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Command a Greek city’s hoplite soldiers. Push and rout enemy lines. Coordinate allied attacks to secure victory, but watch your flanks!
Command a Greek city’s hoplite soldiers. Push and rout enemy lines. Coordinate allied attacks to secure victory, but watch your flanks!
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Latest shipping Update! In LA on the way to Chicago today!

Posted by Eagle Games (Creator)

Hi Nika Backers--

Our container with Nika aboard was "selected" randomly by US Customs in Long Beach for x-rays and, as it turned out, for a physical inspection as well. We have heard word this morning that it passed inspection, and that it should be on its way (by rails) to Chicago later today. I think that it is instructive and important that you all know that this random inspection cost us a total of an extra $1,478.29 (as well as lost time of 4-5 days). This was certainly NOT $1500 extra dollars we planned to spend on shipping this product to you. But you can see how little control of this whole shipping business we have -- much of the time. So when, in the future, we have Kickstarter-specific or other general discussions about the costs of shipping, and how expensive and unpredictable they can be, please remember this incident and allow me to remind you of it as well. Thanks.

What this should mean, again barring anything else unforeseen (like weather issues, for instance), or damage just caused by this extra inspection (as painful as that would be!), this container should arrive in Chicago in about one week and then it must be palletized, and trucked to our warehouse in Kentucky (another 2-3 days). We then need another two days of turnaround there and then shipping will start out to those of you in the US. So we still do expect to see shipping to you take place in August--but barely!

For those of you in the EU, that container has been delayed in the Rotterdam harbor for nearly three weeks now by NL Customs. We are unable (as is our NL warehouse) to determine why there is such a delay but all we can do is to tell you that we will get it into the NL warehouse ASAP and shipped it out to you ASAP after that! Our hands are tied! Sorry.

The Australia pallets with TTA on them should go out to Australia within two weeks, take two weeks to get to Melbourne and be sent out shortly after that! 

Thanks for your considerable patience and support -- Rick Soued for Eagle Games

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    1. Eagle Games 32-time creator on

      Hey Barry--

      What a nice gesture, and much appreciated! We hope that ill-fated container will finally make it to Chicago next week and without further mishap to our KY warehouse a short week after that. Thanks for your generous support! Rick, for Eagle Games

    2. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Going to PP as soon as I write this to send an extra $10. Fellow supporters, how about kicking in at least a $5? Just pass on one bad-for-you fast-food lunch and you'll more than break even! I'm sure the margin's not much on a small KS item like this, and having been on the receiving end of misfortune more than once, I know how much even a small gesture can do to lift one's spirits.

    3. Eagle Games 32-time creator on

      Thanks Barry--we cannot believe that they delay us nearly a week and then add insult to injury by this very large charge as well! If you or any other backers wish to help to defray some of this expense (even $5 would help), the PayPal address to use is In a note to Joanne just mention "Nika inspection" please.
      Thanks a lot for the thought! Rick, for Eagle Games

    4. Peter B. Jacobsen on

      They charge you for inspection? What BS...

    5. Chris Handy of Perplext on

      Thanks for the message and detail. Bummer about that customs fee. We're hoping to Air Freight our KickStarter games because they're so small, and maybe we can avoid done of those shenanigans.

    6. David Vo on

      Thanks for the detailed update and your transparency.

    7. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      I'm sorry to hear of the extra delay for inspection and particularly for the extra cost, which I think is outrageous. Why should a random inspection impose extra cost on the recipient?!

      I would be glad to send an extra amount to help defray this rude expense if you'll provide a "payable to" email address or whatever it takes for a paypal transaction. I encourage other "Nika" supporters to consider doing the same.