friends. If we reach 200 participants, including Twitter and Facebook, you’ll receive this sliding box to store your treasure. We’ll include a Voyage card in the game dedicated to the crew of the winning entry, plus a reward for the winning backer... you’ll receive an exclusive 80x80x50mm sliding treasure chest-box to keep your Skull Tales treasure in.

Welcome aboard the "Southern Lady"!

Eclipse Editorial

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    1. Dizn on


      Thats great, thanks for the info.

    2. Javier Romero Collaborator on

      Hi @Magnus

      Every backer get the chest. Its a stretch goal for everyone. The winner gets another prize


      Cada mecenas recibe el cofre, pues es un SG para todos. El ganador recibe otro premio.

    3. Dizn on

      Question about the Pirate contest, do only the participants receive the sliding treasure chest-box or does every backer get one? Or does the winner of the contest get the chest?

    4. Captain_Kiwii on

      Time to take some pictures!