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pledged of €1,000,000pledged of €1,000,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018
pledged of €1,000,000pledged of €1,000,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018

Let's try again on a smaller level

Posted by Dirk Strothmann (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

Today this campaign ends without reaching the high funding goal- but this does not mean this project ends. We would be happy if you want to follow us to the relaunch which we plan to start here on Kickstarter within the next two weeks.


 First of all I want to thank you all for supporting us here within the last 50 days! Thank you for the great feedback on our voting in the last update. More than 2,000 backers, more than 120,000 € funding and more than 700 votes helping to find a good strategy are really encouraging! Below I will present some more details. 

Before I want to present a little video I made yesterday morning in our "Ice stadion" (If you want to reconstruct: Take a large foil, a lot of water and pray for frost) in front of our small Magnic Light office where I try to answer some frequently asked questions concerning rim material (aluminium, carbon, steel, ice). I hope it's ok that we still try to have some fun beneath all the work ;-)

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Now the "serious" part

We were uncertain how to move on and decided to follow your vote: 

Crowdfunding vs Webshop : German & English votes
Crowdfunding vs Webshop : German & English votes


To keep it simple, we set up a new Kickstarter Magnic Microlight campaign which differs in some important points from this campaign (it's not the final version so things may still change)

  • Funding goal is 70.000 €
  • There are just 3 different rewards : Basic Set, Stand Light Set & Rear Light Set (incl . stand light)
  • Project duration is just 25 days
  • Additional orders can be made in our webshop after (/in case) we reach the goal. 
  • We want to offer all backers of this campaign a discount shipment of 4€.

There will be some open questions which I try to answer here in advance

  • What about the "Smart Version"?
    It seems unrealistic that this version can be produced by us in 2018- but never say never. Due to this project we received some requests which might change our situation significantly but at the moment it would be unreasonable to plan with it. In case there will be a change after a succesful campaign we will offer these options to you (It might be possible that we are able to offer an upgrade of your reward from "Standlight" or "Basic" to "Smart" which we would offer cheaper than for webshop orders). It might even be possible to offer as a "strech goal" (additional reward in the new project) but currently this seems out of reach.
  • How can we manage  production with a lower goal now?
    We have removed the Smart (& Malawi) version which are too hard for us on a small budget and we had to increase the prices a little bit (For the backers here we try to keep them nearly on the same level). Additionally we have changed the standlight version which will have stand light only for the rear lights but not for the front lights. This is very important because in the last weeks we have developed a new electronic circuit with energy storage (capacitor) which only makes sense for the rear lights (Background: For the front lights we need one high efficient lens-focused LED to enlight the road while we can split on two LEDs for the rear lights). This makes production (without microcontroller) less expensive and we believe the stand light is most important for the rear lights.
  • How can previous backers get a discount?
    We are not sure it it is a good idea but the most simple way to offer you a small discount seems to be using the shipment method: As a backer of this project just choose country "Antarctica" for shipment (this is just for handling shipment cost but without meaning for the shipment itself where we need your complete address) and get the cheaper shipment cost of 4€. In the next days we try to find out if there might be a better way to handle this and we are open for other suggestions.
  • What about direct preorders in the webshop?
    We have to wait until we reach the funding goal with webshop preorders.
  • What do I have to do to switch to the new project?
    Just subscribe to the new project and you will be informed about the start. You are welcome to comment, criticize, suggesst, ...

If you can't find a suitable reward in the new project thanks again for your support here. We hope to be able to produce the desired product in the future.

If you want to order our current lights today we offer them only today with 30% discount. Just use coupon code "microlights" in the webshop here today (until 24:00 CET).


 Best Regards,

Your Magnic Light Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Nierhoff on

      Hey Dirk, still no news on the re-launch?
      Hope everything is well with you and with Magnic Light....

    2. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      Hi David, Unfortunately I was ill which costed nearly two weeks. Now I studied all details again and made some optimizations which allow for better performance without increasing the size significantly. We want to start the new campaign in April (I think between April 20th-25th). With the previous campaign we hoped to be able to hire experts to start production very fast- now with low budget I do these things myself which costs some extra time.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Nierhoff on

      Hi Dirk, curiously waiting for the new campaign to start....the 'within next two weeks' time frame is over now for a while. Hope to see Magnic Microlights soon on Kickstarter...

    4. Ken Varley on

      I have disc brakes, so good luck with the new campaign. I don't fancy a fudged version, to just provide a basic light for disc brakes.

    5. Missing avatar

      George on

      Looking forward to the new campaign

    6. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      @Gavin If we have some more cold days I will show some nice rotations in the new campaign...

    7. Gavin Cowie

      I was really hoping you were going to show us out some fun rotational momentum experiments with that spinning wheel, on the ice, with skates. Still, look forward to the new campaign!