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Violence!  Betrayal!  Laughs!  Evil supercomputers!  "Inevitable" is the game of a future not much bleaker than our own. 30 copies still available...
Violence! Betrayal! Laughs! Evil supercomputers! "Inevitable" is the game of a future not much bleaker than our own. 30 copies still available...
101 backers pledged $9,435 to help bring this project to life.

New Dystopian Holdings title ("CLOWNPOCALYPSE") now on Kickstarter

Hello there everyone.

It's been a year since we received delivery of INEVITABLE, and during that year we've been busy prepping a new game.  Entitled CLOWNPOCALYPSE, it pits humans against an army of malign clowns who have ravaged the world.

Designed by INEVITABLE design team members Jeremy Bushnell and Crystal Olesh, it contains a lot of the black humor that made INEVITABLE a fun project.  But it's a more streamlined and elegant game: easier to learn and quicker to play, without sacrificing strategic richness.

As supporters of INEVITABLE, we thought you might be interested in hearing about CLOWNPOCALYPSE, and we hoped you'd consider lending it your support.  $25 gets you a full copy of the game, and if you're on a budget you can get a PDF version for as low as $9.  After only three days of fundraising we're already 29% funded, which is exciting.

Take a look!


Jeremy B

Copies are shipping / Standard PDFs

OK everybody!

We shipped our first batch to supporters on Saturday but have more to go. The game contains a healthy amount of components that are either hand-assembled (22 pins) or hand-collated (the Groups and the money) and it takes a while to get them together. We'll keep building them as fast as we can, and your patience during this stage is appreciated.

If you supported us with a pledge of $45 or more, you should also have received a download link to the "Standard Edition PDFs"-- a complete set of the game in PDF form for your personal use. If you can't wait for your physical set, and you're busily assembling the PDFs right now in anticipation of your first game, you might want to check out the Quick Start video we uploaded to YouTube, which explains the basic rules and the details of setting up.

If you're just trying to get your friends excited about playing, we recommend the trailer:

Jeremy (and Jonathan)


Oh wow.

The FedEx truck arrived today and dropped off 1,800 lbs worth of unassembled "Inevitable" components. Want to see what a pile of 500 games looks like? Want to see unboxing photos of the glorious components? Check out (and share) our Flickr set on the topic:

We've arranged for a HIVELIKE WORK PARTY to take place this Friday, and we intend to begin shipping out copies on Saturday.

Thank you all once again. This is literally like a dream come true.


Jeremy (and Jon)

Inevitable is in production

Those of you who have "liked" us on Facebook may have seen this last week, but....

...after many small delays...

...the proofs have finally been finalized!

Our printers expect to ship the game to us on the 15th. If all goes well we'll be assembling and shipping copies soon! Cross your fingers!

Jeremy (and Jon)

Another Kickstarter project that might interest you

Good news! We've been approving proofs like mad this week and the game will likely be in production by Friday.

While we're waiting, we wanted to draw your attention to another project that our Lead Designer, Jeremy, is involved with-- and which has a special connection to "Inevitable." It's a new "indie charity" called the Endowment for Unexceptional Humans.

The premise is unusual, yet simple-- they believe that all humans have the potential for excellence, and they wish to provide rewards to people who have a plan for success, but who may not have an existing track record of achievements and accomplishments. (There are plenty of scholarships and grants designed to reward exceptional people, so why not a grant program for "the rest of us?")

In fact, Inevitable benefited from a technology grant from the Endowment last fall, when our production computer began to break down. We didn't have money in our (incredibly tight) budget for a new computer, but we approached the Endowment and they provided for us.

Their mission fits with our company approach to creative, collaborative funding, and Jeremy was excited to do more with them. As a result, he now volunteers as a member of their board and is helping them with their own fundraising efforts. They're a scrappy team of less than a half-dozen people, and are trying (at present) to raise money without going to big corporate sponsors.

You can learn more by checking out their site:

or visit their Kickstarter campaign:

Some of you have already contributed, and for this I thank you. And if you can't support the project financially, please consider just sharing the link (the short version is:

Thanks so much!

Jeremy (and Jon)