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Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
2,208 backers pledged $59,032 to help bring this project to life.

Herbaceous Trio, Mother's Day, SGs Unlocked, and Edo Reach out!

Posted by Eduardo Baraf (Creator)

Team Awesome,
The outpouring and support for Herbaceous continues to blow us away. We're just 4 days into the campaign and we have over 925 backers and $25,000 pledged! 

And Some of You Want More...
People have been asking about additional copies of Herbaceous. To help accommodate this, we've now added a Herbaceous Trio Bundle

Want to discuss other options? Shoot me a direct message.
Want to discuss other options? Shoot me a direct message.

How About The Butterfly Garden Bundles?
Unfortunately, we only had 125 copies of TBG for the campaign. Occasionally, people downgrade reward tiers, so I do recommend checking back to see if a slot opens. GemPacked Cards is also limited, so please note that there are only 30 GPC Bundles left.

Give Mom the Joy of Gaming!
A number of people have been asking about Herbaceous shipping in time for Mother's Day. We are confident it will ship to backers prior to May 1st, 2017 in advance of Mother's Day on Sunday, May 14th. In particular, because we funded so quickly.

Having said that, I racked my brain because - while I'm confident; things happen - in the last year we've seen port strikes, brexit, etc. So to make this work I decided to do the following: In the unlikely case it is tracking behind, we'll provide you with a backer exclusive digital Herbaceous Mother's Day card to let her know the game is on the way!

Oh, We've Also Unlocked All Our Stretch Goals!
Holy moly, look at this in all of it's glory...

Now, a number of people have been asking about additional Stretch Goals and bringing up a variety of ideas. The team is discussing and considering these, but the truth is this campaign has exceeded all of our expectations. When considering additional stretch goals beyond those planned, I want everyone to consider a few things.

  • Herbaceous is a great game because we playtested, playtested, playtested
    We don't believe in rushing a design just to have a new SG to hit.

  • We put the cool extra stuff in from the beginning
    We wanted to make sure to have a KS Exclusive for everyone, so we designed and added the Flavor Pack. Having a Solo version in a game like this was super appealing so we designed it before the campaign.

  • We want you to get a great product on time. 
    Kickstarter just doesn't have to be a place where people miss dates, deliver late, or deliver sub-par products. To do that, we need to be smart about what gets added and when.

Does that mean there are flat out no more stretch goals? No, not necessarily, but it does mean that a) there won't be one tomorrow and b) we'll only do it if it makes sense.

One Last Thing: Edo Reachouts
From the first campaign PFG has ever run, I've reached out to each backer directly to learn more about the project and cool ideas and suggestions. The success of Herbaceous had me daunted at first, but when you believe in something you do it. So, I've now started the outreach. I'm actually 300 backers in...but that does mean there are almost 700 left. It will probably take me a week or so, but I'll get there! 

Nothing is more exciting than the idea that you'll all be able to play Herbaceous with your friends and family. Thanks again!




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    1. Ethan Furman

      What would be nice is a black & white line-art version of the PnP so those so inclined could color in the cards. :)

    2. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      @Travis - thanks for the note. We discussed this in the comment section. There have been some recent cases of those assets being used for print or digital distribution. Thought it over when launching the case here and decided to stick with the b/w PNP.

    3. Travis Morton

      I personally would like full color PnP for backers

    4. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      @Travis - Thanks for all the details and support here. Means a lot!

    5. Travis Morton

      @Stretch Goals:
      -NEVER do clothing. Many creators cite this as a time consuming, problematic endeavor that never paid off. Stretch Goals need to be universal. Clothing is not.

      -Seeds... I doubt Customs would look very favorably on thaf. No does anyone want their purchase to be detained by a stretch goal

      -Scratch & Sniff. Do gou want you game coming in wreaking of a spice rack in case heat, or any of the other factors kick in? Also, I have heard enough people comllainmof smells from certain manufacturing processes, let alone the extra effort to produce, insert, and ship a needless nicety.

      Stretch goals should enhance value without depleting all of the profits. Even the Add-Ons cause problems when they add months to an otherwise complete product. I cannot tell you how livid the Click Clack Lumberjack backers were when their Add Ons were not delivered on time, but instead 6+ months later because of a wonderful fulfillment snafu that had them sent to Europe inside other product.

      Keep it simple. If you can redo the package to allow for sleeved cards... awesome, I want that. But, if you have everything lined up, and can all but guarantee your delivery timetable, DO NOT MESS WITH IT. On time is the MOST important factor behind quality of product.

      That is my opinion. But from the large number of products I have supported over the years on KS, lateness gets a lot of flak. Needless headaches from over-promising/underestimating is usually where companies get broken and raked over the coals.

      I have supported quite a few 'No stretch goal' projects. And they went off without a hitch, and were on time. That was better than, literally, every MayDay KS because they always failed in multiple areas.

    6. Board Game Closet

      All great news! Thanks for keeping us updated on the progress.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michał Szymczyk on

      @Eduardo - and what about making only one insert that will hold cards in sleeves, and for people who doesn't want to sleeve cards some of cardboard filler with nice graphics?
      Then people who wants to sleeve cards will remove just that cardboard filler instead of removing insert. And making cardboard filler will be much cheaper for you.

      I'm sorry for rooting for that insert for sleeved cards again, and again but i'll pay 20$ for shipping and that game will be so expensive for me to not holding in sleeves.

      But Sir, that graphics drives me crazy, and I want this game so badly :) (as I guess it's no chance to publish you game in Poland, by polish publisher)

    8. Missing avatar


      I totally support not adding SGs just to add them. I would love for the insert to support sleeved cards though. If you feel pressured to add SGs, you could consider adding packets of seeds for the herbs represented in the game :)

    9. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      Everyone is hoping for the Scratch and Sniff, lol :P

    10. Jim P.

      You could always go for unusual stretch goals that are not gameplay-related but thematic, like making some part of the game scented like the herbs. Scratch and sniff, perhaps? Might be too costly or prone to problems, though.

    11. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      @Nick - That's certainly an idea. It would have to be a pretty high stretch goal if it is a molded insert as you'd have to pay for a second mold and then figure out the process for safe distribution. Perhaps and alternate cardboard insert could be done. Worth looking into. Thanks.

    12. Nick Leonard on

      A lot of people have been asking about an insert that would hold sleeved cards. I'm sure this sounds like an annoyance, but you should instead take it as a compliment - if people want to sleeve the cards, it means they want to protect them because the cards are so nice. :)

      So perhaps this second insert could be a stretch goal, with backers choosing which insert they want once the campaign has finished.

    13. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      Thanks @CDMarine - and yeah - those are some of the ones we are discussing / considering. Most would add enough cost though that they would need to essential be an add-on. I feel like people have mixed feelings about SGs that turn into "$$ add-ons" but maybe that is more common now. I've also been thinking about different types of fun digital ideas.


      Rather than gameplay stretch goals that you're not confident can be play-tested adequately, you could potentially do non-gameplay add-ons as stretch goals. I'm thinking some of those illustrations would look beautiful on t-shirts, notecards, etc. And add-ons wouldn't necessarily have to ship at the same time as the initial game.