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It's 2013 and the time has come for Electric Six to give the people what they want; a live  DVD to be entitled "Absolute Treasure."
It's 2013 and the time has come for Electric Six to give the people what they want; a live DVD to be entitled "Absolute Treasure."
554 backers pledged $62,760 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Bill Schwab on

      Finally downloaded today. What a great concert flick! Thanks for running a stellar Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dan Hammond on

      I haven't received my Concert Bluray yet

    3. Daniel Mashford on

      Yeah the customs charge was a hit :/ never had a $50 valued DVD before!

    4. sheepdean on

      Hey guys, is there any way you can sort out the customs marking on the packages? I've got to pay £20 ($33) to get my blu ray from the post office...

    5. jw on

      I got mine today. Great friday :)

    6. Leela Landers on

      Some of the songs I know were played & I was expecting most are not in the film... It's great news that they are gonna be included in the bonus disc! ^__^

    7. jw on

      Any news on when this is shipping?

    8. William Tran on

      The show at St. Andrews was an "absolute treasure"! Amazing!

    9. Garret on

      Thank you for the opportunity to pay you to do our bidding.

    10. Elisabeth Rose on

      Love that the total equals £41666.36 in GBP

    11. Belle on

      I must know who bought PW's and Nash's pants!

    12. jw on

      Which song will be Absolute Treasure's equivalent of Absolute Pleasure's "The Future is in the Future"? Also, will we get to see the lights over the drummer?

    13. Lando Dechequesindemehl on

      Kick ass! I'll be there in my centaur costume.

    14. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      Re: DC...In October, as always.

    15. Lando Dechequesindemehl on

      2 disc blu-ray set purchased.

      Any news on when you will next be hauling your carcasses out to the Black Cat in DC?

    16. sheepdean on

      If I bake you guys a cake, can I have the cover song package

    17. Missing avatar

      Ross Dillon on

      Encore package purchased

      Thanks guys

      See you in Newcastle later in the year !

    18. Belle on

      Thanks, guys. I will pick the obscure three and kindly suggest you play my favorite, "Rubber Rocket," which you have yet to play in Atlanta.

    19. Electric Six 5-time creator on would indicate which show you want the package to apply to and then give the band your list. We don't typically know what the setlist will be until shortly before showtime, so you'll be making your list out to give to E6 well in advance of that. Our suggestion would be to go with the deep cuts you don't normally hear in E6 live sets.

      Signed poster is a separate package. Unfortunately, there's really no way for us to easily handle doing it in another fashion.

    20. Belle on

      Question about "Pick Your Encore," a genius package. One song I would pick is occasionally played at live shows. Will I be alerted to the setlist before the show, before I pick my three songs?
      Also, I really want the signed poster. Can I get that also in my pledge..?

    21. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      Manufacture more copies of "Absolute Treasure."

    22. Missing avatar

      Steve Thone on

      Now that the funding goal has long since passed, what will Electric Six do with all that extra cash?

    23. Michael Merhar on

      Glad I could support what little I could. Can't wait until your show In Minneapolis later this month. I have been rocking out to your tunes daily in preparation for dance!

    24. Missing avatar

      Tammy C. Lymond on

      Hi Guys, Just wanted to say, I wish I was super rich, so I could give you all the money you need for the DVD, and whatever else your little hearts desire, but it still wouldn't be enough payback for all the enjoyment your music has brought to my life!!! I did pledge some money for the DVD, I just wish it could be more!

    25. Ellie Reel on

      just out of curiosity/greed -- if you purchase one of the more expensive packages, is it possible to get the poster without a second pledge?

    26. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      You'll have to check with the demons at the front desk, Joshua.

    27. Joshua Fischer on

      Does Lucifer Airlines fly from ATL to Detroit?

    28. Missing avatar

      Swykk on

      @Electric Six--I most definitely appreciate the response and am content with what I could pledge.
      @Brian Silva--Much appreciated! I will be happy to hear what you choose.

    29. Missing avatar

      Swykk on

      I see your point but I think (and am VERY envious of), the backer's ability to choose the song is most definitely the best part of that option! I wish I had the funds to get in on that one.

    30. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      We've answered this on Facebook previously, but to reiterate...absolutely no way we release the covers at all, ever. It defeats the purpose. The idea is for the pledger to receive something unique to THEM in exchange for a significant pledge. If we turned around and made it available to the world, it's not the same thing at all.

    31. Belle on

      @Brian Silva What songs are you considering? I didn't purchase the pkg, and now it's too late-- I started getting overwhelmed imagining the options.

    32. Jennifer Starr on

      Might be a cool EP. I'd pay upwards of $7 for such a thing.

    33. Brian Silva on

      @Swykk I will be sharing mine, at the very least. Still deciding on the song, but I have a few good ones in mind...

    34. Missing avatar

      Swykk on

      Will the cover songs end up available by Electric Six at some point or is it at the discretion of the backers to find a means of sharing them or both? I'd prefer to purchase them digitally is what I'm saying.

    35. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      No,it's gone, Jennifer. Someone purchased it but there were technical difficulties with that particular item which kept it showing up as available, so we had to pull the item entirely from the listed packages.

    36. Jennifer Starr on

      Speaking of plastic dinosaur head, is that for sale? It's pictured but not listed.

    37. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      Hold on, Celine...we might add a few in that category, due to popular demand. Most of the packages are limited to what we've got posted but the band may be OK doing a few additional covers. Stay tuned.

    38. Celine on

      No more cover packages left. I guess I'll just have to keep my money then.

    39. Mike Lowndes on

      I want to dinosaur around the stage wearing a plastic head next time you play 409 in the UK.

    40. Electric Six 5-time creator on

      Yes, it includes a plus one. Will clarify on the site.

    41. Joshua Bell on

      Does the eternal guest list option include a +1?

    42. Missing avatar

      Joshua Southerland on

      Looking forward to the show on Thursday.

    43. Belle on

      I second the jealousy of the person who got the Switzerland briefcase before I did.

    44. Shaun Hatton on


    45. Celine on

      I'm feeling a distinct Tim & Eric vibe from that video. Great Job!

    46. wannabe_Marysue on

      WOaH LOOK LIKE A high budget porduction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait 2 get mine!!1! backed

    47. Julian Elliott on

      This is beautiful.....let's do it for the 6!

    48. sheepdean on

      The BluRay is gonna be region-free yeah?
      Also, 100% jealous of whoever snapped up the briefcase