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EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
EARIN is the new definition of wireless audio. No cables. No wires. No distractions. Just the most immersive sound imaginable.
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Earin Update

Posted by earin (Creator)
Earin M-2
Earin M-2

This year has started off with a bang and we wanted to take the time to update our valued Kickstarter community on Earin’s recent activities, some of you maybe aware that at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we recently announced news of the Earin M-2, our latest true wireless product. 

It has been quite the journey and one that we could not have made without you. During the past year as a company, we have evolved and grown to meet the demands of the marketplace. Expanding rapidly does have it’s growing pains and we are honored to have an audience who gave us feedback when we needed it and we continue to listen to your responses.

Over the past year we have seen this industry change and grow since our initial launch and all of you, our brand ambassadors lead the way on true wireless. The industry and sector have emerged from niche, too one of the leading trends in the marketplace of “hearables,” and like wearables, hearables are quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon in which you were leaders in shaping.

Our first lesson was about the importance of customer experience, and the bumps in the road that we encountered with our first batch of deliveries, that became a valuable learning experience in which we developed and grew our customer service department, with the introduction of best in class features as free shipping and free returns.

Also, we had some changes with one of our early founders deciding to leave and we added to our team and have moved offices, from on initial location in Lund to our new office in Malmö our team has grown and now Earin can be found worldwide from the US to Japan, and many other places in between. 

As the market continues to evolve and change, we at Earin are dedicated to delivering the best in wireless experiences, and this is an exciting time in our development as our next generation product will have additional features that were not possible when we started.

With the M-2, we are redefining true wireless; our product will continue to be the smallest and the lightest in the marketplace. We've recently completed a product video that we are excited to share with you that highlight product features: 

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

With the addition of a dual antenna, NFMI (near field magnetic induction) from NXP that provides more stability and will finally “be the death of dropouts.” 

Earin M-2
Earin M-2

We are in the final production stages and we are excited by the new product capabilities being offered, which will have audio assistance voice control, noise cancellation, and sound transparency. We will also offer some proprietary technology but we will have more on this soon.

We want to acknowledge our founder community by offering you a special discount on the M-2 and we will send a separate email with details. As well, we will follow up with you as we progress, and keep you posted on our production timeline and delivery dates. M-2 will be available late spring 2017 and of course, we will share our first delivery batch with you.

For product questions on the M-2 we are in the process of updating our website, and info will be posted soon.

Once again thank you, for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Warm regards,

Earin Founders

Olle Lindén, Per Sennström, Kiril Trajkovkski 

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    1. earin Creator on

      That is absolutely true. We humbly apologize for the delay.

    2. Missing avatar

      J on

      Tony bang on.

      Earin, saying you've learnt your lesson and learning your lesson are not the same thing.

    3. earin Creator on

      @Stephen Rowlatt,
      Email regarding M-2 discount for Kickstarter backers has not yet been sent. It will be sent closer to the release.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Nurse on

      I'm still sticking to my Q4 estimate.

    5. Stephen Rowlatt on

      Wondering when I'll be receiving the email discount offer

    6. earin Creator on

      @Tony Collins,
      We have indeed learned our lesson. Final development often takes longer than expected. We humbly apologize for the delay. We are at the moment not promising any definitive launch date.

    7. Tony Collins on

      But that's why people are saying you haven't learned any lessons: you said the product WILL be available in spring. You should've learned from the massive amount of frustration you caused your backers before by giving firm commitments that you didn't meet.

      You should be learning lessons and instead of giving dates you can't fulfil, say things like "our aim is..." or "we hope to".

      The M-2 announcement was a chance for you to show that you'd learned from the disappointment you caused in so many backers the first time. People are frustrated because it seems like you've not learned anything about honest, direct communication at all.

    8. earin Creator on

      Setting a firm timeline when developing a unique product with features that has never been done before is difficult. Final development has taken longer than anticipated, and I apologize for this on behalf of the whole Earin team. We will have an update about the progress and launch shortly.

    9. Missing avatar

      J on

      Then you really shouldn't say things like:

      "M-2 will be available late spring 2017 "

    10. earin Creator on

      @J, @Paul Nurse,
      We are at the final stage of testing before going into mass production. Exact Earin M-2 release date is still not decided.

    11. Missing avatar

      J on

      What a shame, it seems no lessons learnt from previous poor communication and slippage of delivery dates.

      Same old Earin.

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Nurse on

      Beginning to look more like Q4.

    13. earin Creator on

      Thank you for the comment! Info regarding discount is not yet available. Release date is not decided, but right now it looks like Earin M-2 will hit the market in July or August.

    14. Missing avatar

      J on

      Cheers Ari, so it looks like the old Earin, promised dates slipping again.

    15. NT on

      @carina - for those who have purchased multiple times would there be any discounts for loyal customers? i've purchased 2 units from Earin and backed the company during R&D phase.

    16. Ari Kela

      Scroll down about ten posts. At the end of Q2

    17. Missing avatar

      J on

      Supposed to be available late spring 2017.

      It's now nearly mud June.

    18. earin Creator on

      Regarding pre-order, discount and other M-2 questions: to get the latest news about the M-2, sign up for our newsletter! Exact release date is not set, but we are soon there. More info coming soon - stay tuned. Thank you!

    19. earin Creator on

      @David Arkapaw,
      Yes, we are growing. Thank you for your kind words!

    20. earin Creator on

      Thank you for the comment! I can confirm that this issue has been considered when designing the new M-2 capsule. Stay tuned!

    21. David Arkapaw

      Time to start considering buying conpany shares with earin !

      Goin globals always a good sign!

    22. Geocas1 on

      Will the new charging capsule have individual indicators for the earbuds. I frequently end up with uncharged earbud because contact has not been made. Event hou i contact support I was basically told i was "doing it wrong". this could be solved by two LEDs one for each connector. One of my biggest gripes is not only that the capsule began to not charge my earbuds correctly but that I end up with one completely dead and the other fully charged.

    23. Shaunna Jagneaux on

      I haven't found the email you reference in your update. Can you resend?

    24. Missing avatar

      Cetera on



      "When holding them in my palm, I barely felt their weight and they're so small they'd be frighteningly easy to use if they didn't come with a sleek aluminum charging capsule."

      It seems that the capsule is aluminium again.

    25. Missing avatar

      J on

      What does charging capsule look like?

      I'm going to stick my neck out and say it's not an aluminium tube any more, but a black plastic box.

    26. Patrick Casey on

      Hey Earin team!
      Do we have an update yet on the new M-2 product, please?


    27. earin Creator on

      @Preston Swann,
      Email regarding discount has not yet been sent. We plan to release the Earin M-2 at the end of Q2 - stay tuned!

    28. earin Creator on

      @Thomas Winnerl,
      Thank you for the message. I cannot give you an exact price before the product has been released. To get news about the M-2, sign up for our newsletter:
      Whenever buying a new product, as a consumer it is good to make sure that you buy from a seller that offers return warranty, so that it is a risk free trial. When buying from Earin's web store, you have 14 days return warranty.

    29. Preston Swann on

      I received your email on 3/20/17 about the m2 and it stated that original backers will receive an email to back the m2. I have not received that email.

    30. Missing avatar

      Thomas Winnerl on

      is there any information on the pricing of the m2 and maybe units send out to reviewers?

      i like my m1 but the drop outs really bug me and i would be super mad if i would have paid the full price.
      For the m2´s i dont want to drop any money on something where i dont know if its any improvement.
      In the end the price and the dropout issue will be the main deciding factor´s

    31. earin Creator on

      @Brandon James,
      Thank you for the comment. I cannot find any previous messages from you. I have just written an email to you - let's troubleshoot your product issue!

    32. Brandon James on

      I would love to say I'd invest again but the level of support I got from my M-1s was super poor. I had an issue with the charging capsule about 10 months in and emailed Earin about it and no response. After several email attempts, I gave up and have been really put off because I loved them. I miss using them but I didn't see why I should buy a new charger when it broke while still in warranty. I thought maybe the company was going out of business.

      The M-2s look very cool and have a lot of features I wished for the M-1s. Just not sure the service, if things go wrong, warrants a new investment. I can see from some other comments I haven't been alone in that, which is a shame :-(

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt Henley on

      >We want to acknowledge our founder community by offering you a special discount on >the M-2 and we will send a separate email with details.

      When should we expect to get this email? I love my Earin's, but as the number of bluetooth headphone users in the gym has increased, the number of dropouts have made it quite unplesant.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paul Nurse on

      Any idea when the M-2 will be available?

    35. Kenneth Kwok

      I was a big supporter of Earin till it broke quite quickly. Unfortunately one of the 2 couldn't charge and thus can't work. I tried contacting support but they refused to fix it since it's out of warranty. I can't buy one replacement out of the 2 buds. As such I've decided not to support the company any more and go with other competitor brands. Maybe I'll check out those AirPods. At least apple support is always good.

    36. Enrico C

      It has been a wonderful journey to back Earin, and it was amazing, until I found Apple Airpods. I guess every fairytales has it ending. If the product isn't solid enough, isn't innovative enough, isn't produce at scale economically enough for consumers, it is hard to be successful, after-all it requires large amount of capital. If you can beat apple on one thing, I mean one thing only, you are game, the seamless bluetooth connectivity magic.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jason Toews on

      It's nice to see there have been improvements. I am not at all happy with my Earin M1's... I contacted support and sent in my "Kickstarter Edition" and was sent a different set that was scratched up and used and not marked as Kickstarter backer... Exactly the same problems - Constant dropouts and a ridiculous loud shrill beep when it connects and disconnects, frequently. Support told me to turn my phone on airplane mode and enable only BT, not really an acceptable use case. So yeah, Not thrilled. Paid way too much for a product that wasn't ready for primetime.

      I'd be willing to trade up to the M2 when they come out, but only at a nominal fee - Wouldn't risk it again.

    38. Sheldon Lisoy on

      Definitely going to get a pair of the M2s. I loved the form factor, ear-fit, design, and all-around coolness of the M1s and wore them everyday commuting to and from work for 1.25hrs each time. I can't count the number of times complete strangers came up to ask me what I had in my ears after they realized they weren't just plain earplugs and the look of amazement when I explained they were headphones and asked where they could buy them. I still get asked about once a week on the train but I unfortunately couldn't point them to anywhere to buy as they're next to impossible to find in Canada anymore. I'm glad to see the company is still active and producing a new better version!

      Back to my experience with them - all around sound quality is great, especially from the foam tips that give you the sense of a deeper bass and the charge time was better than I couldnt have expected. Wasn't an issue forgetting to miss a charge during the day at work or overnight until maybe a year ago and just in the last couple months they've been having battery charging problems (not holding a charge after 12hrs of no use and total capacity not lasting longer than 45minutes of use time) but like any battery's life after a few years of full time use this was to be expected. It would be cool to have a parts replacement system on your website for individual new buds, charging cases, foam tips etc.
      Really great product!

    39. David Steinberg on

      I've enjoyed my earins and will be considering buying the next version. Wonderful news!

    40. Adrian von Allmen on

      I can't wait to get my Hands on the M2.
      As K. Cala already stated we had a hard time a Backer, but I feel proud to had the first of a kind headset back in Nov. 15.

      Even though I had 2 times to use the customer service (in both times an answer withing 12 hours) due some issues with the earbuds (Glue) I still believe in the product and the company.

      The dropouts are a bit annoying but that's the price if you have a 1st Gen Product of a company which doesn't have billions in the back available. If you want to test your M2 and the DropOut Issue -> Zürich, Switzerland, Tram Station called Central would be a perfect place. If you're able to get it running for 2 hours without a dropout: It's safe ;) The "Kickstarter M1" have dropouts almost for sure and within 1 minute.

      The only sad thing for me: In Switzerland almost nobody knows Earin. I hope this will change with the M2 and they get the attention they deserve.

    41. Mercedes (Mandy)

      I'm also looking forward to M-2s. For the design, with the new shape, do they roll away if accidentally dropped? Also, can you use different earbuds? The original foam earbuds from M1 broke away in my ear causing ear problems, I replaced it with Spinfit buds and they worked a charm.

    42. earin Creator on

      I have written a follow-up email to the email address you have linked to your Kickstarter account. If not visible, kindly check your spam inbox. Let's troubleshoot this together!

    43. Missing avatar

      Zogmeister on

      never got the message

    44. Michael on

      If they never worked. Why didnt you contact earin immediately in stead of waiting till after the warranty?

    45. Missing avatar

      Zogmeister on

      I reached out to the customer support team and was helpfully told that they couldn't help me as my product was out of warranty even though it had never worked since I received it as an original backer.....

    46. Missing avatar

      Zogmeister on

      Well I hope you guys get better customer service than I did with the first package. I backed the first campaign (got the 35th set made!), however, I received earbuds that never worked and they've never been replaced...... :( sad times.

    47. Missing avatar

      J on

      What does the charging case look like?

    48. Missing avatar

      K. Cala on

      Hell yea Earin! Sure, it was a pain at times being a backer, but for me the journey made it all the more worthwhile. Reading J's comment did well to highlight some of the "downs" of the journey but I don't necessarily see these as failures.

      As a startup, you're bound to run into difficulties and shortcomings--often the solution isn't the best outcome for all parties involved. I'm sure both the design team and us backers took the bigger hit on some of the compromises made. Do I believe they always made the right decisions? Probably not, but one can't expect perfection!--the M2 will be a testament to the lessons they've learned.

      Do I think the Earin team is driven by making the most profit and gouging us for money? Not at all--they're pushing the frontiers of wireless headphones which is no doubt a lot more complex than other kickstarter campaigns. Given the complexity of the design, I'm willing to endure the bumps--even if that means delayed updates to focus on finishing the product. If you wanted an easy ride then you should have backed a kickstarter campaign for scented candles.

      To end, I love my M1's. Yes, they dropout more than I would like, but overall they do the job amazingly. It's by no means a perfect product but I'm 100% satisfied--maybe because I didn't expect perfection and it fulfilled my vision of having truly wireless headphones that sound great. I do expect the M2's to fix the dropout issue (to the right ear at least) and I will be happy to see what unexpected conveniences the new features add to my life. Thank you Earin for the M1's and letting me be a part of your journey as a company. Excited for what's to come!

    49. earin Creator on

      If any backer has still not received their backer reward, kindly let us know. We have seen that some did not respond to the address survey until after the cut-off date, and therefore did not get shipped back then in 2015. If this is the case, kindly contact our customer support, and we will of course ship you your reward.
      Also, if anyone is currently experiencing an issue with their Earin unit, kindly reach out to our customer support through our contact form at Our customer support is ready and eager to help you!
      Thank you for all the responses, input and cheers!

    50. Andrew Scott on

      For me my M-1s have served me well. I'm interested to see where you go with the M-2.

      I'm currently using Beats-X earbuds because they have a mic and work so well for switching between my Apple devices. AirPods don't fit my ears so I'm definitely interested in the M-2.