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A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the 
classic railroad game!
A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the classic railroad game!
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Final Stretch Goal Map Unlocked!

Posted by Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) (Collaborator)

Finland Map Unlocked!

We have unlocked the final Stretch Goal map - Finland! This brings the total maps included in the KS edition of the game to 10 with 3 additional maps available as an optional buy.

Preview of the German rulebook draft

You can preview the draft of the German rulebook text at the link below.

Click to preview the German draft rulebook
Click to preview the German draft rulebook

Display Boards Updates

We are working with Ian O'Toole to make some updates and clarifications to the Display Boards. On change is the Player Order track. The new version will appear as below:

The updated Player Order track on the Display Board
The updated Player Order track on the Display Board

Another is the correction of the 3-player end of the Advanced Turn track. These updates will also be reflected in the rulebook once Ian O'Toole has a chance to do so.

Heavy Cardboard Livestream

If you missed the Heavy Cardboard livestream of Age of Steam: Deluxe, you can catch it here:

Note: They are using wooden components from Age of Steam 2nd Edition in this playthrough.

- Eagle-Gryphon Games

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    1. Ravindra Prasad on

      @Randall Unfortunately, as @Bill pointed out, the rules are not clear. Even the FAQ ( doesn't have an answer!

    2. Chuck

      😕 😞 😢



    3. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Chuck - It was considered but it would have increased the cost of the game and jeopardized everything fitting into the box so we decided against it.

    4. Chuck


      Forgive me if this is already been asked and answered somewhere...

      Is there any chance that the display boards and personal player boards will be dual layer?

      In many games that use dual layer boards with cutouts for various wooden tracking pieces, it's nice that you can move a board without your pieces shifting or flying off of their intended spots.

      I personally think this would make an awesome Deluxe addition to this game if it already hasn't been considered.

    5. Bill Grant III on

      @Randal The main rules as written are a little ambiguous if a player is eliminated and only two remain. It does say the last player is placed at the end but then goes on to say "the last two" which wouldn't make sense if only two total players remain.

      It seems to be a topic that has had confusion so it's worth being extra clear.

    6. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Bill - The rules spell this out rather specifically:

      "The first player to drop out of the bidding takes the LAST player space on the Player Order Track and pays nothing, even if they had bid some amount.

      The last two players participating in the bidding both pay the full amount they bid. All other players pay half their bid rounding up."

      2-player games already have their own set of rules for these things so they are listed in the rules for that specific map.

    7. Bill Grant III on

      The display board improvement is significantly clearer for me. Since Ravindra is still unclear it probably makes sense to add something like the following in the rules, assuming it is correct:
      - Last always pays nothing
      - First always pays full
      - Second (when 3+ players remain) pays full
      - Everyone else pays half

    8. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Drew - As noted previously in the comments, yes this has already been addressed.

    9. Missing avatar

      Drew on

      Is the build track display board also being fixed as it has the prices for Crossing and Coexist flip flopped?

    10. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Chia on

      Yes, I too am interested in how to manager auctions and such when a player goes bankrupt.

    11. Ravindra Prasad on

      Please make sure the rules specifically include what to do with player markers and bidding when someone goes bankrupt. Including the markers on the little side boards. For example, in a 3-player game, if one player goes bankrupt, how do the 2 remaining players manage the auction? If you that bankrupt player's marker at the end of the turn order track, the remaining players would assume they should both pay full price. If you remove their marker from the turn order area, the 2 remaining players don't know if the first to pass pays 0 or full price.

    12. Aleksandr Hewitt on

      The Heavy Cardboard play through was what convinced me to make the plunge. The complexity is there for a 45 minute teach, but once people know the mechanics, it is very approachable. I plan on pointing my game group to this video so they can come prepared to play.