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Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
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Pacificon, Solo Play, Team Play, and More...

Posted by Eduardo Baraf (Creator)

Team Awesome,

Still humbled. Still amazed. The Herbaceous campaign continues to grow leaps and bounds each day. 1330 Backers. $35,259 Pledged. Wow!

For those in the California Bay Area, I am attending and running a booth at Pacificon on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'll have a few copies of Herbaceous on me along with all of PFG's other games. Always love meeting backers and in particular want to find players to test Team Play.

Solo Play Video
A number of you have asked for a How to Play Video on Solo Play. Put one together and linked on the campaign - gosh I enjoy the single player version. Nice work, Keith!

Team Play

I addressed Stretch Goals in my previous update. We are truly focused on only adding goals that are strong additions to the game. The Team Play variant feels like the best addition because we have seen a number of player who want to enjoy the game with their younger family and a number of players who are used to team play card games like Euchre, Bridge, etc.

The design team has worked and we've put together 3 different takes on Team Play for play testing / consideration. We're actively testing on our own, but very much welcome support from backers. If you have a group of 4 players available who like team play and can make your own PNP, we'd love for you to try these versions and send feedback.

ALL VERSIONS: Teammates must sit across from each other. Teams alternate. We are discussing Table Talk vs No Table Talk. My guess is we'll say Table Talk is fine unless the group wants to limit it. 

  • vA. Game works exactly as is, but you add your total to you partners total to determine winner. 

  • vB. When potting plants, you may take herbs from you Teammate's Garden in addition to your Private Garden and the Community Garden. For each Herb card potted from your Teammate's Garden, discard one Herb card from your personal garden. If you do not have any Herb cards in your Private Garden, you may not take cards from your Teammate's Garden. 

  • vC. Draw 3 cards. Give 1 to Community Garden, 1 to yourself, and 1 to your teammate. All other rules are the same. For 4 players, that's 12 cards per round, 6 rounds.

French Translation
I mentioned this in comments, but one of our backers (Xavier) went through the effort to translate the entire ruleset into French. I've linked it on the campaign page!

Edo Reach out / Updates
Edo outreach continues. I've now contacted up to backer #1150. I'm catching up, but it is certainly a moving target (in a great way!). One thing a number of people mentioned was more updates. Generally speaking I don't like to overdue updates. I was update crazy with Lift Off! Get me of this Planet! and have since moved more towards once a week in the campaign (with one 48hrs out) and then once a month afterwords. I think it is the best balance. Consistency and transparency being key.

Spreading the Word!
Campaigns can slow down a little bit in the middle, but backer sharing and outreach is always appreciated. If you find yourself gaming this weekend, let people know to check out the Herbaceous campaign.



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    1. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      @John - Nice suggestion!

    2. Missing avatar

      John Wheeler on

      Perhaps in team play, the lower score of the two teammates is used rather than the combined score. That may generate more actual teamwork & strategy.