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"Forest of Oakenspire" is project with 3D printable models of airships & a huge tree tile stronghold set, battle maps, lore, &  more!
"Forest of Oakenspire" has concluded, but late pledges are still available for a limited time - Send a Kickstarter message for more details!
"Forest of Oakenspire" has concluded, but late pledges are still available for a limited time - Send a Kickstarter message for more details!
315 backers pledged $23,888 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Richard Sorden

      Evan - I just rechecked the Dropbox folders again and found "OAKENSPIRE TREES - LARGE\WALLS\Sphere Wall.stl" (5/31/2018 datestamp - from the future, eh?, 17,807,784 bytes). That file does not have the problem - so thank you!

    2. Richard Sorden

      Hi Evan - the specific file is "OAKENSPIRE TREES - LARGE\WALLS\Sphere Wall.stl" (3/6/2018 datestamp, 17,185,284 bytes). It is the most recent - I redownloaded them all today and cross-checked. Here is a link to a Dropbox folder with the Simplify3D screenshots I mentioned:…

    3. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Richard - there were some issues w/ artifacting early-on with the deliverables but I believe I fixed all of them (which I called out in an update). Did you try the most recent version of the files in the Dropbox folder? Also - can you let me know the filename of the specific file you were testing, it's not completely clear from the description. Thanks!

    4. Richard Sorden

      Evan, I noticed something weird with the Large T Sphere Wall STL with Simplify3D and rafts. When the model is initially placed on the build plate and then prepared for printing with a raft enabled, the raft is irregular and patchy - almost like there are some small protrusions on the underside of the model. If I move the model down into the build plate a bit by changing the default Z offset to -10,72 to -10.80 (thus trimming a tiny amount off the bottom of the model), the raft is generated perfectly. I have screen shots showing this behavior if you want me to send them to you. The same thing happens in Cura for Robo as well.

    5. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Phillip - take a look at the Google spreadsheet linked to in your pledge rewards. It outlines each file, grouped into logical sections, with quick descriptions (including assembly when needed) and links to pictures of the items installed. Hopefully that helps, let me know if you have further questions!

    6. Missing avatar

      Phillip Baker

      Evan is there some sort of guide for how things can or should be put together. I am working on printing out the airship and there are some folders in there that have files that I am not sure how or where they would fit onto the airship.

    7. Evan Carothers Creator on

      (A) - OpenLOCK is an open-source terrain/tile locking system developed by Printable Scenery (more info here - - it's basically a format/layout that uses a locking clip to insert between holes to connect tiles. The clip is the printable piece that goes within the holes to make the connection. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    8. (A) on

      I have a question, as a total beginner, what are the open lock clips you refer to in the update. I googled them, but im not exactly sure what i need. Any help eould be greatly appreciated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Grant Tebo on

      Got my stuff. Thank you.

    10. David campbell

      @Evan, thank you!

    11. David campbell

      Printing away, thank you!

      Was there a guide or list somewhere for what magnets and acrylic rods I should be ordering? Thanks!

    12. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Grant - yep, sent the 3d model backers stuff out yesterday, sending out the lower pledge levels shortly.

    13. Missing avatar

      Grant Tebo on

      I pleaded for the lore PDF and the maps, but I haven't received anything yet. I never got a pledge backer link.

    14. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Daniel - because of the way I wanted to split/divide the files for easy updating means that there wasn't a simple way to package as 1 large zip file. You'll have plenty of time to download as well, I'm not pulling them off anytime soon. Hopefully the individual downloads isn't too much of an inconvenience, but at least it's only split into 4 or 5

    15. Daniel Page on

      This might be a silly question... but could there be one zip folder containing everything so we could tell our computers to do one downloads and let it run overnight rather than downloading a bunch of them individually?

    16. Jean on

      I'm going to find a way to make the tree home fit into Mordheim ruins aesthetic.

    17. Chris Girard on

      I've got my magnets and acrylic rods, I'm ready!

    18. Baphomet

      Maybe next KS ‘solid’ trees with flets around the outside (you know where I’m going with this)? ;p

    19. Minh Duy Pham on

      Super excited to get these printed for my players :)

    20. Michael Trentz on

      Evan, great Kickstarter man! I've been super excited about the airships since I saw your teaser trailer. Now I just have to get them printed and painted for my Epic Game Weekend this summer (20 people/3 days) all old school pencil and paper games. Great work!

    21. Kenny Kroeger

      Congrats Evan!

    22. Scott Morrison

      Congrats Evan! This was a great campaign and I can't wait to start printing up my own forest.

    23. Ef'n New Guy on

      Congrats on the success of your project! Looking forward to using these tiles in my campaign!

    24. oddbender

      Congratulations!! I'm really looking forward to printing and playing with these designs. Also looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

    25. Baphomet

      Now that this project is complete, check out this one for a beautiful printable abbey:

    26. Baphomet

      Conga-rats on a great campaign!

    27. Daniel DeOlden on

      This is going to be fun to print and get out on the table. I have all 4 of my printers ready to go once I get the files. Then just got to get them painted up.

    28. William Walker on

      Congratulations Evan! We at look forward to both enjoying these tiles personally and adding them to the Dungeon Builder Studio!

      Thank you so much for letting us show off this wonderful set!

    29. Maurice Criddle on

      That's it I have to watch the Stardust Movie again, all those lightning addons!

    30. Maurice Criddle on

      Only got my printer last week so I held off but finally joined in now. My players are going to be so blown away by this!

    31. Erik Merchant on

      I must say all those impressive stretch goals did me in... I could resist no longer. Now I'll need to come up with nice looking vines for my adventurers to swing on, and all will be well.

      Great looking work, and I'm pleased to join you campaign.

    32. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Hey everybody, thanks so much for participating! We are close to hitting the 22.5k stretch goal, which is gonna be something super cool if we make it. Only 9 hours to go - really appreciate your support!

    33. Ef'n New Guy on

      was excited for the 20K SG then i almost shot coffee out my nose (in excitement) when i saw the 25k SG! Fingers cross'd

    34. Robert Haddon on

      I like the Barrow Entrance a lot. I see it as a great way to entice players to explore an area under the trees (a way to use some of my PS tiles. ;) ). I'll have to add giant roots to some of my dungeon tiles.
      A possible SG could be an alternate sculpt of barrow enterance, like a main entrance vs a hidden back door, maybe integrated with a smaller tree that when removed reveals a doorway.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kyle Kettner on

      If you need more stretch goal ideas you could make some simple tile sets that act as branches. Just like in that map you posted in the update. The tiles would have open lock connectors and you could put them together to make branches extending out from the base of your tree. These wouldn't work suspended, but would be cool to simulate upper branch combat.

    36. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Andy - Modularity was key for this set, so I chose not to create large format pieces because, even with the small trees that have less options, there would be 20+ variations to include every possible layout.


      Will files be available for large format printers? Tree levels in one piece?

    38. Danny Herrero on

      @Robert Haddon: It's also one of my favorite parts of this KS as well. One more reason why I'm drawn to participating in this community.

    39. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Robert - It's a testament to how great the community is! Thanks for participating, and glad you're enjoying the KS!

    40. Robert Haddon on

      I just want to say how much I appreciate how this KS was setup as a collab between so many generous creators in the community. Awesome idea and a win all the way around! Thank you!

    41. Jean on

      Really hope we make it to those last goals at 20k! Just speculating but they might be treetops or canopy? Branches?
      Here's just another random idea. Clouds! Maybe to put on that nice modular peg system or be under the skyship?

    42. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Ashton, appreciate the suggestions and thoughts!

    43. Missing avatar

      Ashton on

      Yeah making it printable on a 5" by 5" area would be hard. I actually dont know were to upload some ideas on imgur to be honest. I have around a 20" by 20" printing area (cr-10 s5) so printing a big top wouldnt be really hard for me but would be not worth it for others. I am not sure if you desire to put a lot of time into designing two different tops for the tree dungeon one being one you can print on a bigger printer ( like a cotton ball tree top) and the other a smaller one like a tree that was cut down so it is a very large stump with maybe a opening for stairs to go up to. I know if you were to do a cotton ball top for the dungeon it may not look proportional to the size of the tree since to do so it would have to be like 3-4ft mark but you could design one for a bigger printer to print that could maybe have it extend about 2-4 inches to the sides and how ever high up and for smaller one just a simple stump look would be nice with the circular wood grain pattern. To be honest i would be willing to pay extra for a cotton ball pattern i can print in either 1 piece on my printer or 4 for other people to print on a smaller one. Two thought for a top one for the 5" by 5" build area and the other for the people who have a large printer. I know it would be alot of work to design these and hope i am not being rude to you in any way just wanted to throw a few ideas out there and see what you thought.

    44. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Ashton - definitely considered your idea. I think that would work for the small 4" trees possibly, but for the 8" trees to have a convincingly scaled canopy it would need to be something like 3-4 feet wide. If you have an idea though you could upload to imgur or something, I'm certainly interested in seeing it. I assume it was something like a traditional tree skeleton you flock with large pieces. My goal is to have a finished product that works with every customer's printer also, and that means making pieces that fit on a max 5x5" print bed so slicing something that big seems like a nightmare for assembly.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ashton on

      I see were you are coming from and can definetly agree with you on a few points. As for what i was thinking of i could email you a picture of what i think would be cool to do but may require a big printer but isnt anything fancy just a simple top for the dungeon with no branches branching off to connect the trees or anything. I guess the best description would be like a cotten ball tree top 🌳. It would just be something to make the tree look complete for the people who would like to print and display the tree. Maybe make two different files with one cut up and another complete so people with a big printer can print the tree top solid. Just a thought

    46. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Ashton - I definitely have plans to complete the toppers. I optimistically think we will hit that stretch goal no problem with > 48 hrs to go. Regarding the toppers though, what did you have in mind? The size/scale of the trees means a full canvas branch top is out of the question. For the smaller trees, I was planning a top where 3 branches fork off and end in cross-sections, to give the effect of the tree top starting, and for the larger 8" tree I was planning a "stump-like" half-wall top that could be used represent the tree continuing upwards. For the larger tree, even trying to do offshoot branches they would be very large and I'm not sure there is an easily-printable solution for the tops. There will be a 2D map to represent the treetops with platform walkways as well.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ashton on

      If we end up not reaching the stretch goal for the top off the tree can you still finish it and sell it to us. I just would love to print a top for it to make it look complete and finished

    48. Jean on

      did we unlock lightning pirates or what? Reveal the hype!

    49. Evan Carothers Creator on

      Dammit Kenny, quit spoiling all the surprises! ;-) Jean, great to have you! I don't think we'll get ruined versions of tiles this campaign as I'm trying to focus on general usability stuff but I could see that in the future. You can also print regular ones and use a heat gun a bit 'o paint to distress quite easily!

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