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An RPG reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games, Ancient Dystopia will be a quest to remember.
An RPG reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games, Ancient Dystopia will be a quest to remember.
An RPG reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games, Ancient Dystopia will be a quest to remember.
334 backers pledged $5,872 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John on

      Robert, please check your spam folder.

    2. John on

      Robert, I'm emailing you again.

    3. Robert Wicker on

      John, I could not locate your email. Please resend.

    4. John on

      Sorry, Robert. This is the first time I've logged into KS in a while. I'll email you.

    5. Robert Wicker on

      John, it's late but yes, I would. Please contact me at drgonzo369 at gmail dot com

    6. John on

      @Robert Wicker and @Michael Lirette, I still have 9 unopened physical copies. Would you two like one each?

    7. Robert Wicker on

      So I've given up on you. I've waited, I've sent you my new addresses every time I've moved and nothing. You never reply to anything, so I'm taking that as you are done with this project and screw everyone else involved. I was excited about supporting someone local, but never again.

    8. Robert Wicker on

      Soooo, still no physical copy. And I moved again.... So yeah.. .

    9. Robert Wicker on

      Still no physical copy of the game I pledged on over 2 years ago....

    10. Michael Lirette on

      It's been over two years since I pledged for this game. The game is complete and published, and I still don't have a copy. I am very disappointed in this result.

    11. Iván de Neymet

      no digital copy received :(

    12. Robert Wicker on

      Never got mine at all, and I love like an hour from the KS creator.

    13. John on

      @Robert: I received mine back in August.

    14. Robert Wicker on

      John: When did you get yours? I've never gotten my physical copy and Dystopia Games hasn't replied to any of my email for a couple of months now.

    15. John on

      I've received a physical copy.

    16. Robert Wicker on

      Did ANYONE get the physical copy yet?

    17. Robert Wicker on

      sooo, any updates?

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Jacobson on

      Anyone get their digital rewards yet?

    19. Jordan Leung on

      There hasn't been an update for five months. This game was supposed to come out a year ago. Have any of the backers that received an indev or alpha version of the game heard anything more recently?

      Is it time to pursue action to receive a refund? This guy's father is listed as "managing the money." Should we attempt to contact him?

    20. Doyle Clemence on

      I am also curious as to see where we the project is at. How well was the Alpha received? Any ETA for the Beta or Full Release?

      As I've said previously, any update is better than no update. We know that you're busy with school and life, however, we all felt that you were worth investing in. Please show us that you are, indeed, worth investing in by providing us with regular updates and by finishing this project.


    21. Kyle Cinelli on

      Okay, since it's been 4 months since the last update, are we allowed to ask about the project status?

    22. Tovarah - Weresheeptiger of Sin [DOoD] on

      We are now in April 2014, last update was December. Can we get another update to where the game is at please.

    23. Robert Wicker on

      how goes it with this?

    24. Zei on

      So how about that update?

    25. Dystopia Games Creator on

      The email I was using for Kickstarter stopped functioning and I didn't realize anything was going on here. I am working on an update right now. It could be posted any time in the next few days.

    26. Kyle Cinelli on

      Okay, since it's been 4 months since the last update, are we allowed to ask what gives?

    27. Missing avatar

      Rxa on

      Don't think he's intentionally scamming us. But since it's past the due date, we should be getting more frequent updates.

    28. Tovarah - Weresheeptiger of Sin [DOoD] on

      I'm also wondering abot the status of the game. It's now the 6th of November and it's been months sincet he last update.

    29. Ashley Deutsch on

      Also wondering about the status of the game. It has been awhile since an update was posted.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sydena on

      Any new update? It's been 10weeks since your comment below & the EST delivery was 7months ago.

    31. Ryan Carey on

      If you like classics with modern twists like this game check out:
      Barter Empire, open world RPG

    32. Tsuki on

      Thanks for the update, its great to see its still progressing. I look forward to seeing what the final game will look like.

    33. Doyle Clemence on

      Just read the update. Thanks for putting one together for us. It looks good and nice to see what the world looks like.

    34. Dystopia Games Creator on

      Doyle, I have been working on the game and am currently in development hyperdrive. I have been neglecting posting an update on Kickstarter for multiple reasons, one being an academic summer camp that had me out of my house for a full four weeks. I clearly need to post an update so I will get to work on that. I can show off a few of the new things I have implemented, such as menus and the new world, as well as some new music.

    35. Doyle Clemence on

      I was just wondering, since it is summer now, if you have any updates for us? Have you been working on this during summer vacation? Do you have summer vacation at your school?

      Any updates are better than no updates.


    36. Missing avatar

      M Lee on

      this was a waste of money obviously

    37. Missing avatar

      Paulo Marcelino on

      Hmm, a claim of a new update posted by the creator... On APRIL 1st...

    38. Dystopia Games Creator on

      Jason and Robert,

      School has become an issue lately with increased work loads. I am working on a Kickstarter update right now. I am also preparing to get other people involved in the game to make this move faster. Details will be in the update, which I expect to have posted by the end of today.

    39. Robert Wicker on

      I have to agree with Jason Carrington. It's been almost 2 months since the last update. How is this going?

    40. Jason Carrington on

      Not trying to rush you, but has been a while since we had an update. How are things going?

    41. HillhomeGaming on

      Amazon was unable to process your pledge to Ancient Dystopia.

      This is a temporary issue, and we are working to resolve it.

      It's been 10 days Amazon - figure it out :/

    42. João Gonçalves on

      BTW, there are companies that charge as much as 30$ for a rpgmaker game....check out the company that makes "Laxius Force"....

    43. João Gonçalves on

      Oh, and to anybody who wishes to try to create a game like this, in steam there is "RPG Maker VX Ace Lite", which is free, but comes with various limitations such as only 10 events (per map I think).

      Be prepared to invest a lot of time, and to have a lot of fun. Tutorials are abundant on the internet (although many of them are for older versions like RPG Maker XP.

    44. João Gonçalves on

      @Gregory Moore

      I agree with both of you, but anybody here who knows anything about games know this is done with RpgMaker (although by some comments, I realize some people think he built the engine from the ground up).

      The point is I would like to see the end product, and how it turns out, and it is not about the money (my case, 10 bucks) and most here backed knowing it is a rpgmaker game.

      I don't enjoy making games in Rpgmaker, because when you know EVERYTHING about a game, it isn't fun to play.

      The only point I totally agree with you is about the physical copies, because when (and it will have) bugs are discovered, he will be unable to fix them. But, then again, nobody was forced to buy physical copies...pledge at your own risk, i would say.

    45. Zei on

      Nearly 6k for an RPGmaker projector? Not too shabby. I do believe most of the support came from people impressed with your interest in game design at such a young age. That's why I backed the project. Good luck!

    46. Gregory Moore on

      I'll have to agree with John B. Leaving out key information about the nature of your project to create the impression that you've built everything from scratch is dishonest to all the people who supported you.

      From my personal experience and what I've seen so far, there hasn't been much effort in the creation of this game and I can't grasp why you're bothering to ask for money for disc mass production when,

      1. You're not even selling the game.(otherwise you'll get hit with copyright claims left, right and center.

      And 2. It would make more sense to release your game digitally for practical purposes. Like what would happen if you sent the game out to backers and it turned out to be broken, you wouldn't be able to fix it.

      I've also noticed you've taken graphics straight from the internet and plugged it right into your project without giving credit what so ever to the original artists who made them. There's thousands of games that are absolutely free on sites such as that have been made with the same software, so I suggest you'll give some of them a play in order to understand why it looks so bad from my perspective. Anyhow no bad feelings o/

    47. Eve on

      And 5k to YOU sir.

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