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Violence! Betrayal! Laughs! Evil supercomputers! "Inevitable" is the game of a future not much bleaker than our own. 30 copies still available...

Although we have reached our goal, we're still raising funds until June 1st!

All pledges of $75 or more remain guaranteed to receive a copy of the Deluxe Version, at least until they're all gone. (30 remain.)

We now return you to the description...
Inevitable is a satirical game set in a dystopian future. It was designed by us-- Jeremy P. Bushnell and Jonathan A. Leistiko. We were two of the co-founders of the pioneering print-and-play game studio Invisible City Productions. (

Inevitable contains a 76-square board; a deck of 63 cards; 20 1" Mylar-fronted buttons, corresponding to the 20 different playable Groups in the game; a fully illustrated manual; a Catalog of 20 different purchasable in-game items; and a treasury of play money. The prototype has been extensively playtested and revised -- it's currently in its seventh version and is getting a few final layers of polish this spring.

We intend to release it this summer, in three formats: the Demo Version (an abridged set of freely downloadable PDFs), the Standard Version (a pay-to-download PDF), and the Deluxe Version (a commercially-printed physical copy of the game). We're going to produce a "small batch" of the Deluxe Version--a run of 100--and we're planning to use the Kickstarter funds to help produce, promote, and distribute that run.

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More About the Game
A little more about the game's mechanics

Inevitable represents a hybrid of...

  • the chance-based pleasures of roll-and-move games

  • the wheeling and dealing of negotiation-based games

  • the drama and tension of collaborative beat-the-system games

  • and the narrative richness of character-driven role-playing games.

Basically, we tried to put all the things we like about tabletop gameplay into a single game. Were we successful? Enthusiastic playtester response says "yes."

A little more about the game's story
In Inevitable, you play the chosen representative of a group running a political campaign against HappyCOM-9, the all- seeing, all-knowing computer that serves as the Exalted Decider in the post-apocalyptic world of the game. Today's political parties are long forgotten, however. Certain power blocs, such as the Church and the Mafia, still exist, and are available to play. But you could also be playing a representative of a corporation (ACME, UPS), or unorthodox new forces like Post-Apocalyptic Beasts or the Living Dead. In order to be successful, you will need to best your opponents, avoid HappyCOM-9's defenses, weather the twists and turns of capricious Fate, and, uh, not die. Or at least not die too often.

(You can read the full backstory here: )


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    The knowledge of having helped out a cool project, PLUS a button set of your choice: either a six-button "Know Your Polyhedra" set (depicted here: or a five-button "Inevitable's Furious Five" set (featuring head-shots of five groups from the Demo Set).

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    One of the button sets listed above, PLUS a download link to the Demo Version PDF in your inbox on the day of its release. This fully-playable set will include the complete Board and rules, the 25-item Catalog, 5 Groups, 32 cards, and the money.

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    A button set, PLUS a download link to the Standard Version PDFs, which includes everything in the Demo Version, plus 15 additional Groups and 31 additional cards. Your name will be listed in the credits and on our website under the heading "Thanks To."

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    The button set, PLUS the download link to the Complete Version PDFs, PLUS the Deluxe Version--a physical copy of all game components shipped to you on the day of release. Your name will be listed in the credits and the website in a list of "Producers."

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    The button set, the Complete Version PDFs, the Deluxe Version, PLUS an "I [Heart] Dystopias" T-shirt. (We'll post the design soon.) Your name will be listed in the credits and on the website in a list of "Exalted Producers."

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    The button set, the Complete Version PDFs, two copies of the Deluxe Version signed by both creators, the "I [Heart] Dystopias" T-shirt, plus a piece of Inevitable original artwork of your choice. Your name will be listed in the credits and on the website under a unique credit of your choice.

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    All of the above, plus your likeness incorporated into one of the game's 63 cards.

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