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A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the 
classic railroad game!
A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the classic railroad game!
3,129 backers pledged $278,302 to help bring this project to life.

Project FAQ

Posted by Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) (Collaborator)

As we near the end of the campaign we want to cover a few frequently asked questions that you may not have seen in the comments and/or previous updates.

How large are the Wooden Locomotives? 

We cover a lot of detail about the Wooden Locomotive set in Update #7. Essentially, they aren't much larger than the player disks but are intended to stand up.  If you back at the Conductor pledge level, you will receive both the player disks and the wooden locomotives so you have the option of which to use with each play of the game.

Do you offer Essen pickup? 

No. Logistically, we cannot store backer pledges in our booth at Essen. The edition we expect to be at Essen will be the basic "retail version" (with the basic six maps, wooden disks and 90 chips) for an MSRP of $90. We may also have at Essen the extra double maps (free SGS here on KS) at their normal retail of $20 MSRP; and extra wood trains at their $15 MSRP, etc. So your best option is to back for whatever you  want at these great KS prices and pay the necessary shipping. Don't forget that for us to get the games to Essen and set up a booth and sell them at Essen, there are some major costs of transport (to and from), and booth costs and personnel costs, etc. So Essen is really not a very good option for us at all, which is why most all of these prices at Essen will be at MSRP and not at the great KS prices you are getting here during this campaign.

Are the older expansions compatible with this new edition?  

Yes! Many of you have asked about compatibility between older maps (well over 100 of them exist) and this new edition. Ian has gone to great pains to insure that the scale of both this map and the old ones is the same.  Obviously, there will be color "issues" but provided they don't bother you then yes, the new edition will work with the older maps, and we will gradually be issuing some of the older maps with the colors of this new edition. 

Can I pledge $1 and gain access to the pledge manager? 

Yes BUT you certainly want to read Update #10. $1 pledge backers will not receive free Stretch Goal content and upgrading a pledge from $1 to a retail edition of the game will cost a few dollars extra. If you want the full Age of Steam: Deluxe box with all 10 maps, you will want to pledge for the Engineer or Conductor pledge levels during this campaign. The retail edition of the game will cost more in the future and will not automatically include the unlocked Stretch Goal maps.

If I pledge for the Engineer or Conductor pledge levels, can I purchase optional buys (add-ons) in the pledge manager? 

Yes, you will have access to all the optional buys available in your area.  This includes the add-on double-sided map board which includes the 3 new maps (Switzerland, New England & Pittsburgh) for $27, the $3 chip variation option (which changes the blue $25 chips into green chips and adds ten $10 blue chips as well) and the 100 and 200 chip sets without denominations. You can read more about the chip add-ons in Update #11.

- Eagle-Gryphon Games


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    1. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Kevin - That is correct. You will indicate which add-ons you have purchased in the Pledge Manager.

    2. Kevin Moody on

      Sorry to be dense, but if I want to add $3 for the chip alteration and $27 for the map pack, I just add $30 to my pledge and I will later have the option as to where to spend it? I see nothing about these on the campaign page, just in update notes. Thank you.

    3. Nissa la bella on

      Hello, I preorder my game with Phillibert (I'm living in France), taking the Conductor step. And I only pledge on KS 1 $ to have access to the pledge manager. Is it possible for me to have access to all the entiere options ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Adrian Jones on

      Thanks Randal and EGG! This is my first kickstarter game ever and you guys have gone out of your way to address everyone's concerns. Can't wait to have this in my hands!!!

    5. Nathan Morse

      @Randal That is great news!

    6. Bryan on

      Excellent summary. Looking forward to having it on my table.

    7. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Justin - Yes, with the same backs as fronts so not awkward searching for a tile back.

    8. Justin Murphy on

      Are the track tiles double sided?