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Nutshell poems chronicling the exploits of backwoods gamine Tomboy. Rucksack hardcover, with graphite pencil illustrations.
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Posted by Stefan Lorenzutti (Creator)


Dear venerable and kind Cedar Toothpick backers,

Hello (three years later)!

A quick note to note that I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for Great Known: An Autobiographical Cairn, a planned 160-page seasonal journal & recollective weave of prose and poetry which I aim to publish this autumn, and which I describe in somewhat greater detail in the following recording:

Cannot emphasize enough how much I continue to appreciate your having supported Cedar, back in the spring of 2012, in spite of the fact that embryonic Cedar must have sounded pretty abstract to anyone not inside my brain at the time. It wasn’t, perhaps, until you held the final book in your hand that my earlier descriptions of the project could begin to make any sense. And so though I of course valued the florins and deniers you contributed toward Cedar’s realization, what bolstered me in particular was your having invested a certain amount of TRUST in me—and, by extension, in my creative instinct.

“As a result [of all that],” I write on Great Known’s project page, “Cedar came off the back burner and into existence, and it just wouldn’t have otherwise. Backer generosity and belief, in 2012, allowed an odd-sounding little collection of firepit chants to come into print. And so I’ve decided to return to Kickstarter in hopes of once again possibly earning your trust this early autumn. Trust which allows me to work with a liberating degree of creative and editorial autonomy; and which ultimately makes it possible for unconventional, locket-scaled projects such as Cedar and Great Known to emerge from file folders and—printed! &! bound!—to leap onto good wood shelves.”

To which I would add:

Thanks again (and again).


 (Hooded black-icy portrait by Johan Österholm)


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