Age of Steam: Deluxe Edition

by Eagle Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Navaneeth on

      What’s the next map after Hungary for the stretch goals? I think someone had mentioned it would be revealed when Poland is unlocked.

    2. John Webster

      I think I speak for a vast majority of backers ... We really want the Moon!

    3. Missing avatar

      Navaneeth on

      That would be great but I think that it’s safe to say since the Moon is being offered as an “add on”, it will not be getting the Ian O’Toole treatment.

    4. Ken Kuhn on

      I hope that the next map will be another two-player friendly map. There seem to be so many out there that it'd be a shame to not have more maps in the box that can be used for two players.

    5. Randal (Eagle-Gryphon Games) Collaborator on

      @Navaneeth Saiprasad - Not safe at all. The add-on maps are simply remaining stock we have of the previous style. It is in no way a solid indication of what we may or may not choose to have Ian apply his style toward.

    6. heyvince on

      I don’t want to speak for EGG, but considering EGG just finished a Kickstarter for a map expansion to a different train game I feel safe saying that EGG is comfortable with the idea of running a KS to publish more AoS maps in the future, especially if their stock of 3rd Edition maps has been depleted.