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A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the 
classic railroad game!
A completely re-envisioned, artistically-rejuvenated deluxe edition of the classic railroad game!
3,129 backers pledged $278,302 to help bring this project to life.

The resolution with Martin Wallace and what to expect from here on out

Posted by Eagle Games (Creator)

Thanks to the "many of you" who have congratulated us on the resolution with Martin and, as he said in his press release, "putting this behind us and moving forward". I also want to thank Patrick Olmstead, Martin's attorney, for helping Martin and me finally and definitively resolve our differences of the past. I realize that some of you would like more details about the resolution but I hope you will be content with the fact that it is done; and you will respect that there are many things that need to be kept confidential and private about this. That is exactly what we intend to do. It would be appreciated if ALL of us can say, "Whew! This is finally over!" and move on.

Moving on involves the fun and exciting task of concentrating on the high-quality production that we intend to make of Age of Steam Deluxe. My wife Joanne and I, as well as our stalwart band of 7 employees at Eagle-Gryphon Games, plan to do just that--move on and produce a great game for you.

I do read all of your Comments even though it is Randal who does such a great job of responding to most of them.  Obviously there seems to be great interest in 3-player boards, and equally obviously it is a "gap" between the 1 and 2 player boards and the "optimally for" 4-6 player boards we are offering as part of this campaign.  As a result we are looking at the strong likelihood of providing two more maps that are 3-player focused -- one on each side of another dual-sided gameboard.  We will have further information for you about this before the end of this KS campaign, and we will plan to offer this new combo gameboard as an Optional Buy (add-on) during the subsequent PledgeManager.

We greatly appreciate your support of this campaign.  We hope that you will agree that we have done our part by providing you a great deal on a great game that will get a great production (you will need to trust us on the latter matter by looking at our recent productions of Vital Lacerda's terrific games).

As to the "great deal" part of it, here is our outlook.  The MSRP of the base game of AOSD (which will contain 6 total maps) will be $90. If we achieve the last one of the 4 Stretch Goals planned ( 4 maps contained on two dual-sided gameboards) we will also be providing for free, to KS backers only, another $40-$50 MSRP value ($20-25 per each of the two dual-sided gameboards).  That's a total of $130-$140 at MSRP which KS Backers are getting for $67.

We need you to understand that this means we have reached our limit -- both physically and financially.  Physically, we will have reached the capacity of the box that these must go into.  This is one BIG box, folks!  It is a bit bigger than the boxes we put Vital's games into and most of you already realize how big a box that is.  It is made from the same (very heavy) thick cardboard as those games.  This is necessary because the contents are very heavy as well. We are now talking about 10 maps on 5 four-panel, double-sided game boards (well, not quite because St Lucia/Barbados is two-panel).  Those poker chips add some weight, as do the plentiful wood bits, and thick track pieces.  We don't have a final number yet, but I think we are likely talking about a package that approaches 15 pounds (7 kg) in weight.  That box is FULL!

Financially, please consider that we need to pay for the great art and graphics of the amazing Ian O'Toole, and we need to pay some significant royalties. We need to pay for all of those upgraded components mentioned above, plus the containers to get this heaviness out of China. Finally, we need to pay the typical overhead of running a small company. All this and, though it will be a challenge in this case, we would actually like to make some sort of profit for our efforts. We have reached our financial limit on what we can offer you for "free".

So the Finland map we are offering -- if/when we reach 2400 Backers -- will be the final Stretch Goal for this campaign.  We will, as mentioned above, continue to look for opportunities to publish additional maps, and we appreciate your thoughts about what these should be.  But understand that any further maps we offer will be Optional Buys (add-ons) and offered during the PledgeManager only to those of you who pledge (even as little as $1) to this KS campaign.

Because you have likely reached (or exceeded) your limit for the length of this Update, let's end it here.  Another Update, later this week, will discuss the poker chips "color and denomination" issues (that's another story so stay tuned for that one).

In the meantime, thanks again for your support for Age of Steam Deluxe and your kind words about the resolution with Martin.  Both are much appreciated.

Rick Soued, Owner, Eagle-Gryphon Games


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    1. love code on

      So I take it so far there is no map included in the pledge that is regarded as being great/best for 3p? Wouldn't it be better to switch one of the many 4p maps into the optional buy then?

    2. Missing avatar

      David Hebart-Coleman on

      This is good news, and it was a nice birthday surprise to read about reaching an agreement between the two parties.

    3. Jimmy Hensel on


      Blessings to you, Joanne, and the Eagle-Gryphon Games crew. I really appreciate all your hard work to provide excellent games that are fun to play. I am convinced that the dedication you show stems from a passion offer great gaming experiences.

      I am glad that there is now peace between you and Martin Wallace.

      I would like to add my name to the request list for 2 and 3 player maps as add-ons. The list by Kyle Kelley looks like a good set to choose from.

      Thanks again for offering great values in gaming through Kickstarter.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Dee on

      Would love to see the Moon map as an add-on for non-US backers. Especially redesigned by Mr O’Toole!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Wheeler on

      Pittsburgh is a dreamy 3 player map...


    6. Missing avatar

      Rick Kirk on

      Thanks for the update! I am definitely interested in a 3 player dual sided board. There seems to be a lot of interest in three player maps. I think it makes sense for this to be an add-on. I am hopeful that the maps are solid, proven 3-player maps.

      Montreal Metro, Ireland, Moon all seem to get solid reviews.

    7. Missing avatar

      LarryE on

      I don't know how hard it is to change the color of the poker chips while still keeping the project on time for an October delivery. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but I've never run a Kickstarter with over 2000 backers.

      An easy solution would be to remove the denomination. If you want to use Blue as $25, then do that. I'll use Blue as $10 and probably throw a few of my larger Green chips in the bag just in case we run out.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Logan

      I'd be happy to have the option to drop the poker chips from my edition and get the extra double sided map instead.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andreas Gottschlich on

      Thanks for the update. I would definitely buy a 3p double sided map as an add-on, too.

    10. Missing avatar

      iren on

      You handled this hard situation very professionally Rick. I always find your Lacerda games extremely high quality and Ian O'Toole artwork is just more than amazing. You put a good product for a very reasonable price, nobody should expect any more strecth goals. Hope you find success in this campaign. Kind Regards

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle Kelley on

      Totally makes sense, Rick! You are offering an incredibly good deal, and I for one am excited for it. I would indeed purchase as many maps as you make available for additional purchase - especially ones that have been long OOP. My favorite choices would be:

      - Korea (a Wallace map which offers some unique gameplay with goods delivery)

      - Scandinavia (a Wallace 3/4 player map that incorporates the ferry action)

      - Austria (a really good 2 player option)

      - Switzerland (a solid 3 player map)

      - Ireland (a really cutthroat Wallace map for 3 players)

      In general, though, you really have made available some really solid options already. Thank you guys for all you’ve done to make this happen!

    12. jmichaelward on

      I'm glad to hear that the dispute with Martin Wallace has resolved – learning this yesterday made me more comfortable with backing the campaign.

      With regard to the maps included in the box, my hope is that there is a reasonable distribution suitable for all player counts. I have a fairly small gaming group, so groups of 4-6 are the exception more than the rule, so I am hoping that at least one or two maps suitable for 2-4 players are included in the box without the need to purchase additional maps for which I'd need to figure out a storage solution.

      It may be helpful to include more information about the maps on the campaign page, indicating what player counts they're best at, so that additional backers of this project can make informed decisions as to whether it meets their particular needs.

    13. Jeff

      Wow, I am blown away that the Martin Wallace/Age of Steam controversy was able to be resolved in a way that everyone was okay with. Didn't think it was possible but I am glad that it happened.

      Congratulations on doing that, Rick.

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter R on

      For what it is worth, I would definitely buy a 2p/3p double sided map as an add-on.

    15. Missing avatar

      Killer Orca on

      I always appreciate the chance to get more Age of Steam maps. One thing I will suggest is that they are maps that are not already widely available. Like you have already done with the Finland and Poland maps.

      As far as the poker chips go as long as the non-denominated sets are still an add on option I'll be happy.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kien Nguyen on

      I’m actually not a big fan of the poker chips as I already own a few sets. I was thinking either make it really unique to this game or maybe just save your resources for other aspects of this game.

    17. Nicholas Hjelmberg on

      From what I have seen, Eagle-Gryphon Games has handled a, to say the least, delicate situation in a very professional manner. I'm glad to see a great game being published and two great designers being credited for it and I'm proud to be a backer.