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EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
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New Chapter for Earin

Posted by earin (Creator)

Dear backers,  

As one chapter ends, and a new & exciting one begins, we wanted to give you an update and share some insight on our activities of the past four years as a start-up. Earin was founded with the mission to create true wireless products. During these years, we have been approached by many large corporations but the timing was not right or we did not find the right match.

A week ago, after long and fruitful discussions, we made the decision to become a part of a larger family and accepted the acquisition of iamplus. Both companies share the vision of how the market will evolve and with the combined expertise of our teams, this will enable us to continue to bring innovative products to the market.

As one of the first pioneers in true wireless with the M-1 launch in 2015, we have shown that small teams can lead the way. Having worked at large companies such as Sony and Nokia, we know that headcount does not always equal innovation and instead it can often lead to bureaucracy. We believe that Earin is a perfect example of what passion and determination can create and we have shown that with a small team it is possible to face the challenges of much larger companies with financial power and huge teams. With this, we want to give a thank-you to you - our backers, who believed in our vision and have made this journey possible. We also want to give a special thank you to the Earin team:

  • Sebastien, Peter, Kim, Scott, Peder, Fredrik, Jacqueline, Björn, Dick, Ricky, Carina, Emelie and Carl Ståhl (who was as apart of the start-up but unfortunately left us shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ended).
  • And all other external partners that have believed in us and shown the same level of passion for making this possible. 

We are now entering a new development phase and we are convinced that great things are ahead. With we’ve discovered a global partner who can help us reach customers around the world and share our vision for how to develop more unexpected technology and audio experiences. As we leverage our combined teams and resources, our customers can come to expect first-class, stand-out technology in 2018 and beyond.

As many of you have waited for the M2 release, this acquisition will have some effects on when the product will be made available for different markets. We are still working on the details but we are excited by the possibilities and we are looking forward to working with our new partners as we continue to build great products.

Earin Founders
Earin Founders

Warm regards, 

Kiril, Olle and Per

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    1. Anders Erdén on

      Congrats to you guys I guess and commiseration to us backers. Loved my M1's for the first year (even after being part of the 800). Then they wouldn't hold power any longer and not had any luck with support. Had hoped for a good discount on the M2's as some form of self inflicting punishment compensation but guess that is probably gone now. If the styling goes the Will-I-Am direction I wouldn't want them anyway. Good luck to you guys, I am probably off to find another wireless headphone.

    2. Jai Nelson on

      I was very impressed with the M1’s and thoroughly enjoyed using them for the year or so between them being released and Apple bringing out their AirPods. Sadly the AirPods are just more convenient as they sync better between all my different devices. But up until then, your ear phones were definitely the best on the market. All the best for the future, although, I’ve seen some of the things Will.I.Am has tried to bring to market and design wise they are awful. Hopefully you can educate his team on how to style products in an appealing way, not just so that they’ll be noticeable by the cameras on The Voice

    3. yunus yakamoz on

      J I've missed you.
      Earin don't disappoint us on that discount. And no rebranding of the m2 or these loyal kickstarter followers will go nuts. Just release the m2 already.
      I have my m1 and love them.
      But it's time to retire them.
      Earin team, J and the rest here <3
      Hopefully they'll deliver soon.

    4. B.

      Uh oh

    5. Steve M on

      Everything I've read about suggests that its mission is antithetical to the idea behind the original Earin product. Yes, the M-1 was fashionable, but its main purpose was music, in a compact, no-nonsense format., like most tech companies founded by pop stars, appears to be in the business of releasing garbage fashion accessories, with features nobody wanted and inflated price tags. I think we'll all be very lucky if the M-2 ever sees the light of day in Western markets, and you can kiss that $50 backer discount goodbye.

      I'm sure this decision was primarily financial in nature, and I wish the original founders nothing but the best, but I am deeply, deeply disappointed that it had to end this way.

    6. Missing avatar

      Shannon Gatta on

      If I needed new memory foam for my ear buds because they're worn out, what do I do?

    7. Missing avatar

      ProwlMedia on

      Perhaps you can use the cash to provide actual support.

      Dead Kickstarter headphones within 6 months
      30 emails Back and forth
      Convoluted impossible returns for repair and testing.
      Might take 4 weeks
      Just freaking replace them

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Breame on

      I expect a price hike, no discount for M-1 backers, terrible new branding direction which values form over function, large delays for retooling for the inevitable Will.I.Am case/bud/packaging change, longer lead times for the new marketing strategy and a change in frequency curve which favours boosted bass. Think Beats by Dre.

      I'm utterly desperate to be proven wrong, as I was foaming a the mouth to be able to buy some M-2s.

      Sorry to be such a downer, I really do wish you guys all the best and I'm really chuffed for you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Breame on

      Congrats on the acquisition guys! Errr... who?

      *quickly looks it up*



      *feels sad*

    10. Missing avatar

      J on

      Look forward to this promise being honoured, now that the M2s have actually been launched and can be purchased in Asia:

      Finally, we have heard your requests asking for a discount on the M-2 and, to show our appreciation for you, we are happy to share that we will be able to offer our original Kickstarter Backers a very special price. Closer to our approaching launch date, you will receive an email with a special voucher code just for you, which will allow you to buy the M-2 at the special price of $200 USD – a $50 discount off the MSRP with the inclusion of free shipping.

    11. Anthony Mutiso on

      Congratulations. Looking forward to more innovation and excitement.

    12. David Arkapaw

      Big money now

      Doubt backers will get discounts though

      Still usin my M1's! Love them

    13. Missing avatar

      Sally Herbert on

      Congrats to you on a partnership with I was in on the M1 phase which I love. I have backed the M2 and really hope that this change will not impact too much on an already delayed delivery date!

    14. Lorenzo Ahmadi on

      I am very proud of the Earin team and I haven’t regretted backing earin for a second. If you guys think this is a good step for the future then as a backer I support you guys completely. I have and many have believed in you guys and we will keep doing that! Can’t wait for the M-2, but for now congratulations guys en keep amazing us in the future!

    15. Missing avatar

      jimmyjames on

      I guess that screwing over your customers on the M1 wasn't enough for you guys. You lied about the M2 and then took the money and ran.

      Good riddance.

    16. Stephen Rowlatt on

      Seeing the update arrive in my mailbox I thought I was about to pledge for a new shiny Earin M2, but apparently not,
      Good luck on this new stage of your adventure

    17. Spencer White on

      Congratulations Guys but don’t forget us please and enjoy the cigars �

    18. robert fried on

      great thing. One would it be possible to improve the battery from my Earin first generation ? i have to load it after using 30-40 minutes ? THANKX

    19. Missing avatar

      J on

      I guess that’s the ‘amazing kickstarter backers’ discount promise gone out the window.

    20. Liam Daly on

      Congratulations look forward to what is next

    21. Julian Lewis-Booth on

      Good luck folks, hope that you are able to continue to deliver innovative products. I have enjoyed being 'along for the ride' as a backer and still love my M1 headphones. Hope that you get to take all of your team forward with you into iamplus.

    22. Nataliya Jason Marrable on

      Congratulations guys! Was a pleasure being part of your journey from New Zealand and I wish you the best of luck!