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Pacific 201 is a fan-made, feature-length production that details events between "Star Trek: Enterprise" and The Original Series.
Pacific 201 is a non-profit, fan-made project inspired by the positive future of wonder and exploration established by Star Trek.
Pacific 201 is a non-profit, fan-made project inspired by the positive future of wonder and exploration established by Star Trek.
442 backers pledged $26,186 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Pete DeLuca on

      I received my patches but have not received the PDF anyone else get there's yet?

    2. Perrie Iles

      be nice to hear ANYTHING !!!

    3. Mr Bryan Mark Wilde on

      How's everything going? have you finished the film yet?

    4. Missing avatar

      Derek Robson

      any update?

    5. AKASlaphappy

      great teaser!

    6. Mark Donnelly

      New teaser scene is awesome. I can't wait to see the whole thing!

    7. Richard Taylor on

      Has anyone heard a revised ETA for the PDF Digital Technical Manual? I received my patches a while back as part of my Reward but I haven't heard anything about the digital downloads being available.

    8. Kim Haas on

      Any update on perks going out?

    9. Ed Mower on

      Ask and ye shall receive, @Reece Watkins.

    10. Missing avatar

      Reece Watkins on

      It's been months since the last update. It would be nice to know what's going on.

    11. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      I haven't heard or seen any updates since April. Anything new going on? Especially considering the estimated delivery for the Digital Download was December 2015. It is now June 2016. I'm excited about this project but naturally concerned about the progress...

    12. Mr Bryan Mark Wilde on

      have you heard anything from CBS or Paramount? they seem to be going after more fan films now

    13. Tyson Dyck on

      I hope the lawsuit against Axanar doesn't restrict this production, Im looking forward to pacific 201!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Noah A. on

      Why does the deluxe digital download reward have an estimated delivery date of this month?

    15. Ed Mower on

      Thank you! Look forward to those 'stylin' Romulan costumes.

    16. Ed Mower on

      Can we have an update, Eric? Thanks.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      @Ed -- I'm with you. I just left a comment on the Update page about it.

      Not only do I not do FB, I don't like having to go to outside sites -- or even remember that I need to -- to check on projects. Who needs all those extra links & passwords & page-jumping?!?

      Project owners should post here, so that those of us who get the email updates can check when prompted and not have to work so hard to keep up.

    18. Ed Mower on

      ... and what those of us who are NOT on Facebook??

    19. Missing avatar

      Xandroff on

      So excited the funding campaign ended successfully!!!
      I await the release with much anticipation.

    20. Pete DeLuca on

      Sweet deal, can't wait for it to come out.The ship design looks awesome(hope it comes out in a plastic kit form,as I will be all over that,need to add that one to the collection I already have). Congrats on getting your funding and kicking this project off. Keep up the good work.Be nice if one of the major networks would pick up some of these fan based productions. Good Luck and God speed, thrusters on full.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gareth Smith on

      I look forward to this and congratulations, I hope that your and Axanar's success will lead to more quality fan made productions set in the Star Trek universe.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jenne Mante on


    23. John O. Edgeworth on


      Goal made and a little more, Superb! I am glad was able to help out. Please keep us updated o the progress of your goals!

    24. Missing avatar

      Eron Wyngarde on

      Hopefully in widescreen and on bluray in the future ! Good Luck !

    25. Pieter Schoutteten on

      looking forward to this great movie will it have english subtitles ?

    26. Missing avatar

      Anna Olson on

      Congrats on making your goal, Eric! Can't wait to see this newest creation of yours!

    27. Missing avatar

      D.S. Applemin on

      This certainly seems like it's going to be really good, given what we know so far. I find it particularly commendable in how you've conceived a "new" style of Star Trek that is something other than "darker" or "edgier", and one that still holds to canon too. Which is to say, professional and fan productions alike have typically turned to "darker" when trying to stand out, but "more realistic" is just as good an approach as any, and one that no one seems to have tried so far.

      Of course, style or approach alone does not dictate the quality or enjoyability of a production; but for a production that seems so good besides, your "realistic" approach is simply a nice, thoughtful alternative. Other productions have done "darker" or else "status quo" really well; here's to hoping that "Pacific 201" does "more realistic" well enough to join the best of them, but with its unique take.

    28. Missing avatar

      ObeseLobster on

      Congrats on being funded! Lookin forward to this film. Likin the design of the starship Pacific too.

    29. Missing avatar

      Sean Hudspeth on

      I am so stoked for this! And so glad we made it all the way!

    30. Missing avatar

      Noah A. on

      We've got some awesome finishing momentum! Love it!

    31. Clifford on

      So maybe at next year's San Diego Comicon there can be the crew if the Pacific 201 as well as the imperial 501st.

    32. Mr Bryan Mark Wilde on

      Looks awesome I can't wait for the film :)

    33. Bob Oliver on

      Aw Some Aw Som. Time to make the donuts.

    34. Moyaccercchi on

      Whoop whoop!
      Big whoop! =D

      ... now just a weeee bit extra, for increased awesomeness! =D

    35. Mark Donnelly

      $900 away from reality!

    36. Renee Cousins on

      With the badge and rank pins, a tutorial on how to make the costumes (once they're finalized anyway) would be super cool. I'd love to go to a con in Pacific 201 regalia.

    37. Ed Mower on

      Wow ... looks like we lost a bit on the total from yesterday. Appears a big backer decided NOT to ... sad.

    38. Larry A. Barnes on

      Very excited about this project! I've been a 'techie' trek fan since I was a little kids, so the prospect of you guys adhering to a more technical plausible Trek is very exciting. Once you meet your funding goal, what is your production timeline? When could we somewhat expect a release date (knowing full well it's most likely just at estimate at this point)?

    39. Moyaccercchi on

      Alrighty... I bumped up my original donation from a lot of money to an insane amount of money.
      I shared this on facebook and on a German forum full of nerds.
      Now let's DO THIS THING. =D

    40. Moyaccercchi on

      This sounds very, very interesting and I wish you loads of success!

    41. Steven H. on

      I found myself on the campus of my alma mater this evening and this project was discussed in front of about 40 people, and was told one of the higher ups in charge was a fellow alumni. I had to help give this project a chance to help my fellow 'grover'.

    42. Missing avatar

      James Sizemore on

      "Star Trek is supposed to be a story about us. What we can become in the future. It's supposed to make us excited about the future." This is the reason I backed this project. I think the aesthetic is brilliant--the Starship Pacific is beautiful and seems like it could actually have preceded Matt Jefferies' 1701! The dedication to realism, the thought put into the project, basing the production design on a blend of real-life nautical and aerospace tech--all very exciting. But ultimately, what I want to see is a good story infused with excitement about humanity's potential future, and I hope Pacific 201 can deliver that. Best of luck!

    43. Joseph Marranca III on

      We'll get it there. One challenge of relying on social media for awareness is that it means also relying on a snowball effect, with momentum slower at first. I wish I'd heard of Pacific 201 sooner. Great premise, and lots of potential.

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    45. dajebriza

      Is this project being discussed anywhere else? It seems very strange that half-funded and 1/3 of the way into the campaign, there are no creator updates and only 4 (5 now) backer comments. This is the most silent project I have ever seen to raise $10,000.

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    47. Missing avatar

      James Heaney on

      It was the speech about what Star Trek is that got me. Anyone can make some fancy CGI, build some sets, and recruit some decent actors -- plenty have! -- but that doesn't make it Star Trek, as we've learned on more than one occasion. But what you're talking about? That sounds to me like Star Trek. Good luck to you, from me and the whole team at Star Trek: Excelsior!

    48. Jessica Anthony on

      Saw this via Axanar Facebook page and as soon as I saw the ship I thought very US Navy and Wow how real it looked. As a Navy vet I really loved the ship but the commentary about research I really respect. My wife and I pledged and shall follow you closely --Anthony

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