MANIACAL - A Game of Evildoing for 2-5 Supervillains!

by Eagle Games

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    1. pagoda79

      I think Maniacal might actually be a better title!

    2. flip phillips on

      The IP mission card is f’n genius.

    3. Hassan Lopez Collaborator on

      @pagoda79: I love the new name. While I'd sad to have lost some of the "marketing value" we garnered from advertising the game as Infamous for many months, I'm thrilled with the new name and think that it matches the humor and theme of the game super-well. And having it right above Dr. Hominoid on the cover is perfect.

    4. Rick Mann

      My next game console won't be Sony. It's not like you used "inFAMOUS" which would almost be a brand violation. So they're saying they have the right to grab a single word out of the english language and make it theirs? Movie producers use the same names as unrelated game titles and other movies all the time. But for sure it's not worth trying to pet a rabid dog. I won't be feeding that dog in the future. I also like the new name better anyway. Perfect new promo card !

      All prints look great, but if I must vote for one it would be the collageh.

    5. Benny6Toes

      I understand that sony has deep pockets and you don't want to press your luck. No "idiot in a hurry" would mistake this game for anything related to the sony IP. This is some bullshit from sony, and they can get bent.

      Love the promo card, but i have a suggestion: put the name of the company you're infringing on the card. Just come up with something random like, say, "Nosy" or something similar.

    6. pagoda79

      Also quick note that there’s a typo in the fail: “upon on”...

    7. Hassan Lopez Collaborator on

      @pagoda: Thanks for the catch of the type. I swear I proofread that read half a dozen times, but it's been a hectic 48 hours. We will definitely fix it!

    8. Hassan Lopez Collaborator on

      Grrrrr... "typo"!

    9. Missing avatar

      Christopher Smith on

      Love the promo card. That on top of this situation makes me want to buy a 2nd copy of the game. Thanks for being creators and adding value to the world!

    10. Hassan Lopez Collaborator on

      Thanks, everyone. It's great to have support from backers in times of stress like this. You guys are the best.

    11. Guillaume on

      It's always the same thing with sony.
      Sony act like they own everything. Best we can do is ignoring them.
      New name is cool tho.
      Don't know if i'm staying with you guys cause i'm here for the french version. But the game seems great, I wish you the best and i'll be there next time too if your retry !

    12. Hassan Lopez Collaborator on

      @Thebaud: Just out of curiosity - if we could guarantee you a PDF of not only the rules in French but all the card text, would that help convince you to stay?

    13. Bill McGill

      New backer here (I was looking at it yesterday but put off by the fact that there seemed to be confusion over the name of the thing!).

      My opinion? The new name is better than the original. And the promo card is inspired.

    14. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Bill - Thanks, Bill. We will update the KS page to include the news about the name change.

    15. Shaun Kellett

      Maniacal is actually a much better name in my opinion! So this might end up be one of those blessings in disguise!

    16. Zergeniel on

      Sony is right here, each time i spoke about a new boardgame named infamous, all my friends asked if it was related to the video game...

    17. Sarah Reed

      Ah, Sony...

      My two cents, I like this name better and that is an awesome promo card!

      Sorry you've lost out on months of advertising, but I think it'll work out in the end. Maniacal catches my attention much more than Infamous does. And anyways, I get a slightly western vibe from infamous. Maniacal is much more evil genius, mad scientist, supervillain. ^_^