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Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
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    1. Tobey Steinman on

      woo hoo, my package is on its way!

    2. Eduardo Baraf 12-time creator on

      No worries. I'll be sending along pics in the next update. :)

    3. Michelle on

      Thanks, Ed. I didn't realize you guys were doing all the shipping work yourselves. That has to be a major PITA. Good luck and I'm glad you are taking your time. :)

    4. Eduardo Baraf 12-time creator on

      Fine, fine question. There are a variety of reasons.

      First, remember that my wife and I are fulfilling all 1700+ US bound copies. This means that it needs to be delivered to a residential. Things happen, for example me having to wait 3 days in a row for 3 3-hour blocks to get the delivery (finally on 12/29).

      Then, we need to store the boxes, store the boxes for the boxes, move them inside bit by bit, make the boxes, stuff the boxes, close the boxes, label the boxes, get them to post, deal with post, etc.

      In addition, this is the holidays with our 2 boys and people coming over and trips to see the grandparents. We also had to take care of Heroes and Tricks, which funded 3 months prior (packaging completed now).

      So as of New Year's Eve we are about 400 boxes bundled, 1400 to go. I suspect we'll run out of supplies a few times and also have to deal with school starting, my full time job, etc.

      There is a decent chance be done by mid-January (as opposed to end of January), but I give the buffer of time to deal with things that pop up and to make sure you all aren't left waiting.

      In short: This much, by hand, with life, just takes a while. Cannot wait for you to be able to play.

      Happy New Years!

    5. Michelle on

      More curious than anything...but happy the game will be early...why it takes so long to get games shipped out if they arrived mid December? Thanks again and can't wait to play!

    6. Eduardo Baraf 12-time creator on

      @Allen - Heh. Working on it. Don't know if we'll be 4 months ahead, but feeling very good about timeline right now. Hopefully there are not surprises!

    7. Allen Erb

      Four months ahead of schedule? That's fantastic, @Eduardo Baraf! Looks like everything's coming up saffron I guess, eh?

    8. Eduardo Baraf 12-time creator on

      Workin' on it!

    9. Board Game Closet

      Great news. Thanks for the update.

    10. Noah Jette on

      Very cool. would be great to have the game months in advance!