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Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
Herbaceous! A relaxing card game for 1 to 4 players of all ages. Simple to teach, easy to learn, and always packed with flavor.
2,208 backers pledged $59,032 to help bring this project to life.

What an Incredible Day... Thank You!

Posted by Eduardo Baraf (Creator)

Team Awesome,
I'm stunned. The team is stunned. What an incredible day -> over 585 backers and over $15,000 pledged! Incredible. That is more in a single day than any other campaign PFG has run (Dr. Finn too I believe).

More importantly, this all means that Herbaceous is going to be a reality! Copies will be printed, shipped, and played. Fun to be shared with friends and family. What a wonderful place to be from when Beth, Steve, Ben, Keith, and I took a chance on a game based on herbs.

Let's Make Tomorrow As Huge As Today!
You know what we have now that we didn't have yesterday? 585+ backers! Let's try and have an awesome day tomorrow. After you wake up in the morning, take a moment to share Herbaceous on FB, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you socialize, or in person! Can we hit 700 backers? 800? Need inspiration, you can share from Facebook or Twitter.

You Are All Keeping Us Busy!
The campaign has been so active, I've had to bundle a bunch of changes into this update. Here is the list!

- All stretch goals have been unlocked, so we've added another. It is awesome.

- FAQ added to bottom of the campaign page for Box / Sleeves 
- Component shot updated to add dividers in game! 
- Per numerous requests, we've added a new Combined Bundle

- Basic Flavor Pack Rules added (actual will be more complete).
PNP updated to be a little darker for print (some people brought it up).

Again, sincerely, thank you. Each and everyone of you are making this game possible. 


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    1. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      @Kris - Thanks for the wonderful feedback. We have a fixed number of copies of each game for this campaign. At the moment it looks like we might have a few extra copies of GPC. I'm certainly happy to accommodate in that event. Perhaps you can send me a direct message towards the end of the campaign.

      @Steve - Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar


      Love this game, played it with Dr Finn at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA. Easy to learn and lots of fun for the whole family!! I backed it with the Dr Finn bundle on the 23rd and left a comment on the FB page about how to also get the Gempacked cards. I wasn't able to check my email yesterday, so when I checked today and got the updated saying there was a new bundle, that included all 3, I immediately came to this page, only to discover, all those bundles have already sold out! What are the chances of adding an option to just get the Gempacked cards or more of the bundle for all 3 and be able to change from the Dr Finn bundle to the bundle with all 3?

    3. Steven V. on

      Congratulations! Looking forward to playing this game!

    4. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      @Paul - Thanks. Note - I went into detail in main comments re: sleeved cards. Box will hold them with insert removed. This is also noted in FAQ

    5. Paul P

      Congratulations. Please have the insert hold sleeved cards.

    6. Eduardo Baraf 11-time creator on

      Heh. Yep. Got ahead of you there :P

    7. ExcalibursZone

      And I see the line about the FAQ for box/sleeves...heh

    8. ExcalibursZone

      Hey, Ed.

      Will the molded insert handle sleeved cards?