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Join the Scarlet Pimpernel on his daring adventures in this beautiful new euro strategy game!
Join the Scarlet Pimpernel on his daring adventures in this beautiful new euro strategy game!
Join the Scarlet Pimpernel on his daring adventures in this beautiful new euro strategy game!
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    1. Eagle Games 30-time creator on

      @JBARR - The mission markers are punchboard as they lie flat on the board with the Scarlet Pimpernel meeple standing upon them.

    2. JBARR

      Are the mission markers punchboard or wooden discs?

    3. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)

      @Eagle Games thank you

    4. Eagle Games 30-time creator on

      @Boardgame elite -- We have responded to your message (and anyone else that has messaged today).

    5. Tee Wee Tynn (Jason)

      hello please reply the message that I have sent!!!!

    6. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Christian — The board has variable setup and the Special Favor Tiles have variable setup as well. This lends to the game feeling a little different with each play as strategies have to adapt to these things as well as the board state and interaction with other players.

    7. Missing avatar


      hell everybody
      can you tell me more about replayability of this game?

    8. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      We have a new fulfillment partner for EU fulfillment - Philibert. They will be providing fulfillment to our EU backers. We will update the Kickstarter page shortly to reflect that.

      @Marcello — I will ensure that the KS manager posts an update soon for that project.

    9. Whidbey Ghoul

      Backer 563/2500. Wish I would have seen this yesterday! Looks amazing and fun to play. As for the negative comment about lack of communication and delivery time, Im patient and don't require a daily thesis. When I get the game, it will hit the table. Until then, new games coming in every month to play. But I am really looking forward to this one. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Price

      Yeah. I don’t care for constant updates either.

      As long as I eventually get the game.

      I’m in the fence on this one. Will place hold a copy and hope for a preview to convince me.

    11. Immanuel Aquino on

      @Marcello. Sorry to hear that you are having issues with that campaign. I personally have been happy with their products and got no complaints with communications. That's also to say that I consider my communications needs are lower than most people and don't get antsy when projects go quiet in post campaign.

    12. Marcello

      To all backers:
      Please be aware that you're supporting a company that has demonstrated the inability not only to deliver on time, which can be understandable, but also to completely fail at communicating with backers and pretty much disappear after the campaign has ended.
      Last example is Fantastiqa - Rival Realms.
      After the initial campaign end date their replies to backers questions are extremely few and far between, and updates are even more rare.
      I think it's only fair that people are aware of this.

    13. RedGinger07 on

      Any Plans about a German Rulebook? :)

    14. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Christopher -- The Signature Edition includes upgraded replacement components - the player meeples are replaced with custom player meeples, the special favor boards are upgraded to dual layer boards with an inset for the upgraded special favor tiles which replace the special favor cards. The Signature Edition also comes with a cloth bag to hold the upgraded Special Favor Tiles.

    15. Christopher Wood on

      Does the Signature Edition contain all the base game components also, or do the "upgraded components" replace the base components?

    16. Immanuel Aquino on

      Hi Amy. I see we have similar tastes to board games. Cool beans!

    17. Oregon Amy on

      In the meantime, I hope this humble effort is ok!

    18. BoardGameRevolution

      Congrats. Great job

    19. Agent Provocateur


      Will you be offering other titles in your collection as add-ons? Eg the gallerist

    20. Oregon Amy on

      Hello EGH. Any chance you could share an image of a single pimpernel flower as a backer icon? I’d wear it with honor :)

    21. Oregon Amy on

      @Immanuel Aquino - hello again fellow backer! Nice to see you.

    22. Immanuel Aquino on

      @Randal. That is such a relief. I was hoping that you guys could produce CO2: Second Chance but I think giochix has rights to that.

    23. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Ken -- Thanks! We will be also producing The Scarlet Pimpernel to the production quality standards of The Gallerist & Vinhos Deluxe.

    24. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      As soon as I saw this game I thought it looked like the galleries to or Vinhos. Great job on the artwork

    25. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @gigigun -- Yes, you will be able to add additional copies of the Signature Edition in the pledgemanager.

    26. gigigun on

      could we get multiple copies of signature edition?

    27. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Jarryd -- We will be making an update about add-ons & pledgemanager before the campaign ends.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jarryd Visser on

      I was hoping to add other Eagle-Gryphon games such as the Gallerist and Lisboa to my pledge. I see this may be able to be done later on in the pledge manager?
      Will any more information be released about add on games before the campaign ends? Living in Australia makes the games prohibitively expensive to be shipped here, I was hoping it wouldnt the case when bought as add ons.

    29. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Brian -- Yes, we will have Scarlet Pimpernel available to demo at GenCon 2018. Your backer number is located at the top of the confirmation email you receive from your pledge.

    30. Jeff

      You can see your backer number under Backed projects and clicking this project.

      I am not affiliated with EGG in anyway, but I imagine that it will be available to demo at GenCon since it was demoed at PAX Unplugged, I believe. Can't see any company missing the biggest convention of the year with an upcoming game.

    31. Brian Symington on

      Okay, I saw the ETA is November, 2018 - I'll keep my fingers crossed! Looking forward to this. A couple questions:
      1. How can we see our backer number?
      2. Will we be able to try this out at GenCon? Thanks!

    32. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Wyatt — Yes, definitely.

    33. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Wilfong on

      Been hitting refresh all morning! Managed #4! Will we be able to get a copy of the book as an add on?

    34. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Christian Lyngsø -- Yes, that is the intent. So yours should read 1 of 2500. Thank you!

    35. Eagle Games 30-time creator on

      Thanks for helping us reach our funding goal everyone!!! We wouldn't be able to produce these wonderful games without you! We are thrilled to say, that with your support, the Scarlet Pimpernel will be making it's way onto your shelf very soon!

      --Alexander Soued

    36. Christian Lyngsø on

      @Randal Will the # on the signature stickker be the same as your backker #?

    37. Erik H on

      EGG is an Instant pledge for me. But after pledging and reading up I decided this is not for me. Looks a bit dull and linear.

      I also like the regular box design better than the exclusive one. Too bad. Guess I'll have to wait until Escape Plan comes around.

    38. Jeff

      @Randal Thanks.

    39. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @JSchauble -- It is a construct made from 6 punchboard pieces. We will show the assembly in an update.

    40. Joaquin

      Got to try this out at PAX Unplugged... I've been excited about it ever since!!!

    41. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Eric -- We believe in offering a high quality product no matter how much money the game raises and thus we include all the "stretch goals" from the start.

      @PG -- We will be charging shipping charges on each pledge based on the actual shipping charges of the shipment. Combining more than one game into one shipment can reduce this cost.

    42. Jeff

      @PG Yes, you can add Honorary copies (assuming there are any left from the print run)

    43. Napinc on

      Also we can add Honorary copies in the pledge manager?

    44. Jeff

      What is the first player marker made out of? It looks like cardboard with a lot of intricate pieces.

    45. Napinc on

      Is there a discount on shipping if you order more than one? On Lisboa myself and two friends went in and save some on shipping 3 single copies.

    46. Eric Hamel on

      Are any stretch goals planned?

      Anything to drive and maintain momentum?

    47. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @John Flood -- Extra copies of the Signature Edition can be purchased as add-ons after the campaign in the pledgemanager. No need to increase your pledge.

    48. John Flood

      I ask because it says limited copys of Deluxe version.

    49. John Flood

      Is a second/third deluxe copy considered an add-on or should I increase amount now to $150/$225?

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