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A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the 
classic railroad game!
A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the classic railroad game!
3,129 backers pledged $278,302 to help bring this project to life.

The one about the Poker Chips

Posted by Eagle Games (Creator)

Okay, so here's the scoop on the poker chips.  

When planning started for the production of this game (and this Kickstarter) several months ago, we carefully went over with the licensor, Winsome Games, what the ideal nature and composition of the currency would be.  Based on the original editions of the game, the decision was made to make the currency a total of 90 poker chips (not paper money which so many people have objected to over the years) and in the denominations of 40-1's; 40-5's and 10-25's.  This was not a random decision, but the product of thought and design by all parties involved.

It took quite a bit of searching about to find a source for these poker chips -- several were considered and rejected in the process.  As I mentioned in a Comment yesterday, I was very surprised and pleased that this search resulted in finding the present 1.7g, 22mm diameter chips that you will get in this AOS Deluxe edition that you have pledged for.  These have just enough "heft" to them to be easily stackable, not prone to shifting about and sliding, and they are quite a wonderful substitute for the awkward paper currency they are replacing.  I think you are going to be very surprised and pleased by these chips.

As to the $ sign on them, we are an American company and the US Dollar is a universally recognizable currency sign.  We thought and still think it is preferable to no currency sign at all or any other one.  We are also selling Optional Buy sets of 100 chips with no denominations (40 whites, 40 reds and 20 blues) which you can purchase and use for AOS games or for ROTW games, or for any other games which require currency.  And of course we also have Optional Buy sets of 200 chips which add green and yellow chips to the mix as well (see the details for these in the Optional Buy section of the Kickstarter).

One of our goals, as always, is to get these games to you on or ahead of the estimated delivery times mentioned on the Pledge Levels. For this Kickstarter, that goal and date is October, 2019 --because we want to be able to sell this game at the Essen fair later that month.  We are pushed to capacity to meet that goal for a Kickstarter that is now -- in March.  But Ian O'Toole has done his usual great job with the art and graphics and gotten them to us in time for this to be a realistic goal -- and we plan to meet it.  In order to accomplish this, we felt that it was important to get going on the production of the poker chips as soon as possible -- and so we did!  In fact, they are already produced -- in sets of 90 chips (40 white $1's; 40 red $5's and 10 blue $25's).  That is the composition of what you will find in the basic games we will be printing and packaging and shipping later on this year -- in time to get them to you in late September and early October (we hope)!

However, it has become increasingly obvious to us that some of you, our very wonderful and outspoken Backers, would greatly prefer to have your blue chips be $10; and that the $25 chips be colored green.  We are listening to you. It took a few days to figure out how we could address this, but we now have a plan to cover it.  We will also produce a set of 100 chips to go into a certain number (how many will depend on the demand that there is for these) of "AOS Deluxe (100 chip) editions".  We will be offering these for an extra $3 supplement starting now (you can up your current pledge by $3 if you wish to get these) and also on the Pledge Manager (you will be offered this 100 chip edition for $70 instead of $67; or $82 instead of $79 if you are pledging at the Conductor level and getting the wooden locomotives as well).

So to clarify and anticipate the inevitable questions:  We are offering a $3 supplement to existing Backers at the $67 and $79 Pledge levels, both for the 4 remaining days of this KS, and during the PM which follows.  If you opt to pay this additional $3 you will get a base AOS game which contains 100 chips instead of 90. The composition of those 100 chips will be 40-white $1; 40-red $5; 10-blue $10 and 10-green $25.

We will not be producing an option or version without chips, that simply makes no sense and would be a logistical nightmare to produce, distribute, explain and sell later.

In any case, as usual, you can either pledge your extra $3 now (greatly preferable to us so that we can begin to gauge the interest in this option in the very near future and plan accordingly), or you can wait and pledge this $3 during the PM.  Either way, you will need to wait until the PM and the PM survey that Ruth will send out to you in order to clarify your desire to get this new 100-chip edition. 

 If you do not want, or care about, what color your $25 chips are, then you need to do nothing at all. You will receive the standard AOS Deluxe with the 90 chips (40 white $1s; 40 red $5s; 10 blue $25s).

I hope that this Update is very clear and covers all the needed ground but if not, please feel free to ask questions either in the Comments below or the Comments section on the main page.

You participation and support has been great and it is much appreciated.  Thanks a lot!

Rick Soued, owner, Eagle-Gryphon Games

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    1. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @eltadziko - This option is available to anyone who backs at the Engineer or Conductor pledge levels before the end of the campaign.

    2. Missing avatar

      eltadziko on

      You wrote: "We are offering a $3 supplement to existing Backers at the $67 and $79 Pledge levels, both for the 4 remaining days of this KS, and during the PM which follows. "
      So I have a question: if I backed after this update (now I backed $1 but I plan $67), can I add $3 for these additional chips? Or this option is available only to previous backers?

    3. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      @Rick Thanks for the steady stream of communication.

      I appreciate how much you and your fellow eggers have tried to satisfy as many backers on the poker chips, and indeed everything about this Kickstarter, as you can in a reasonable manner balanced with the time constraints.

      You guys know how to run an excellent campaign.

    4. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      @ Oliver. I disagree. Imo if you are going to use a currency sign it should be $ or just remove it. Its much more preferable to a faux "neutral" currency. While I can understand removing the currency from the chips there are game boards in age of steam where it makes sense that currency should be used and the most fitting currency is the US$. Regardless, it's a minor issue.

    5. Tahd Inskepp

      Good compromise! Added $6 for the two games I'm pledging. I would not mind getting another set with nominations, too.

    6. Enrico on

      Thanks for the great opportunity for the backers who have problems with the donations and colours.
      For me, I am happy with what you already decided and no worries for me.

    7. Peter Taddeo Jr

      I stand corrected, my apologies, I thought the decision was an ABS plastic WOW...this is indeed great news and I too will for sure up my pledge and even get extras. Well done.

    8. Eagle Games 34-time creator on

      General answer here to a couple of questions:

      1) These ARE mini clay chips, so says the manufacturer, and that's why, in spite of their small size they have a bit of "heft"
      2) We have (slightly) re-designed the insert so that it will have a little divider in the rack for the chips between the 90 and 100 chip division.
      3) You can debate it all you want to, but the final decision is that we will stay with the $ on these chips. As I have already said, the 90-chip set is already produced and it has the $. We are not about to then produce still another type of chip besides these, only the colors will be different and the fact that we are adding the $10 chip.

    9. Peter Taddeo Jr

      I hate to say it but I really dont care one way or the other. Iron Clay's have set the bar so high that the only thing that would have excited me were mini iron Clay's. Having two sets of iron Clay's means my AOS chips will unlikely be used.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Givens

      Great update. Very clear. Done -- $3 dollars added. Thanks much!

    11. Missing avatar

      Adrian Jones on

      3 dollars added. Thank you!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Actually, all the dollar signs in Railways of the World are the main reason why my pledge is still 1 dollar for Railways of Portugal. (By the way: I lived in California for a while and have very
      positive feelings about this part of the world.)

      Railways of Nippon with $??

      In the world of boardgaming, an "/" on a card usually means "or". Why don't we try to establish a neutral currency?

      Maybe there will be an option at least for neutral tracks in the future?

    13. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      @oliver: Well you are good to go with these chips on the American maps but i do agree with you that it probably would have been better to remove the currency sign so that it fitted in with all of the expansions.

    14. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      @Joe: Makes sense

    15. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      I will use the (neutral) Iron Clays for Age of Steam...

    16. Joe Martineau

      @Edward: The game components in Brass use £, but since the chips are useful for many games, they wisely leave off the currency symbols. I use my Brass chips for many games.

    17. Darren Bezzant on

      If I am interpreting this correctly - the add-on chips still don't have an option to be printed with denominations?

      I upped my pledge by $3 (actually by $13, I decided to get the wooden trains too ))

    18. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      @Oliver. While I can understand the requests to remove the currency sign for this game, although the US dollar is the most universal currency, I am surprised of the lack of a currency sign for Brass. It should be the £ sign surely? Its set in Britain.

    19. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      Actually, Its a British designer and therefore a British game so wouldn't the £ sign be a better currency option?

      Only Joking, $ is the best currency choice if one is going to be applied.

    20. Vincent van Beelen

      Will 100 chips still fit in the box?

    21. luis

      so this is an addon for 3 dolar and 10 more chips, its ok i am in

      but i would prefer an addon for a full pack of chips (the actual addon dont have numbers on them so i dont like it)

    22. Mohamad Sobh

      Awesome update, this conductor has upped his pledge.

    23. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      Are the chips clay or plastic? Thanks

    24. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      >> As to the $ sign on them, we are an American company and the US Dollar is a universally recognizable currency sign. <<

      True. But being a European all the Dollars on the track of Railways of Nippon (and Europe as far as I see) seem out of place. I'm not comfortable with that. It is too much of these signs in my opinion.

      That no sign at all is a possible and good solution is demonstrated by the wonderful Brass Iron Clays!

      It is great that you are reading the comments!

    25. Bryan on

      Done. $3 updated and probably buy more in pledge manager to replace my ‘portable set’

    26. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Chia on

      100 chips for me. Thanks for being so responsive to the community!

    27. Joe Martineau

      So you're doing a weird $3 chip add-on, but not offering chips with denominations as an add-on?

    28. Missing avatar

      Edward Dickson on

      Sounds Great Rick. You can sign me up for the 100 chip edition