Guild Masters

by Mirror Box Games

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    1. Ben Rubinstein on

      I love the player board and think it's a great addition! It looks great. My only critique would be the gray icon. Is it cloth? Because, due to the shape, it looks like a roll of toilet paper. I understand scaling limitations, but generally bolts of cloth are tremendously wider than that appears.

    2. Mirror Box Games 3-time creator on

      @Ben – Thanks for your feedback! The resource icons are still placeholders for now, but the final icons should be very clear. My graphic designer is working on them along with new card designs, which I'll be posting as soon as I have them!

    3. Rory J. Somers

      I think this is a great addition! Good thinking. Will I be able to flip the quest tiles to have them displayed as a trophy cabinet style part of the board? That would be ace.

    4. Ted on

      hehe I was coming to say the same thing Ben, you beat me to it.

    5. Mirror Box Games 3-time creator on

      @Rory – You don't flip the quest cards, but you do display them on the left side of your board. They stack up one on top of another, so you can see which quests you've completed during the game.

      This is also important because each quest has icons for what kind of hero and item(s) were on the quest, which you can get bonus prestige for by building certain rooms at the end of the game.