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EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
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      Ian W Barnes on

      Forgot to mention, I'm using a Samsung Note 8.

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      Ian W Barnes on

      After the last update, the phone calls have become very clear to the point where I can hear more clearly through the M-2 than through the phone speaker. The recipient also reports a very clear audible sound at their end. I'm also impressed with how far from the phone you can be and still use the M-2, over 10m.
      The transparency settings don't appear to do a great deal though, neither the volume or the near/far.
      Everything else is working just fine. The sound is great and perfect for classical music.
      Just on a warranty note - my charging capsule would no longer charge the buds, they could only be charged if I connected the capsule to an external charger via the cord. However, Earin arranged a courier to collect and within a few days, they couriered back my buds with a new capsule (from Sweden). Excellent warranty service, it didn't cost me a cent.
      All up I'm very happy with my M-2, especially like how compact they are.

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      Paul Nurse on

      How can I order replacement foam tips?

    4. ardotschgi on

      @Craig Thanks for the detailed insight :)

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      Craig Elliott on

      It looks to have restored the transparency volume - I could properly hear traffic as I walked into work this morning when on full volume. I *think* there is still a subtle change - I think it sounds like the amount of noise on full has been reduced - but at this point I'm starting to forget what the original firmware used to sound like. It could be my memory or a placebo effect :-) I'm just happy to hear better to avoid traffic, and other people.

      @creator, a feature request of mine would be to have a touch control on the bud to toggle audio transparency between the last two settings (on and auto?) - on the train, I DON'T want to hear people talking next to me - on my walk to work, I definitely DO want to hear people and cars as they go past me! It would be a convenience function to avoid having to find my phone, open the app and change the setting.

      Overall though, thanks for the opportunity to try this update early and give feedback!

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      Eric Clark on

      One thing I just discovered using this app: If I'm listening to music and decide to hit the "Switch" button (which I assume switches master control between buds), both buds drop "Media Audio" and retain "Call Audio". I have to re-select "Media Audio" to get music to play again (obviously).

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      Eric Clark on

      @Craig Elliott Yes, I applied the update too, and my firmware version is now the same as you posted. I also haven't used them enough to know if there are any enhancements/fixes. But the update still takes too long. ;)

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      Craig Elliott on

      @ardotschgi, the one you took out of your ear must have been the "master" if the other mutes. This alpha app has a "Switch" button that swaps the "master" between the buds - but it doesn't seem to do it automatically.

      @Eric, I've just applied the new update - my firmware version shows CSR 2.0.141 NXP 01.06 . I hope it's restored the audio transparency volume - I'll have to wait for my walk to work to properly try it.

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      Eric Clark on

      Opened the app today and it's reporting an update is available. Did anyone else see this and already install it? If so, how did it go?

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      Johan Bengtsson on

      Before the update I had no problems with dropouts and cracking noise but after there seems to be some issues. How can I get back to the earlier version that actually worked?

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      Eric Clark on

      @ardotschgi Based on what I've seen thus far, I'm still seeing that type of issue even after I updated the firmware. I can't say if it happens everytime, but I'll try to run that scenario more frequently to see if it's a repeatable issue.

    12. ardotschgi on

      The only issue I currently (no firmware update done yet) is that when I take one of the buds out of my ears, the other one instantly loses connection. Does anyone know if this issue/"feature" has been fixed in the update?
      I have no static noise and extremely few dropouts. Would there be a reason for me to upgrade?

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      I stated this in the comments section, but probably should have here as well. I too am experiencing numerous dropouts, static, and crackling in the earbuds. But only seeks to be when using my Shanling MO, making using theM-2’s not possible at all. Will keep experimenting to attempt to fix this, if I can. My M-2’s do work perfectly with my Apple devices.

      Noticed backers commenting on how long the present update is taking. I have had, and many others, the same issue when I received my Bragi Dash and Nuheara IQBuds. And many complained about how long firmware updates were taking. Both companies listened to the backers, and subsequent updates began to take much less time. So I believe Earin will also figure out how to lessen the time taken with future updates.

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      Eric Clark on

      @creator @skypax Yes, I meant the "tone" of his message. I know you can't convey inflection and meaning in text comments on the Internet, so I apologize for the confusion. The implication that folks were "Keeping silent and lurking around the comments section..." was the tone I was referring to. I realize you clarified yourself, but those types of inferences don't help any of us.

      (Preface: This is my review as the firmware test stands TODAY ONLY. I realize this is a beta test and there will be many tweaks and changes to come.)

      Moving on... As for feedback on the firmware update process, my only comments would be that the update process is WAY too long, and that there are hiccups in that process. I think most (including myself) noticed that the actual update went well past 90 minutes. A smartphone update to the next version of Android only takes a fraction of that. Granted, different processors/communication protocols, etc., but to Mr. and Mrs. Average User, that is ridiculous. As to the "hiccups", my update appeared to have finalized (the app told me so), so I proceeded to charge the buds, which took a while because they appeared to have almost fully drained (I did NOT use them at all; they sat on my desk). When the charge was complete and I took them back out, the app started the process again where I think it actually left off: One bud complete and the other at 94%. This time, both buds completed, and there was a long "finalizing" step? This might have been the actual firmware flashing step? I can't remember. Then the app reported the firmware update had completed successfully, and I could use the normal app functions.

      As to the app itself, I've noticed that both the App Store version and this beta version won't detect the earbuds if they somehow missed them the first time. You have to kill the app in Task Manager and re-run it, and it will then detect them. Basically if you start the app cold, or it was already running in the background, and your buds are still in the case, even IF you take them out and ensure they're joined to the phone before clicking the "Continue" button in the app, it won't detect them in my experience. The earbuds have to be connected, AND the app can't even be running in the background, and THEN you can run it and it will find them.

      And finally, this last bit is off-topic, but now that I have your attention... ;) The buds can be quirky, especially as I've noted, in my experience, when you try to use a single bud. I've noticed instances where I had both connected and listening to music, and when I wanted to switch to a single, both lost their connection to the phone, and I had to place the single in the case for a few seconds and then take it back out before the phone would pick it back up. Just yesterday I wanted to use a single bud for a quick trip to the grocery store, and it didn't connect when I took it out of the case. I had to go into Android Bluetooth settings and manually connect it.

      It would be SPECTACULAR if the buds would give voice confirmation that they were either connected or not connected. Also, while I "get" why you don't want "L" and "R" labels on earbuds that can play either role (which I love BTW), it would be nice to be able to identify them in Android BT settings. An "A" and "B" marker or something on the buds with the corresponding marker in the settings would make things SOOO much easier. Thanks for listening!

    15. earin Creator on

      @skypax actually it was a coincidence, please note that our firmware update introduction was planned and scheduled. We can only test in office so much until we need a wider sample. Feedback is appreciated.

    16. earin Creator on

      @Johan thank you for this update and the feedback has been passed along to our engineers and we will test this out as well.

    17. Missing avatar

      Craig Elliott on

      After using them in the city on my walk to work, I agree with Johan below. Previously 3/4 volume was "transparent" and I had the option to boost the volume when I was walking through the city (help avoids getting run over by traffic!). Now, full volume and Far sounds transparent, but I felt really uncomfortable walking to work as I struggled to hear close traffic over music volume. Had to lower the music volume, which I didn't like to do as struggled to hear the detail of the music instead. It'd be good to keep a transparency volume boost option?

    18. schiko on

      What ist the actual alpha (or beta?) version?
      The last mail I received was for 1.0.15 alpha (begin of June).
      I tried 3 tablets (all Android 5.x) and all tries ended in „still looking…“ when the app tried to find the M-2 although they were connected.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gavin Carpenter on

      My update process seemed to have gone OK after taking quite a long time but now when I open the app it says "need to update slave, switch" the buds disconnect, one of them flashes 5 times repeatedly and they don't reconnect at all until I put them back in the case and out again. I've logged my details in the Google form in the invitation email so hopefully someone gets back to me on how to fix these as right now I can't change any advanced settings.

    20. Missing avatar

      Johan Bengtsson on

      After the 110 minutes long update process I found out that the transparent sound level is really low now. To get the ambient sound to be as similar to real world I had to max both the volume and set it to "far". Before I had both bars pretty much in the middle. That way I had room to amplify the ambient sound much more to be extra safe on the streets or when I'm talking to people. Why did you change the levels? Maybe you fixed the audio quality but please go back to the levels before the update.

    21. skypax on

      Following the firmware update, I don't get the issues I had with my MacBook Pro either.
      Issue seems to be fixed.

    22. skypax on


      Taking a wild shot here..

      Update title: M-2 Android Firmware Beta Test
      Opening greeting: Hey M-2 Android Users

      I mean if only we had a clue...

      In any case, I just drew a parallel between how quickly the firmware was made available since the day I mentioned (here in the main comments' section) that I was having problems with my M-2s and the Android + macOs devices I tested them with.

      Yeah it could be a coincidence (sure) but I don't believe in coincidences. That's just me.

      It also does not explicitly imply that they released the firmware update for my sake. I never claimed that.
      I had already requested a refund prior to this Kickstarter update so they couldn't care less for me.

      However, the fact that they are beta-testing a new firmware update (hint: for Android users) sort of implies that they are/were aware of similar issues from other users.
      You know...the other 99.999% from the 8,359 Kickstarter backers who never commented + all other customers outside Kickstarter.

      Ergo my argument about this being a more widespread issue and not just with my pair of M-2s. They wouldn't trial a firmware fix for an isolated incident.

      In fact, at this point, my argument is that all M-2s with the old (as of now) firmware suffer from that problem (yes yours too) for certain Android (possibly other) devices.
      It's just a matter of what device/os combination you use to make the issue manifest it self. We know iPhones are fine.

      Earin can chime in and confirm or deny that.

      As for whether I have any clue about how firmware updates work let me tell you a funny story. A firmware update does not necessarily imply a re-write of the code from the ground up. It can also be tweaking of certain settings/paramets. Which would explain why they were able to release it so quickly. I never provided them with any details, so somehow they knew what to fix. It's like they build them (doh!).

      So you might be an expert that works "in the industry" but you are not the only one.

      Now let all the rest of us contribute positively in this beta-testing process without your insatiable need to deflect all the issues that are being reported.

      Don't be that guy. We know your earbuds are perfect, you said so multiple times.

      Move along.

    23. skypax on


      You are welcome. I am glad the issue got fixed.

      I think @Eric Clark was referring to my "tone of voice" when I asked people to report any issues here. Not anything regarding the earbuds.

    24. earin Creator on

      @ericclark what do you mean by NO tone. Can you explain a bit more?

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @skypax, if it was a general issue then I or others would have experienced it, it is an issue that may be local to a few devices if that. How come others have not reported such an issue, people are vocal and we would have heard something somewhere. Also maybe I missed it but where did it state that this was to fix specific issues with android devices? Just because the update happened via android devices does not mean it fixes android issues, Apple are very anal about controlling protocols so not even sure if it is possible to update via iOS. As we do not even have a change list we have no idea if it even does attempt to fix anything at all or if it just enhancements. You also had an issue with a Macbook, well that is not an android device, is that resolved? I go back to my original stance, firmware can do funny things, it can flash badly leaving a product slightly damaged so with the lack of others experiencing similar issues or at least lack of any reports (I and the rest of us can only go by what we know) my bet is that you still had a bad set which was rectified by a GOOD firmware flash.
      Finally, with no disrespect, you clearly have no idea how these things work (working in a similar industry, I do) I doubt very much that they issued a f/w update 2 days after you reported an issue, it takes a long time to process updates, identifying issues, identifying the cause, code fix, coding, building, testing, regression testing etc. so yes it is a complete coincidence that one came out 2 days after you reported an issue. Also the M-2's have been out for a pretty long time now in a market that is saturated with android devices so lets face it we would have heard others mention issues with their buds yet we have not.
      I can see a few people saying they are no longer getting dropouts, this is something I did not experience ether but it looks like that may have been part of the fix but with your issues of constant hissing etc, across ALL your devices, that defo sounds like a bad set or as I said badly flashed f/w which now does seem the case.

    26. earin Creator on

      @skypax @ericclark this is the exactly the feedback we needed and this is why this is beta. We can test the update in the office only so much and prior to rolling out to consumers this is the data and the info that we need. Your detailed feedback is very much appreciated.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chris Matthews on

      samsung galaxy s8+, long and glitchy update but I am no longer getting the dropouts my buds were suffering from. So far so good!

    28. skypax on

      @Eric Clark
      No "tone" what so ever. No one has to install the firmware. I never said that. I said who ever has issues with theirs (IF they have any) to be kind enough to mention them here.

      Two days after I posted here about the issue I had, Earin pushed a firmware update for Android Users. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. That's proof enough for me.

    29. Missing avatar

      Eric Clark on

      @Skypax You say that with a "tone" as if literally everyone experienced an issue with the firmware update. My experience was already described similarly to others here; It took quite a while, perhaps even longer than 90 minutes, and it looked like it hung up near the end. But eventually it rebooted the buds, and they applied the update, and the app finally said the update had completed.

      Relax a bit... maybe there aren't as many M-2 owners out there who were also Kickstarter backers? OR, maybe some of these owners decided they didn't want to play beta tester?? Just a thought.

    30. Hiroki Yamada on

      It will not be updated even after an hour.
      "Update failed -> Try again after 10 seconds!!" is displayed.

      After a while, "Device firmware version: csr2.0.122nxp01.06" is displayed.

      My phone is samsung sc01f.

    31. Missing avatar

      Craig Elliott on

      Hmm... well, the firmware upgrade experience leaves quite a bit to be desired - maybe it's just me? I've a Sony Z5 Premium - it started by saying that I *may* continue to use the earbuds. Well, I HAD to continue using the earbuds to get it to upgrade - putting them in the capsule, killed the BLE connection... taking them out of my ears for more than 5 minutes, killed the BLE connection... I had to wear them for the duration of the left, then right firmware upload (90 minutes was an understatement, admittedly though I had music playing at least!). Each time the upload picked up where it left off - which I thought was good. After the upload, it seemed straightforward - it issued a message stating to keep them out of the capsule, then the app appeared to get each bud to flash and reboot one at a time. The app and my phone struggled though - as during this time, it connected BLE, flashed a toast message saying the bud was still upgrading, disconnected BLE, repeated a couple of times - confusing my volume and music playing with disconnected-pause-vibrate, connected-play-unmute etc.

      It's worked though - so I'll give them a run tomorrow. I had no problems with my M-2s prior to this though, and I was a little worried this was going to brick them - but I wanted to give feedback if I could.

    32. skypax on

      I'd appreciate if anyone who encountered any sort of issue with their M-2s to mention them here along with the device(s) you used.

      Keeping silent and lurking around the comments section waiting to be handed a firmware fix, doesn't help anybody.

      Keep this section alive.

      Team work and all that.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric Clark on

      Just copy the link's text into a browser tab/window. It'll work, but yea, the hyperlink redirect ( doesn't seem to work most of the time.

    34. Chris Corke on

      The site isn't available anymore
      I'm afraid sent an invalid response.

    35. skypax on

      Update finished a while ago. Took over 2 hours and not 90 minutes as displayed initially in the app. For the price they cost it wasn't a very streamlined process, assuming of course this will be the way forward with regard to firmware updates. Non tech-savvy folks will find it cumbersome.

      Of course that might be a temporary thing as part of the beta testing.

      The good news.

      Following the update I don't get these popping/crackling noises anymore, which proves the issue was with the previous firmware and not with my M-2s (*cough* Mark *cough*).

      Without these distracting noises, they actually sound quite good now, especially with silicone tips. Which seems a bit counter intuitive as normally the comply tips tend to sound better in most scenarios.

      Overall I quite like them now, alas, I've already initiated the refund process.

      The update worked.

    36. Vicki Delaski on

      Sorry, I have M-1 which don't work anymore actually. I loved my M-1s and am very sorry they stopped holding a charge then stopped charging all together. I signed up for the M-2 beta by accident.

    37. skypax on

      It appears the update is attempting to transfer the firmware file (over Bluetooth) one earbud at a time. Which explains why it takes so long. Then presumably they get re-booted, detect the firmware file and flash the update themselves. I don't think it is doing the update realtime during the transferring process. It also mentions you can use them whilst the transfer takes place.

      Make sure everything is fully charged (phone + earbuds) before giving it a go.

    38. skypax on

      Or (conversely) there is a genuine issue with Android devices, hence the firmware update to resolve issues with Android devices. Just because it does not manifest itself with your device doesn't mean it's not there. Anyhow, I am attempting the update (before I send them back). It's doing it over Bluetooth (which seems kinda sketchy for a firmware update) and it says will take about 90 minutes. That's a lot. I'll report back if in case the issue with my earbuds gets fixed.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @Remiam7, that seems like just an issue with one device, which can happen of course whereas skypax issue is across all devices hence thinking he has a faulty pair...

    40. Missing avatar


      I also have the problem of dropouts, static, and cracking noise. But seems to only happen when using my Shanling MO. No issues when using my iPhone.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @Christoffer, mine did similar but it picked them both up again and after a few minutes continued the update. I would make sure nothing else is connected via BT. Failing that contact Earin via their website chat, they seem to ignore people on here :-(

    42. Christoffer Vikström on

      Oh, should mention I tried this on my Google Pixel 2 XL.

    43. Christoffer Vikström on

      Stuck at 99% upgrade on one of the earpieces and 0% on the other. Been like that for hours. Had to interrupt and charge the earpieces it in between, but nothing seems to be happening. If i restart the app, it searches for the earpieces, finds them, and go back to the status mentioned above and stays there.

    44. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @schiko, why do android tablets not work? There is no reason it should not work as long as you are able to install the app of course and there are ways to install non table apps on a tablet if that is the issue. Make sure all is charged up though, it is quite a lengthy process.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @skypax just because they agreed to a refund does not mean the issue is widespread. I have not heard of a similar issue and I feel there would have been posts about it here imho. My bet is that you simply have a faulty pair. If I were you I would return these, get the refund then purchase another pair. At least then you will have another 30 days (or whatever it is) to return them should you experience the same issue.

    46. schiko on

      When will the updates be available for iOS?

      Don’t want to buy an Android phone and tablets don‘t seem to work.

    47. Amy Nicholson

      Seriously Earin? You never even sent me the earbuds. Even after countless emails... you still never sent them to me.

    48. Missing avatar

      Eric Clark on

      @Mark That did it, thanks!

    49. skypax on

      Well I am not sure. I tested them with the following devices, has the same issue with all of them.

      Google Nexus 5
      Google Nexus 9
      Google Pixel XL
      Macbook Pro 2017

      Yesterday I arranged for a refund, guys agreed no questions asked, and just today they are pushing for a firmware update.

      So I am inclined to say that it is a more general issue than just a faulty pair, although mind you many Android devices suffer (new and old) suffer from Bluetooth problems.

      I never had that issue with the M-1s with the same devices.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      @Eric uninstall the original first!