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$3,822 pledged of $11,000 goal
By Everything for Everyone
$3,822 pledged of $11,000 goal

This festival can still happen, it needs your donation!

We didn't make the goal of the kickstarter but this festival can still happen!

All of you who pledged, or thought of pledging, please contribute to our wepay account directly!  The almost $4,000 we've raised in pledges will go a long way toward making this festival happen if people still contribute this money.


We want to make a special call for all of our wonderful donors.  About 60 people pledged in all, and many people spread the word about this festival.  Articles have appeared in the Occupied Wallstreet Journal, The Boston Occupier, The Portland Occupier, the Occupy Seattle web page, the Black Orchid Collective's blog, the Kasama Project website, and more.  This was all an amazing feat of support and our serious gratitude for the long hours contributed by many.

This festival has a lot going for it, including support from many people, much promised content, and about a dozen scheduled artists so far.

Contribute and spread the word! This festival needs your donation, urgently.

~The Everything for Everyone Coordinating Committee

4 days to go - we have to raise $7k stat!

Pledge now if you haven't already and if you have ask your friends and post the kickstarter to your facebook page!  Let's get this DONE!

Debate/Discussion Planned: The Commons-Everything for Everyone and Get Money Out of Politics. A Discussion of Differences within #Occupy

We have a confirmed panel discussion!

One of the central disagreements within the #Occupy movement has been whether our central goal should be to work to perfect US Democracy through doing things like getting money out of politics and reforming it over time or whether the problem lies much deeper and the whole system must be done away with.  How will we achieve an egalitarian world?

More content to come!

Gaining Momentum!

As of this update, #e4e has reached 16% of our goal with 17 days left to reach $11,000.  After pledging, help us reach our goal by posting the Kickstarter page on Facebook, Twitter and sharing with your friends and family!

We have a long way to go, but are gaining national traction, including articles in the Occupied Wall St Journal and the Portland Occupier.

We have confirmed our first debate between different perspectives within #occupy: The Commons-Everything for Everyone and Get Money Out of Politics. We have also confirmed our first 8 musicians, which will be posted soon.


The #e4e Team

Rebel Diaz Arts Collective and Troy Davis Collective endorse #e4e!

Rebel Diaz Arts Collective and Troy Davis Collective endorse #e4e!

Momentum and support for the festival are building.  But we have a long way to go.

Pledge whatever you can.  We need $11,000 just to cover initial expenses for the festival.  We will need $30,000 to cover our budget overall.

Contribute to help make #e4e a reality!