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pledged of €1,000,000pledged of €1,000,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018

Stand Light, Standlight, Parking Light?

Posted by Dirk Strothmann (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We wish you a Happy New Year 2018 and we thank you for your fantastic support with more than 60.000 US$ funding until now!

We got a lot of questions concerning what we call "stand light"- and as non-native speakers we are not sure about the best translation.  
The most important: When your bike stops, the lights of the smart sets and the stand light sets will light up for another 3 minutes while the basic version is off.

It seems we did not make that clear enough and we would be happy to receive your feedback:
Is "parking light" better than "stand light" or "standlight" and helps to avoid misunderstandings?
(We got the information "parking light" is for cars and for bicycle lights "stand light" is correct- but we are not sure).

Another question is the brightness of the front lights. Our Magnic Microlight prototypes have ~15 lux per pair at 20 km/h. This is ~60% brightness of the standard Magnic Light iC version but the final version shall reach ~80% because the prototype material is of minor quality compared to the final product. Even if the brightness does not reach the full power of the larger Magnic light iC lamps in many cases Magnic Microlights will surpass the brightness of Magnic Light iC because of better installation (It is easy to mount them in perfect position to the rim in the brake shoe - with adapters many customers of our lamps have some problems to install with optimal results).

Here in the video from German TV (MDR) you see some older Magnic Microlight prototypes filmed with their professional TV equipment:

We have noted that our goal is far away at the moment and we know that we can only reach it with more visitors on this page. In our first campaign we were in a similar situation and press reports from journalists who were enthusiastic about the technology gave the decisive kick. With the new Microlight concept having the potential to make the world of cycling safer, we believe there is still a good chance to get such a kick and start the first series based on this Kickstarter campaign. If you have the opportunity to spread the word this might bring the push forward.

Your Magnic Light team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Roberts on

      So the Basic Light turns off when wheel is not going round but the Stand/Smart Light has a backup feature where the light stays on for three minutes .
      So maybe call it a "Switch off delay feature" or similar. and then maybe call the Basic "instant off"

    2. Missing avatar

      John Gamble

      "Standing" is a term for cars that are not actually parked (the engine is on), but are not moving either. I think there are still street signs that proclaim "No Parking No Standing", but I have never in my life heard anyone refer to it this way, and I am over fifty years old. From my point of view, it's an obsolete term.

      I agree with with Gavin's list. I'd vote for "Stationary light" if pressed.

    3. Gavin Cowie

      If there's a term that english speakers (who aren't dynamo light aware) use for this, I have never heard of it either.
      In increasing order of self-explanatoriness "Stationary light", "Stopped light" and "light while stopped".

    4. Dirk Strothmann 4-time creator on

      Vielen Dank fürs Feedback- Thank you for the feedback. We'll update the description soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dieter Jordt on

      für den deutschsprachigen Raum ist "Standlicht" sicher absolut verständlich...vielleicht hilft für den Rest der Welt ja " Safety-Light" oder " 3-Min-Safety-Light".
      Gruß aus dem Norden
      Dieter ;o))

    6. Madelaine Torchia on

      now that you have explained it, I might upgrade to stand light. i'd call it standing light or "the light stays on while bike is stationary"