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EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
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M-2 Update

Posted by earin (Creator)

Dear Kickstarter Backers, Brand Ambassadors, and friends of Earin,

We are most grateful for our community of supporters, and thank you for helping us grow as a company. We think you are all amazing! As an update, we have been busy developing our newest product, the M-2 True Wireless Earphones. The Earin M-2 will start shipping worldwide Fall 2017 and we are currently working away in our lab testing and finalizing production.

We’ve also been to Las Vegas, New York City and Tokyo, previewing M-2 for media and influencers, all of whom are excited about the new features and eagerly awaiting the final product.

Tech Crunch:

The Verge:


M-2 Sneak Peak Event, July 5, 2017 in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
M-2 Sneak Peak Event, July 5, 2017 in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Regarding the product itself, we wanted to let you know that we heard your feedback about M-1 and are addressing some of your expressed concerns around Bluetooth connectivity in the next generation. M-2 will feature dual antennas per earphone (4 in total) that will include NFMI MiGLO® technology from NXP® Semiconductors that will provide sonic sound and remove those pesky dropouts.

And a new feature that we are most proud of is Transparency Mode, which allows you to “open up” your microphones to more closely tune into surroundings and hear what you want, when you want. This feature will be helpful in situations where you are on the road or wearing your M-2’s at the office and your boss is calling you ☺

In addition, M-2 will have a lower latency with lip synchronization making video watching & casual gaming much easier. Finally, we are staying true to our roots in delivering clear audio quality and M-2 will feature Knowles™ balanced armature speakers that we know our audiophiles will love.

Other listed features include:

  • Noise free calls with Intelligent Noise Reduction
  • High Quality Audio
  • Audio transparency
  • Intuitive Touch Control
  • Small, sleek, lightweight design as M-1
  • Capsule to store and charge, now with magnetic locking

Finally, we have heard your requests asking for a discount on the M-2 and, to show our appreciation for you, we are happy to share that we will be able to offer our original Kickstarter Backers a very special price. Closer to our approaching launch date, you will receive an email with a special voucher code just for you, which will allow you to buy the M-2 at the special price of $200 USD – a $50 discount off the MSRP with the inclusion of free shipping. 

Since we debuted True Wireless Audio to the world with the release of EARIN M-1 in 2015, the market has come a long way. However, with the launch of M-2 you will now have the power to control the sounds around you and still wear the smallest, sleekest wireless earphones available today. We are here because of your support, and we look forward to launching our next generation product with you.

Warm regards,

Earin Founders

Kiril, Olle and Per
Kiril, Olle and Per


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    1. Missing avatar

      J on

      Well, now earin have been acquired, that’s the end of that. They could have at least let kickstarter backers know this had happened.

    2. Missing avatar

      J on

      M2 is already on sale in Asia.

      Sad that kickstarter backers being ignored.

    3. Yannick on

      Great News, I can't wait to get my hands on these, I recently lost my gen 1s and have been holding out on replacing them just so I could pick up a pair of these

    4. Missing avatar

      J on

      “We are at the moment working on removing every possible tiny little bug, to make M-2 absolutely perfect for you.”

      Comedy gold.

    5. earin Creator on

      @Paul Nurse,
      We sincerely apologize for the launch delay. We understand that it is unpleasing to wait. The definitive release date is not set. We are at the moment working on removing every possible tiny little bug, to make M-2 absolutely perfect for you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Nurse on

      I really enjoyed my M1's and was looking forward to the M2's but there are a few other decent offers out there already, not sure how much longer I can wait.

    7. earin Creator on

      @Bill Smith,
      Thank you so much for that feedback. We are super happy to hear you are looking forward to Earin M-2!

    8. Missing avatar

      Bill Smith on

      Just thought I'd throw out my thoughts. With my planned purchase of a new phone looming on the horizon, I was going to go shopping for wireless earbuds, but then recalled you are doing a version 2. Happy to see things are progressing well and that a discount will be headed our way. I'll just deal with my version 1 issues until the version 2 is available.

      Thanks for making such great products! Looking forward to trying v2 and seeing if the things that bothered me with v1 are truly gone. Best of luck getting it finished and in to our eager hands!

    9. earin Creator on

      @Björn Ehlert, @Alistair Jones, @Remiam7, @Martin Nberg, @M.Z., @S L, @Michael, @Jonathan Frøland, @Balder Lingegård, @Patrick Casey and many more,
      Thank you for all the kind feedback and the happy cheers!

    10. earin Creator on

      @ Strae, you are correct, there will be a Black capsule version. Thanks!

    11. earin Creator on

      @Mark Van de Pol, indeed M-2 has microphone and intelligent noise reduction.

    12. earin Creator on

      1. Yes, the charging is updated. With M-2 we have totally re-designed the capsule slots, to get an improved grip.
      2. With M-2 the pairing is also changed, so you will see improvements in that area.

    13. earin Creator on

      @Clotilde HIBON, thank you for those kind words! M-2 will be available to order directly from our web store at

    14. earin Creator on

      @Hyungsoo Ohk, @Bert,
      Yes, good news, with Earin M-2 there is no noticeable delay when watching movies.

    15. earin Creator on

      @Mercedes, regarding your issue with foam tips for your old KS version, customer support is very eager to help you - write us and you will get assistance quickly. We have no KS campaign for M-2, we have got it covered. Thank you for the very kind words!

    16. earin Creator on

      @Jose Sa, regarding touch interface, you will have to wait until tech specs are released. But yes, you will indeed be able to use Earin M-2 as a mono headset. Without app being connected, of course. You will also be able to use the two earphones as separate mono headsets connected to different devices.
      And yes, regarding battery status, the M-2 capsule will have LED lights that indicate the battery level of the capsule, much like a power bank.

    17. earin Creator on

      @ardotschgi, we are super glad to hear you use your Kickstarter unit daily. Thank you for that feedback!

    18. Daniel Rowen on

      Will the pod use usb-c this time for charging? That would be great since most phones have moved onto that so easier to share chargers.

    19. ardotschgi on

      Good to hear about the backer discount. I might actually be inclined to buy it. I'm still using my earin every day.

    20. Ari Kela


      I would be surprised if there are more than 500 who reads these updates.

    21. Jose Sa on

      There are still a lot of questions to be answered regarding M-2..
      Will mono mode still work? Without the crappy app that half the time doesn't recognise the buds even if they are playing music?
      Touch interface is something that I was looking for, but what are the actual features? Finally, also looking forward for a proper battery and charger to not just find out that the buds are dead when removing them from the capsule.

      Anyway, at 200$ they are very expensive and the M-1 kind of already burned me already.

    22. Missing avatar

      J on

      Just wondering why they even bother to do these updates anymore.
      8,000 * $200 = $1.6mill revenue with zero marketing outlay, that's why.

    23. Mercedes (Mandy)

      Sounds exciting. Great update, I'm very interested in getting one as my v1s had some problems, and I think it was mainly foam related and the drop-rolling away situation. Will there be a KS campaign for v2? The touch feature looks awesome, something I would really like on an Earin :)
      I missed the Minato demo, if you do visit the area again keep us updated.

    24. Ari Kela

      Oh well, at least M-2 release schedule isn't backers problem. Just wondering why they even bother to do these updates anymore.

    25. Missing avatar

      J on

      The 3 looks posted are 8 months old and 2 of the 3 links don't work.

      Seriously, who does these updates for you earin?

    26. Missing avatar

      J on

      Still testing, shipping in Fall 2017

      The shipping date has shifted what 3 times already?

      Smacks of poor planning all over again, or the sorts of problems that us backers were only told about far too late last time.

      Not seeing any lessons learnt here.

    27. B.

      Cool but as others requested, aptx is expected... If you do not have it, it would be a downgrade from the M-1. VERY low latency is also expected. And of course a battery that lasts longer than 3 hours.It has to be better than the Here One (alreay available) or I am not sure you will make a splash. Very interested by your next info.

    28. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl on

      thats still quite a price tag at 200$, do they ship from within the EU or do we have to account for import taxes as well?

      If we still need to pay import taxes we would come out at 200€ and thats quite a bit.

      how many foam tips are included and are they still the same as you used before?

    29. Björn Ehlert on

      Thanks for the update. I'm super excited!

    30. Missing avatar

      Clotilde HIBON on

      Hi Guys,
      I use Earin M-1 every day and have hardly had any issues with it. I love the pristine sound and invisible yet practical pugs.
      Is it possible for me to still buy an M-2 version on Kickstarter, as I missed the campaign?

    31. Missing avatar

      Alistair Jones on

      I'm still using the original, the sound is great and you get to learn what causes the bluetooth not connecting so will definitely be interested in the new set. As one other commenter said I get asked regularly about them and do recommend them. One thing I want badly though is to have the the aptx HD so I can get high def music from the likes of Qobuz. Still a slick product!

    32. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the discount voucher in advance. You did't have to offer backers anything really, but this certainly is a sign of a great company. Still use my M1's and they perform perfectly for me. Looking forward to purchasing the M2!

    33. Adrian M.D.C. on

      How is $200 a special discount for your backers when the M1 Earin was cheaper?

    34. Neal Suggs on

      I wish you guys a lot of luck. Unfortunately my experience with v1 makes me not inclined to go down the v2 road with you. V1 stopped holding charge with in three months and I'm now of to other solutions. Good luck and I wish you all the best.

    35. Ignacy on

      Two questions:
      1) as the charging system been updated? The biggest issue with my M1s is that, over time, the metallic charging prongs don't always make contact with the earbuds. This causes the earbuds to stop charging. If this happens while i'm listening in mono mode, my phone will suddenly connect to the bud that's in the charging case, since it thinks i've taken it out.

      2) On thing that Apple does well with its airpods is the ability to automagically transition from mono to stereo and back as the buds are taken in and out of their charging case. I understand that Earin uses a master/slave pairing model, so it may not be feasible. Nevertheless, is this something we can expect from Earin's M2 model? I'm considering getting airpods instead simply because of this feature.

    36. Missing avatar

      Martin Nberg on

      Never really had issues with Bluetooth connection on my EARINs, still using them every day! had a pair of the Dash, that initially performed very well but somehow got ruined by later updates and is pretty much unusable for me now. Guess i was lucky there that it worked in the beginning.

      Still get people asking me about my EARINS when i walk around town or get them back into the charging case.
      Awesome product, will definitely go for the 2nd Gen, thanks for including us initial backers!

    37. Daniel Rowen on

      Awesome, I cannot wait! Will they still support aptx bluetooth codec like the M1's?

    38. MIB on

      Just read the links and in there, they state 3 hours of continuous use and 12 hours from the charging unit.

    39. earin Creator on

      We do indeed have an improved battery time with M-2 from out test data. Since we are in the final stages of testing, we didn't want to state until it was fully confirmed and will be listing these details in our next update. Thanks for the feedback, it is noted.

    40. earin Creator on

      We do indeed have an improved battery time with M-2 from out test data. Since we are in the final stages of testing, we didn't want to state until it was fully confirmed and will be listing these details in our next update. Thanks for the feedback, it is noted.

    41. M. Z. on

      Since work, happy to see you guys keeping it up with amazing tech. will def. stand in line to order a pair :)

    42. Mark Van de Pol on

      Sooo, there's a microphone now?

      Noise free calls with Intelligent Noise Reduction

    43. Strae on

      Excited to hear that M-2s are ready for prime time. Good luck, looking forward to the pre-order email. Will it be available in black capsule as well?

    44. Missing avatar

      Michael Waites on

      With the M1, when the capsule runs out of power whilst charging the buds, the buds 'switch on' thinking they have been removed. This had led to me putting the buds away and seeing the charging light come on, thinking they will be ready for use next time, only to find they are dead. This has happened more times than I can remember and is extremely frustrating.

      Has this problem been fixed with M2? Say yes and I will upgrade. Say no or nothing at all and I will buy the ugly Apple offering.

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    46. S L on

      awesome - happy to support Earins once again. Thanks for making a great product better!!

    47. Michael on

      Transparency mode!! So awesome! Something I miss a lot with the M-1’s.

    48. Jonathan Frøland

      yes! im so im happy for this update

    49. Balder Lingegård

      Thank you for the update! Appreciate that you are giving us a heads up as original backers!