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EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
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    1. Ross MadDog Mckinnon on

      Well mine arrived yesterday.

      - Needs a new app to be downloaded

      - They feel heavier than the M1's. In the hands they feel more 'dense' but still comfortable in the ear

      - They sound lot less bassy than the M1's and there is no bass boost in the app, but I'll let them run in for a while first

      - Sound pass through works well

      - Then have an auto mono mode and detect which ear you have them in

      - I didn't read the basic manual properly but I need to look into what the touch panels do....i see there are four options but no details of what they do

      Not used them for phone calls yet

      Any questions just ask. I'm happy with them currently

      - Drop-outs seem to be non-existent currently, but I've only been using them for about 40 minutes so far

    2. Shahrouz S. on

      Give us a 40% discount :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Kieffer on

      Hey Folks;
      Did the email about the discounted M2's go out? I saw the announcement so I know my email is correct but I never got an email with the code. And yes I checked my Spam folder. Nothing there either.
      Thanks, Mark

    4. Geocas1 on

      seems like they are just looking to get rid of what ever stock the built with earin branding cause Will I am wont sell it like that. I HIGHLY doubt these guys felt it in their hearts that they owed us anything. i also doubt i would spend money on a product that is probably not going to be supported once the company is fully turned over to the people who purchased it.

    5. ardotschgi on

      I have a few questions before considering a purchase:
      -WIll the swipe controls be usable without the app?
      -Did you build the new app from the ground up? (The first one was horrid for me, as it drained my battery extremely fast and activated bluetooth unwantedly)
      -When can we expect to get the item if we purchase it right now?
      -Will the foams from the M-1 fit onto the M-2 as well? Because I recently bought some replacement foams ;)

      I want to add that I am rather satisfied with my M-1, considering they're still in use daily even after those 2.5 years. Thought lately the battery really weakened by a lot and one bud is coming apart a little. But that's nothing I didn't expect.

    6. Claus Andersen on

      M-2 is happening 👏👏👏
      and a 20% discount OMG ❤

    7. Missing avatar

      J on

      By “limited quantity”, do you mean that not every Kickstarter backer would actually be able to take up the offer then?

    8. Missing avatar

      Teus-Jan van Dieren on

      Is it possible to change audio volume by using the voice assistent. I can't find this information on your support site.

    9. Missing avatar

      J on

      The mail is here, only a day late ;)

      What’s another missed deadline between backers who got earin off the ground...

    10. skypax on

      I can confirm that I received my discount code this morning.

      The Earin folks came through.

      However, no USB-C...i mean who wants to orient a USB connector "the right way" to charge a device in this day and age.

      Also battery life...who says it won't die in a year or two after some use? Then what?
      Put them in my personal Earin hall of fame next to the M-1s?


      @earin, make them in BLUE already! BLUE through and through! Limited Edition and such..

    11. earin Creator on

      Please check your email.

    12. Missing avatar

      Johan Bengtsson on

      So... where is the promised email?

    13. Daniel Rowen on

      Sad it's not USB-C, but still:

    14. Missing avatar

      J on

      “Please check your email boxes tomorrow for your assigned discount code,”

      Why do you keep making these statements and you never actually deliver on them?

      Seriously, you guys need to buy yourself a copy of ‘how to make a promise and actually stick to it’

    15. Ben Appenzeller on

      Concerned that these are outdated before even releasing :-/ New competitors use graphene for better sound and usb-c for charging.

    16. skypax on

      No USB-C in 2018?

      @Earin: R U pho real?

    17. Lee Kok Woi on


      You are seriously thanking us the initial backers who received the first (and subsequent) batch of defective products? Despite numerous emails, messages and attempts to contact on how to fix / rectify / salvage the initial product received but met with absolutely no response whatsoever.

      Now you expect us to get all excited and fork out money so that you can hoodwink us another set of potentially defective product?

      All I want is for the initial product to be fixed, is that too much to ask?

    18. Missing avatar


      My M-1 have been great from the start! Will be preordering the M-2 tomorrow.

    19. Igor on

      Too little, too late. I’ve already switched to a competitor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    20. Frederick Tremblay Fassler on

      i did not buy the m-1, but the m-2 seems interesting with one exception, the micro usb port.

      I finaly live a life of full usb-c (dell xps, nintendo switch, essential phone) and i cant get myself to go back to travel with multiple wires and charger. unless reviews are flawless, i will wait for the next version that will probably (I hope) have usb-c

    21. EncomVP on

      Do these use the same program as the originals? My M1's continuously disconnect and dispite several emails, never received any resolution. Should we expect the same out of these.

    22. Missing avatar

      Harley on

      Just like James Bendos said, "your words mean nothing". The M-2 is the product we should have received in the first place if it is as good as you say.

      I do not know about you, but the following have all been issues with the M-1 for me:
      1: Dead charging port, which you did replace.
      2: Dead Battery, which you did not replace.
      3: 1 second latency delay.
      4: Failing led status system.
      5: Not waterproof like originally promised.
      6: The glue for the earbuds fails overtime, which support just told me to glue them back together...

      If you want to make things right, replace my M-1 with the M-2. I am not going to give you another $200 USD for a product I should have gotten in the first place.

      Harley L.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Bendos

      Nope, your words mean nothing. My original pair was one of the many to never work properly. The earphones would not sync to the other and only play music for a few seconds before cutting out altogether. Multiple attempts to contact Earin for repair or replacement went unanswered. So your words here are far from reassuring and a 20% discount does not sufficiently cover my initial “gift” to you. There is zero guarantee that version 2 will be any better than the first. I would rather have never received any product at all and just taken the loss than what you originally sent me. Thanks, anyway. Please remove me from your mailing list.

    24. Andrew Knox on

      Awesome news, much appreciated. I'll certainly be buying a pair of these!

    25. Balder Lingegård

      Good work! I love that you are keeping your commitment to your backers!

    26. Missing avatar

      Philip Strothmann on

      Hey guys, great news! How long will this offer stand?