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Command a Greek city’s hoplite soldiers. Push and rout enemy lines. Coordinate allied attacks to secure victory, but watch your flanks!
Command a Greek city’s hoplite soldiers. Push and rout enemy lines. Coordinate allied attacks to secure victory, but watch your flanks!
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Why are we late?

Posted by Eagle Games (Creator)

A very good and supportive Backer, David Vo, just wrote this comment to me:

That's great news Rick. Just curious, what accounted for the two month delay from the estimated delivery date and how would you change things for your next game/KS project? Not singling you out since every KS I have been involved in has been late but I am just curious how so many can get it so wrong?

Here is my answer, which I share with you because many of you might have a similar concern:

We think that you will get the game by the end of August instead of by the end of July. That is likely going to be less than a 30 day "delay".  The "estimated" delivery on KS is just that, an estimate. We don't think that sending these games out to you within 30 days of the end of July is really much of a "delay" at all when you consider that we have absolutely NO control over well more than 50% of the production and delivery process post-KS. We got our Nika files to the printer well on time--which is the primary thing we have control over. The rest of the time involved is the length of the queue at the factory (no control for us); and shipping in a consolidated container (again no control by us). I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I am constantly in wonder that we can come so close to meeting our estimates when so little is, in fact, within our control. Many others fail, or "get it wrong" as you say, because they have little or no experience of what to do to produce and deliver a game at all. That is certainly not the case with Eagle and Gryphon Games. We are very good and experienced at what we do and we are extremely reliable, as you can note by checking out our history of over 30 Kickstarters--virtually all of which, like this one, have been delivered early, on time or within 30 days of estimates.

Thanks a lot for your support and your patience and understanding -- Rick

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    1. Jeff Woosley on

      They can't ask what the queue looks like in order to make an estimate. The queue at the time of the start of the project likely bears NO relation to the state of the queue when the files and specifications are delivered to Panda. The any of these board game projects that fulfill within six months of their estimated date is on time.

    2. Leonardo Lee

      As the person in my gaming community that brings new games to people's attention, especially one where I actually support smaller, less known games and companies. I have learned that patience is key, regardless of how I impatient I am about a game being delivered to me. I have to take into perspective, that I am not preordering, I am financing a game with the return being a finished copy of the product. Thank you for being clear with us about the process, compared to other companies that claim to be, you guys have been much more visible and honest.

    3. linkskywalker on

      This seems like an overly sassy response to reasonable and respectful question. Like David Vo, just about every kickstarter I've ever backed has been late. I get it. I work in manufacturing and shipping. Delays are my day-to-day business. There really is nothing you can do.

      I'm far less bothered by a delivery 30 days after the estimate than I am by a company which puts out such catty public statements.

    4. David Vo on

      Thanks for your excellent reply Rick. And you are right, delivering within 30 days is impressive ... but, not to lessen your accomplishment, is still late. You and Eagle Games are obviously ahead of the curve but rather than shrug your shoulders and say "it's out of our hands," you could talk to Panda or whoever your printers are and ask them what their current queue is. This is surely not a secret. Or, take an average of the delays (due to the printers, or shipping) from your past 30 Kickstarter projects and tack that on to future projects. For example, if you know that these other factors tend to make you 20% late, next time you add a month to your 5 month delivery estimate. Nobody would fault you for putting a delivery estimate a month later. Under promise, over deliver.

      I am a supporter, obviously and have been impressed at how you've run this campaign. This is my advice, a small way, you can really set yourself apart from other tabletop game manufacturers.