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A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the 
classic railroad game!
A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the classic railroad game!
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Two and three player maps and boxes -- Future Plans revealed.

Posted by Eagle Games (Creator)

Randal and I are listening to and reading all the Comments that are coming in from you about maps and boxes.  Randal has been at GAMA, Dice Tower West and the SaltCon conventions for most all of the past two weeks while doing his very best to keep up with you.  And I have been pre-occupied with other important issues related to this campaign -- as most of you know already -- and a few other things as well.

So after much discussion, here is our plan for meeting the demand for more maps and boxes.  We will do one more mapboard in time for you to purchase it as an Optional Buy (add-on) during the PledgeManager (which will start about 17-18 days after this KS which ends on March 22).  The PM will go for about 25-30 days (ending around May 1-5).  Keep in mind that Ian O'Toole and his available time--which is short) is critical to this plan.  He has completed his work on the base game: the basic 6 game boards; display boards; rules; track tiles; other tiles; box top and bottom, etc.  

BUT he still needs to find the time to do the 4 double-sided four panel stretch goal maps; and potentially this one other map I mentioned above.

All of this needs to be done simultaneously with the on-going work he is doing with Vital Lacerda for our production of On Mars -- which launches April 18.

So Ian is one heckuva busy guy right about now, and for the next 2 months or so.  Keep in mind that all of this work must be finished by the start of May in order to give us enough time to get all files to the printer; accepted as print-ready; digital files printed and circulated to various people in the US, Portugal and Australia; time for critical review and approval; preparation and review/approval of pre-production copies; entry into the mass production queue; printing; curing; assembly and packaging in time to consolidate and catch a container and ship them to at least 4 worldwide ports -- all done in an effort to get them to you before the end of September/early October; and to our warehouse in the EU in time for sale and launch at Essen.

Get the picture?

As always it will be a challenge to meet everyone's expectations, but that is the plan.  It begins with making this decision about the final gameboard we will offer to you as an Optional Buy:

We are offering you a triple mapboard!  We plan to combine the Switzerland map (optimally for 3 players, and playable by 4,  a two-panel map); with New England, written for 2 players and a single panel; with Pittsburgh, written for 3 players and also a single panel.  

This will thus be another 4 panel, double-sided gameboard but this time with three different maps on it -- meeting your demands for two more optimally 3-player maps and another 2-player map as well.  All are highly-rated and popular maps on BGG and have stood the test of time.  We have designer approval to use all of these and a royalties plan all worked out, so Ian's work can begin on these ASAP (but of course he has lots of other stuff to do as well, as described above).

Because this project involves three maps, more work for Ian and more royalties, it will carry an MSRP of $35 and we will price it at $27 as an Optional Buy on the PledgeManager, only available to you if you pledge at least $1 on this KS campaign.  We are pleased to offer you a whole lot of extra game play and options for just $27 ($9 per extra board).

We will need to determine whether or not this additional map will fit into the presently-planned base box for AOSD. It will make it that much heavier as well of course.  Even if it fits, it might be too heavy.  We will need some more time (tough to find right now) on this matter to see if it makes sense to offer an additional box just for expansion maps.  We think it does. BUT, we might not be able to plan and get the work needed for this done at this time as there are just too many things competing for Ian's time; our time; and our crazy production schedule. 

So it is far more likely that we will offer you now (on the PM) just the new three-map gameboard as a shrinkwrapped standalone item; and then do a future KS in 2020 where we offer a box dedicated to holding several of the extra mapboards (maybe 3-4) for AOS which will hold the 3 map gameboard; one or two of the two-map gameboards (if you wish) from the base game box; and at least 2-3 more NEW double-sided gameboards to be developed and/or reprinted and prepared by Ian, as part of a 2020 KS campaign.

This is likely the best and most reasonable plan we can give you for additional boxes and boards at this time. We need your patience and understanding as we execute this plan.  Thanks for giving us both at this time.

I still owe you an Update about the poker chips and I will get to that Update in the next few days, after I have done some more research on where the chips production stands at this point in time.

OK, again this Update is plenty long enough but I think that its length was needed in order to give you as full a picture as possible.  Thanks for your patience, understanding and ongoing support.  

Rick Soued, owner, Eagle-Gryphon Games

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    1. Phil Campeau on

      Ah ok. The post says it’s a 4-panel board rather than 2-panel.

    2. Missing avatar

      Russell P. Smith on

      Thanks Rick (and Ian), this is great!

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Logan

      Sounds like, given that Ian’s time is booked, getting it done in time could result in a higher cost.

      Also, this is a bargain for these 3 maps given how unavailable they are. I am happy they were chosen.

    4. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      Rick- to trying to be greedy, yet the $27 sounds very expensive to me. If you consider the amount of content that the deluxe edition is selling for here. I actually see a value of no more than $20 to be truthful, especially when you are actually only printing on one board. I don’t like I said want to sound greedy and I do appreciate that you are making this map as many have requested. Thanks for listening.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Wheeler on

      Thank you so much for making the Pittsburgh map available!

    6. Eagle Games 33-time creator on

      Phil -- That is exactly what we are doing

      Aje, Matthew and Jimmy -- thanks for the compliments and the support!

    7. Missing avatar

      Aje S. on

      KS2020 makes sense and sounds reasonable. It decreases delivery risk on the current KS and it allows you to do a better (higher quality) job for the additional box design. Maybe even accommodate even more maps too?! Thanks for the strong communication effort to keep us up-to-date and taking the time to letting us know your logic/reasons for your decisions!

    8. Missing avatar

      Matthew Berard on

      Thank you for the transparency and keeping us up with all the details! I’m extremely excited that these lower player count boards are becoming options and can’t wait to see the final product! Also curious about that 2020 KS...😁

    9. Jimmy Hensel on


      Thanks. I'm looking forward to this.

    10. Phil Campeau on

      Why not print this on a double sided 2-panel board? Put the two-panel map on the inside folding part, and each of the 1-panel board on the outer-facing sides. Half as much material, half as much space, and it means you can easily fold the board to only see the map you’re playing on when playing the one-panel maps.

    11. Eagle Games 33-time creator on

      Kyle -- either way is okay. If you pledge now you and Ruth will take note of it in the PM. That is easy enough. If you want to wait that is okay as well since you are already a backer in the KS. If someone is not at least a $1 backer in the KS and they wait for the PM, they will pay more. For instance, Instead of $27, it might be $30 in the PM. Thanks for asking. I hope this is understood by those interested.

      Redwindmill -- optimal counts are a subjective judgment call and not something we need to print up. The rulebook already points out that the St. Lucia and Barbados maps are for 2 and 1, respectively. All the rest are 3-6 although there are clearly preferences expressed by numerous players as to optimal player counts for the various boards. You can find lots of info on this subject on BGG and elsewhere in Comments on this KS. Thanks for your support.

    12. redwindmill on

      Stupid question:

      Would it be possible to print in the rule book (or on the edge of the board) the supported and optimal player counts for a map?

      This would prevent people from playing a game that is too restrictive or loose on accident

    13. Missing avatar

      Kyle Kelley on

      So to clarify do I need to go ahead and increase my pledge by $27, or should I wait until the pledge manager and add money then?