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Learn how to build iPhone apps by watching videos and coding in your browser.  No downloads needed.
Learn how to build iPhone apps by watching videos and coding in your browser. No downloads needed.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Magster on September 22, 2013

      Hi Eric, can you send the details to my email for the login.

    2. Chance James on August 10, 2013

      Hi could I please get the login details sent to my email. would like access so i can make a start. cheers.

    3. Missing avatar

      Don Shegog on April 11, 2013

      not sure where I have been but i cant frind the email to get me access to the course, if you could please send it again.
      Thank you

    4. Zachary Golus on March 19, 2013

      Yeah my name is also not in the credits.

    5. David Patrick on March 17, 2013

      Are we ever going to see the Objective C course?

    6. Missing avatar

      Rob on February 9, 2013

      can i please please please get my log in e mail. its been a very very long time.............................................

    7. Missing avatar

      bubuli on January 22, 2013

      how come my name is not on the credits?

    8. Roger David on January 10, 2013

      Can you create a course for Objective C :-(

    9. Missing avatar

      yoshiiaki on December 18, 2012

      Hey, is there a time limit to using the free month? It is just credit in our account and therefore in theory should last forever right? I won't be able to use it for a month or two as things get settled down. I'd done the first few tasks of the course and I enjoy them. Wish I had more time to do them all. Thanks for the course!.

    10. Eric Allam Creator on December 4, 2012

      Thanks Ferndando! We do have plans for more iOS courses, and keep an eye on for screencasts on iOS that should be coming out soon!

    11. Fernando Fernandes on December 4, 2012

      Just finished the course. Good stuff! It's more basic than I thought tho. :-) Minor issues like the web emulator not showing up in my Chrome sometimes for some bizarre reason... The autocomplete could be better, like more 'complete/robust' -- but in any way, you guys did a great job and I'm excited about the next steps of Code School on iOS. Maybe an intermediate / advanced course? :-) I'm glad I baked this one... Bring the next one! o/ Best regards from Brazil!

      - Fernando

    12. Eric Allam Creator on December 3, 2012

      If anyone has yet to receive an email with a link to get into the course, please message me directly on Kickstarter, and I will get you in as soon as I can.

    13. Missing avatar

      JKing42 on December 2, 2012

      STill haven't received my email with login info. Really looking forward to getting going.

      Can someone email me with status?

      John King

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob on November 30, 2012

      I also didn't receive my access e mail

    15. Missing avatar

      Jerry Ferguson on November 30, 2012

      i did not receive an email with the code

    16. Eric Allam Creator on November 29, 2012

      If you've backed the course for $25 or more, here are the 2 things you get:

      1. Try iOS forever
      2. A free month of Code School

      We just wanted to give out the free Code School month just in case you wanted to try out our other courses

    17. Doan Truong Thi on November 29, 2012

      Each backer received $25 voucher which worth one month subscriptions for So what is the difference between backer and not a backer? Backers will not even be able to access to this course after one month of subscriptions if they choose to cancel subscriptions after one month.

    18. Missing avatar

      Logan on November 28, 2012

      I have yet to receive my email! I CANNOT WAIT TO LEARN iOS! AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on November 28, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    20. Erik-Jan Riemers on November 28, 2012

      Found mine, was in the "commercials bin" (google)

    21. John Pedersen
      on November 28, 2012

      I have not received my email for the course
      John Pedersen

    22. Erik-Jan Riemers on November 28, 2012

      Hi guys, i dont seem to have gotten any email information about vouchers/enrollment, although i got the mail where it says "we are ready and all"

    23. Missing avatar

      Jerry Keller on November 28, 2012

      Hi guys, I don't believe I ever received the email about getting access to the course or an access code. I'm anxious to check it out. Thanks, Jerry K.

    24. Adam Rensel on November 28, 2012

      Hi guys, if you have problems with the vouchers head on over to and let us know, we'll probably need your account email at the very least to get things fixed up.

      -Adam R

    25. blueumbrella
      on November 28, 2012

      Not sure what happened. Created an account successfully, but now getting this screen -

      Can't find Kickstarter Voucher

      Oh no, we couldn't find the any record of this Kickstarter voucher
      It's possible this Kickstarter voucher has already been used. Or maybe something else went wrong. In either case, please don't hesitate to contact Code School Support

      Please advise.


    26. Damien Goujard on November 28, 2012

      Ok, the 25$ coupon is applied if you subscribe for 1 month : 1$

    27. Damien Goujard on November 28, 2012

      Mail with coupon code receive. I have access to iOS courses, but i haven't receive 25$ on my account.

    28. Freddy Henin on November 27, 2012

      Their Twitter Account says a Wednesday Launch of this week...

    29. Josh Harney on November 25, 2012

      So, 2 weeks since the last update. Any news?

    30. Missing avatar

      bittenbyajerk on November 5, 2012

      Hi guys, I asked codeschool support here is direct link to their answer:

    31. Missing avatar

      William on November 4, 2012

      So... Any news about release dates for either beta or regular Kickstarter backers? I completely understand things can get slowed down, I really wouldn't mind if it was delayed.... but its kind of unprofessional not to keep your supporters informed...

    32. Matthew Ringman on November 2, 2012

      Its November now. Will those of us who paid extra to be able to access it in October still be the first ones to see it or will it go out to everyone at the same time? Ill just be happy to get access but a little upset if I paid extra for something that i didnt have to...

    33. Missing avatar

      Jason whelan on November 1, 2012

      Will the course still be released this month? Has a launch date been announced?

    34. Dan Platt on October 28, 2012

      I'd have liked more updates, but just checked their website... says November 2012.

    35. Kaeltis on October 23, 2012

      Code School October Newsletter: "Try iOS Coming Soon!"

    36. Douglas Zuniga on October 22, 2012

      haven't heard about this project in a while... was going on?

    37. David on October 15, 2012

      Have not heard from you yet. Should I be concerned?

    38. Annette Ciotola on October 7, 2012

      I just signed up at code school in anticipation of getting that free month.

    39. Missing avatar

      appostolis on September 29, 2012

      How do we (25$ pledgers) get the redemption code for the free Codeschool enrollment?

    40. Arial Burnz on September 23, 2012

      I know I'm late in commenting, but...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! OMG!

    41. Spencer Weddings and Entertainment on September 17, 2012

      I know I submitted some information based on the level I pledged, but was there another message about how we redeem our free month? I have an account, and I want to make sure that it is properly applied. :-)

    42. Missing avatar

      deleted on September 13, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    43. sue anne on September 12, 2012

      How do i get to your course without going through the USD25 Codeschool enrollment?

    44. Win Ni on September 10, 2012

      Vote for GERMAN subtitles!

    45. Freddy Henin on September 4, 2012

      @Aldo all your questions have been answered in the updates before.

      Try iOS is a stand alone course that you won't need to subscribe to the 25/month IF you pledged 25 dollars or more.
      You don't need to invest anymore money, you will have permanent access to the course (as long as you've pledged 25 dolloars or more.)

    46. Aldo Valadez on September 4, 2012

      HI, Congrats. Is the TRY IOS a stand alone course or will Kickstarters need to subscribe to the $25 per month plan. Can you explain what we get with the pledges and will we need to invest more money to continue to use TRY IOS? Thanks

    47. Freddy Henin on September 1, 2012

      Joined Codeschool a little bit ago...not disappointed AT ALL

    48. Xuefei Frank Li on August 29, 2012

      Congratulations on funding the course! I have a question, are you giving out the redemption codes for those who pledged over $25 so that they can actually redeem TryiOS course and one month free subscription?

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