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Help Mama Wombat rescue her baby Wombats before Duncan the Dingo does his damage! Smell your way to victory!
Help Mama Wombat rescue her baby Wombats before Duncan the Dingo does his damage! Smell your way to victory!
771 backers pledged $36,201 to help bring this project to life.
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Wombat Rescue: Unlike any game seen, played or smelt before!



Did you just miss pledging for Wombat Rescue on this Kickstarter?

If so, don't worry mate--just pre-order it on!

Did you know that wombats poop cubes?

It's true!

Scientists theorize that, due to extremely poor vision but an excellent sense of smell, wombats use their poop cubes as "smell markers" to help them navigate their environment. Because their poop is cube-shaped it is less likely to roll away or be moved.

In this novel game by designer Matt Wolfe, you play a Mama wombat. The dastardly dingo has stormed your burrow and chased away 4 of your baby wombats! You will need to eat and digest food in order to produce poop cubes, with which you will build smell areas so you can navigate your environ­ment, find your baby wombats, and bring them home. The player who best plans their smell areas and moves most efficiently will find their 4 babies, bring them home and prove vic­torious!

Don't be fooled...

by the wonderfully colorful and unique art by Polish Artist Mateusz Szulik, or the unusual theme from US Designer Matt Wolfe, Wombat Rescue is not a kids game. It is really a family game (for those ages 10+) or a light to medium gamer's game (for 1 to 4 players--expandable to 5) that takes about one hour to play!

Wombat Rescue Box Back
Wombat Rescue Box Back

  • 24 hexagonal terrain tiles (the modular board to assure great re-playability)--4 types of terrain (6 hexes of each terrain type)
  • 30 "wander" cards
  • 60 food disks and 1 food bag
  • One Dingo and one Dingo Die

And each player gets (in each of 4 player colors):

  • 1 Player Board
  • 1 Mama Wombat
  • 4 Baby Wombats
  • 15 Poop Cubes 
  • 4 Action Tiles

   Click here to see the full rules to Wombat Rescue!

Designer Matt Wolfe explains the rules to Wombat Rescue:

 And here's how to play the game.

Rahdo Runs Through It

Part 1 - Gameplay Runthrough

 Part 2 - Extended Runthrough

 Part 3 - Thoughts

 And More Reviews

“Wombat Rescue is one of those rare gems that combines a theme, mechanics and components in a seamless way. It's about poop trails. Seriously, you are managing digestion as a mechanic in this game! It’s flipping brilliant. Highly recommended for both it’s solid game play and originality.” -- Luke Peterschmidt, Fun to 11. Designer - Castle Dice, Epic PvP: Fantasy, and more.

"This game is amazing. I played at Unpub 5 and had a blast. It works really well, it's a quirky theme, and it's really fun to play."-- Chris Kirkman, Dice Hate Me Games.

"This is a lovely, charming, family friendly game that is a perfect compliment to Ticket to Ride. There's interesting decisions to make and, unlike Ticket to Ride, very thematic. It just works. There's a surprising amount of depth... Just a lovely, lovely game."-- Richard Ham, Rahdo Runs Through

"This game stinks worse than Cheesonomics (and that's a good thing!)" --Dale Tolley, Designer, Cheesonomics

If we successfully raise our $10,000 goal we can produce a small print run of the base game of Wombat Rescue. If we raise more we can print more copies and in the printing business that means savings per unit.  Those savings mean that we can add these "stretch goals" to expand and enhance game play.

If we can raise enough, we will produce a more normal print run of Wombat Rescue, and all of the Stretch Goals below as well. We estimate an MSRP of about $15 for all of these Stretch Goals combined if we package them all up together. 

Of course, Kickstarter Backers will get all of these FREE as we hit the pledge levels below.  That's one good reason to back us on Kickstarter.  Another is that this is a great game that you will really enjoy playing!

 NOTE:  With 30 minutes to go we went over $36K in pledges and we have unlocked Stretch Goal #8!  Stretch Goal #8 will now not be part of the "Package Deal" -- which now consists of Stretch Goal #9 for $6.    Any Backers who want to get Stretch Goal #9 as the new Package Deal should pledge a total of $6 for that Stretch Goal (the "new" Package Deal).

Here are a few other Eagle-Gryphon titles that Matt Wolfe picked to include (at terrific prices) as Add-Ons to help boost pledges to support Wombat Rescue:

(Note: Click on the image to get more information)

Salmon Run -- $35

Fantastiqa (Rucksack edition) -- $35

Cheeky Monkey -- $20

Eggs and Empires -- $13

Incan Gold -- $18

Musee -- $21

Wildlife Safari -- $21

Wyatt Earp -- $18

How do I add these "Add-Ons" to my pledge?

You simply add the amount of money needed to purchase any of the add-ons games to the amount of your pledge! You can always change the amount of your pledge (while the KS project is active) by using the "Manage My Pledge" button.

Where or how do I indicate the specific item(s) I have added-on?

About 7-14 days after this KS project ends we will send you a survey and ask you to indicate exactly how to allocate your pledge between the base game and the add-ons offered here. You will be in touch with our Pledge Manager, Ruth Cumberbatch, until you both have all the details of your pledge and shipping worked out.

"Hi, I'm Duncan the Dingo and I have personally approved this Kickstarter project."
"Hi, I'm Duncan the Dingo and I have personally approved this Kickstarter project."

Matt Wolfe is a game designer living the the Triangle area of North Carolina. He's one of the founding members of the Game Designers of Carolina and an occasional guest on The Geek Allstars podcast. Matt lives with his wife Marci, a dog, two cats, but sadly no wombats. You can find Matt on Twitter at @mattwolfe.

 Mateusz Szulik is a self-taught freelance illustrator and 3D artist based in Rybnik, Poland, and a proud dad of two adorable daughters. He loves creating new, sci-fi worlds, but also fantasy and fairy tale illustrations for children. He is trying to work mainly on PC and mobile game projects, but is also involved in other projects, like advertising campaigns, boardgames, and illustrations for books and movie posters. Mat can be reached at:

(Mine is Mat Szulik!  He's a cool Dad!)
(Mine is Mat Szulik! He's a cool Dad!)

USA shipping is FREE!  

We will ship US orders from our Eagle-Gryphon Games warehouse in Kentucky; Canadian orders from Board Games Bliss in Ontario; Australian orders from The Games Capital in Canberra; and Asian orders from our warehouse in Shenzhen, China (mainland).

Speaking of Australian shipping, and The Games Capital in Canberra, Australian backers can now order many of our games directly from them.

For more information about the titles available contact Liz Moore at or contact TGC via

Canadian shipping is $12 for one game, Australian shipping is $15 for one game.  Germany and The Netherlands and France are only $12 shipping; the UK is $17.  EU shipping varies a lot by country, as does the rest of the world!

It has been our experience that many people (including sophisticated international Kickstarter Backers) frequently confuse "shipping" expense and "postage" expense. What we try to cover with the above fees (in part) is shipping expenses, not just postage. Postage is the actual charge your country's postal service (or UPS, FedEx, etc) charges us to deliver a package within that country.

Shipping is far more comprehensive and includes: getting the container shipped to the US, or the EU, or Australia; the Customs and VAT (or equivalent) and other import fees and taxes; the drayage from the port to the warehouse (not cheap!); the warehouse fees to unload and sort out and prepare packages; the materials and labor involved in the last item; fees to the warehouse for their service to us, and only after all of that, the postage! We need to cover all of those costs--and they really add up. Frequently they cost as much or more than the game(s) did to produce.

When we combine a low margin price (such as this one we are offering on Wombat Rescue) with this shipping expense, we do not make any profit if we are not very careful. The shipping we are charging for this project is as low as we can make it and still stay in business.

Internationally, for two or more games, get in touch with us and tell us the total of how many games you want and which ones; and where you would like them shipped. To get in touch with us, please send us a Message (not a Comment please) using the "Contact Me" button at the top.

We will not ship to Russia, the Ukraine and select other places except for specially-made arrangements wherein the Backer takes the risk involved in receiving the package.

The End!
The End!

Risks and challenges

Eagle-Gryphon Games stands by our products. If there are issues with your game, please contact our customer service department within 90 days of receiving your copy of Wombat Rescue. We will take every step necessary to get you exactly what you pledged for.

Shipping issues are relatively uncommon, but they do sometimes occur, especially when shipping to destinations outside of the US. We will obtain tracking information when it is possible, but sometimes it is not. We cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping problems, as we cannot guarantee the service and reliability of the various postal/delivery services involved around the world. You will have to assume that risk along with us.

Eagle-Gryphon Games has completed 45 Kickstarter projects to date. 38 of those projects have completed delivery. Six projects, successfully completed on Kickstarter within the past 8 weeks, include--the 12 Days of Christmas, King's Kilt, Krakatoa, Taluva Deluxe, Seven7s, and Empires: Age of Discovery. The final project--Clockwork Wars, is finishing production, totally on schedule and slated for delivery in or before July, 2015. We keep Backers notified by Updates about the status of their projects. We deliver on our promises reliably and usually on time (the very few delays we have ever had were related to production schedule issues and/or transport issues such as weather and dock strikes, which we have only, at best, partial or NO control over).

To put it simply, you will get everything you are promised when you pledge to one of our Kickstarter Projects, and it will be delivered to you in as timely a manner as possible.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
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