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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018
pledged of €1,000,000pledged of €1,000,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018

Delivery of Magnic Microlights

Posted by Dirk Strothmann (Creator)

Dear Cyclists,

With more than 100K € raised here on Kickstarter we obviously don't reach our funding goal for Magnic Microlights within in the next two weeks. This means no money will be transferred - but interest in our technology is high and we have new strategies for implementation. It depends on you if we can realize one of them. We plan to deliver the Basic and the Standlight version in September 2018 and for all backers of our campaign here we will offer a bonus.

Please let us know here which option you prefer:


Hier zum deutschen Fragebogen:



Even if Crowdfunding has worked well for us in the past we are not sure if the situation might have changed significantly. Our experiences are similar to the description in this article on Huffpost : Some years ago paid advertising was not the main clue for a succesful Kickstarter project but if all the experts are right (We got more than 50 promotion offers the last weeks- compared to less than 10 for our first projects) it is now. In case of a relaunch of our campaign we would keep it smaller but would not invest 20-30% in paying agencies for promotion which seems to be the way to go for the large projects (or the ones which won't deliver the rewards). We are aware that we could not reach many backers due to the high funding goal so it will be interesting to see what happens with a lower goal- but I doubt it will be possible to reach enough to produce the Smart version in the first step.


It is clear we need a certain amount of preorders to start the production. From legal point of view preorders are safer for customers because in case of failed delivery customers have to be refunded 100%- while the Kickstarter terms say that a successfully funded Kickstarter project with failed delivery only needs to refund what is left  -if proof of project-related usage of the funding money can be documented. We believe it would be better for the "good projects" if Kickstarter improves the control- but often things are more complicated than they seem to be.

The next steps:

For backers of this campaign who still want the Magnic Microlights we want to keep prices (nearly) as presented here (except the 1€ reward which we can't offer for a small project) while new customers will have to pay a higher amount. Obviously we have to rely on the future because it won't be possible to be profitable with a relatively small number of preorders/ backers.

The last weeks we did not concentrate mainly on advertising but on optimizing the product and preparing production. We changed the interior design to keep the lamps 100% water-proof and worked on the clamp design for disc brake systems. Results will be presented here in a new update before this campaign ends.

Finally we received so many preorders for our current Magnic Light iC version that the rear lights ran out of stock. Fortunately, our partner VTS Elektronik worked overtime this week, so that we will receive the new rear lights tomorrow :-)

If you need some light in these cold winter days - get a 20% discount by using coupon code: "winter" here:

Magnic Light iC - Contactless bicycle lights
Magnic Light iC - Contactless bicycle lights


Your Magnic Light team


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    1. Marko Radosevic on

      ...and huge support and wave from Critical Mass enforcers ;) from Serbia.
      You should promote your equipment through mass (bicycle) events worldwide.
      I would gladly wear your light in the spearhead of our several hundred strong & cheerful bicycle community.

      basically, we are ordering cheap and not reliable chinese ver. of the same idea. It sucks.
      help us

    2. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      @Marko Website & Shop should work- If you find a problem we are happy if you send us a mail.

    3. Marko Radosevic on

      You should have your website shop up & running no matter what you start through KS and other campaigns. Keep us posted through mail about it.

    4. Alan Rickayzen on

      >>> We believe it would be better for the "good projects" if Kickstarter improves the control

      Couldn't agree more.
      Eg. ID'd creator-validation when a project exceeds a certain sum... P&P not collected until goods shipped.

      I've received some really cool kit thanks to KS, but also followed some very shady projects too. Until KS improves their accountability I rarely back, preferring to follow for 1$.
      This project is one of the exceptions I trust.

    5. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      @Jesse I think there won't be a relevant difference. On Kickstarter we have an additional fee but might get more orders. With this project we got more backers from Germany than expected - but many don't use credit cards and found the payment complicated. So we try to evaluate what's best.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jesse Adams

      Will the pricing be more or less equivalent whether it's a relaunch or a pre-order?

    7. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      @"Qualifed backer" Sorry- we don't comment spam messages.

    8. Missing avatar

      Qualified backer

      Not a single "I am sorry" or slightest admission of guilt.

      Everything is the fault of something else.

      You are a dangerous man.
      Very dangerous.
      Because you see no opportunity to change as a person.
      It is not the crowding market that has changed, it is not evil advertisement companies taking a 30% cut.

      It is you
      You choosing a 1 million goal and giving away 37000 € worth of product as a 1€ early bird.
      Even proclaiming how successful you are with popularity.

      Turned out that people were here for a bargain, not a product.

      You do have a good product.
      But your business skills are terrible.
      You need an employee to take care of that side for you to succeed.

      Without knowing your age, my first guess is that you are getting old:
      Like the American president.
      Being used to success, but now blaming lack of success on anything else but yourself, because of a life full of "you are so smart".

      You have patents.
      You were smart,
      but as you have stopped listening to others and feedback:
      Get used to failures if you don't want to take personal responsibility for your actions and at least admit the errors are on you.

      Because several in the Kickstarter community called this one on day 1 of this project.

      Good luck with getting funding the traditional way.
      Maybe selling one of your existing patents could cover it?
      Using your personal wealth rather than going for a crowding website to fund you 1 million.

      Again, even though the backers got nothing you are taking these numbers on to others:
      "See what a big interest this product had on Kickstarter"

      You have exploited the good faith of people who backed you by setting an unrealistically high goal.

      Get some private investors, pay them with equity, the old-school way.
      Get a bank loan.

      Then only fund the last few thousand € that you need.
      Have 90% of the money you need, if you get much more than needed in the kickstarter: pay off the bank loan.

      Expecting 1 million and full payment from kickstarter is silly, especially with insane early birds..

      Bad bad business strategy.
      Get someone else to handle it.

    9. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      @ Tad Both are similar: With a Crowdfunding relaunch there is (very little) probability for the smart version in 2018. So for backers and for us differences are small. On Kickstarter we have to pay fees - but will probably get more orders. Today I can't say what is better- That's why we hope to get some feedback.

    10. Missing avatar

      Tad Brennan on

      Dear Mr. Strothmann,

      Before choosing between Relaunch and Preorder, I would like a little more information, please.

      For the consumers, the advantage of Preorder is the assurance of 100% refund if the project is not completed. So Preorder is a safer bet with smaller risk, for the consumers. Does Preorder have any advantages for your company?

      And what are the advantages, for buyers or seller, with Relaunch? More advertisement, possibility of lower per-unit-cost?

      Finally, which one would you prefer? You have always dealt with us honestly and fairly, so I am interested in your opinion.

      best wishes, Tad Brennan