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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018
pledged of €1,000,000pledged of €1,000,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 16 2018

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Fischer on

      Hey Richard,
      That’s what I am saying...

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      I still want the smart version, even if its more expensive. My bormal bikelights costed my 60 euro, nothing special, just good quality. I would be happy to pay double for smart ligts , in good quality. I think there must be enough people who like quality more then low prices.

    3. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Ruud, Daniel, ... At the moment : Unfortunately not so many news.

      Currently I have to focus on defending against plagiarism (rearlights of our first versions) from China which is really time consuming. Here are a few things in advance:

      The plagiarism rearlights are extremely cheap (between 7 and 30 US$ per piece)- but they only work for ~30 hours because the internal batteries don't recharge as promised. Apparently many customers don't care for quality and like to buy such products- which is a problem for us(because our prices are higher and we sell less - and our lights work as promised but many customers of the fake version might believe that our lights are of the same bad quality). I would recommend to buy a cheap battery light instead of buying the fake lights.

      You might wonder what this has to do with our new Microlights?
      If we manage to make a succesful 100K US$ project here on Kickstarter this might be enough for production + shipment of the basic Microlight version (with stand light)- but not more.
      Unfortunately we would send out a blueprint for the fake company (s) in an early state.
      It would be bad if we lose our chances in the "normal bicycle market" this way.

      I hope to be able to publish more soon.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ruud on

      i would also be very much interested in any news

    5. Missing avatar

      Neil Rhodes on

      When in May? for the relaunch? Please

    6. Missing avatar

      Jack Liao on

      awesome, really looking forward to re-pledging!!

    7. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Jack & Daniel We plan to relaunch in May.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jack Liao on

      whens the new campaign? :D

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Is there any news regarding new campaign?

    10. Missing avatar

      George on

      Looking forward to new campaign...

    11. Anders Öster

      @Dirk Strothmann - wow, quite strong light output.

    12. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Anders Strength depends on the rim distance. You can check the light output here in the video made with my bike: https://www.youtube.com/watch…

    13. Anders Öster

      @Dirk Strothmann - great. I really want a smart variant, let's hope it can be produced later. And what about your existing lights, do they too light up the road? Actually I found out about your current lights a couple of years ago, but didn't buy then because I wasn't sure about how strong the light is.

    14. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Claire We try with a relaunch on a smaller level. You find it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dynamodirk/526691335…

    15. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Paul This might be possible with the smart version- but this won't be available this year (please have a look at the update today).

    16. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Anders Lights are not just to be seen but to enlight the road in front of you.

    17. Anders Öster

      *Pure luck

    18. Anders Öster

      Pure lick that I found this now, looks really good. Didn't see any mention about how strong the front lights are. Are they only for visibility or can I see the road in front of me too?

    19. Paul Armstrong on

      One that just occurred to me is that the three minute stay on function could be a problem when locking up your bike as to thieves it'll look like there's something of worth that's easily stealable. It possible to disable that function?

    20. Claire

      Maybe when the Kickstarter ends, you should consider dropping the funding goal by a lot. Kicktraq, which I find very helpful, says you are trending towards 12%. You have 2000 backers but your goal of €1M is way out of reach. A great idea and successful in attracting people, but your funding goal is just way too high.
      Best of luck in your next campaign,

    21. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @JK You can see them for example in our shop here: https://www.magniclight.com/en/shop/category/117-adapters

      For the Microlights we won't use same clamp adapters but design a smaller version. We also have prototypes for "external" light units or charging other devices. It is not clear if and when we might bring them to market ourselves or in cooperation with partners.

    22. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Daniel Yes- seems a good idea to ask some "influencers". I hope we will soon mange to build the new prototypes with material strength close to the final product. The current 3D printed versions are good for our own tests but might get problems when riding down Alpe d'Huez or Mont Ventoux ;-)

    23. Missing avatar

      JK on

      Hi Dirk,

      I’m interested in a version which will fit on a full suspension mountain bike. Do you have any photos of your earlier versions installed on MTBs if so could you send the link?

      Do you also have a version with the two dynamos wired to a single more powerful light unit I can put on the handle bars?

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      May be it is worth to take a word with DC rainmaker, very popular blogger in cycle world. And he do reviews for project on all stages of idea / dev / production - it can be one more door to cycling community

    25. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @A & Daniel Thank you very much for your suggestions! Currently we elaborate ways to start production with limited resources. Concerning advertising there is always the hope to reach many people with small budget. We dont' have lot of experience with YouTube influencers but would expect the situation is similar to famous sports people: For good advertisement you have to pay - or need some luck. I doubt we are able to "buy a hype" so we can't bet on that. If you already have a product that is ready for sale advertising can pay off directly but in the prototype stage you need a longer breath. That's why Crowdfunding is interesting but it is clear not every project can be successful. Before this project ends we will present the next steps which shall result in production and delivery in 2018.

    26. Missing avatar

      A on

      You should reach more publicity and do it in more modern way: Send prototypes to YouTube video maker, sports people. With their millions of young, sporty followers you produce the hype you obviously need for this high funding goal.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Have wrote my opinion as an optional feedback - but in any case will put it here also - I am interested in smart version (actually would like to suggest to make a turn blinking light orange led like other vehicles to be better seen / understand on road. )
      Since you have 450 smart sets backed - may be it is not enough to get it to production but it is quite good interest in product and possibly independent project for just smart version be successful (depends on minimum bulk you may run on production)
      In any case - I am awaiting for smart version in either way in case it will be same price level

    28. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Matt It's just asking if you prefer a relaunch or preorder in our web shop in case we don't reach the goal here- which is not unlikely ;-) Links are tested and should work- maybe you can try with another browser?

    29. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      I have no idea what the latest update is asking me!
      It talks about options, but doesn’t say what they are.... or how to select any!

    30. Missing avatar

      Chris Konecny on

      Man i thought I was so blessed to get in on the lucky few cheap ones but sadly I don't think this will get funded

    31. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Karin No-The speed detection is not only based on the speed detected in the generator. A normal wheel is not perfect (for example the valve of the tube produces the most significant "signal") which we use to count the number of turns. Even if you brake (and the generator speed increases for a short time) we are looking for the "wheel signals" which are not affected by braking. If you have a perfectly centered rim without valve speed detection will not work. It is also necessary to enter the wheel size for this function.

    32. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Chris & Richard Thank you for your suggestions. We will publish soon the next steps. Last week more articles on Magnic Microlights were published and even Discovery Channel (Daily Planet) reported on this project. Currently, we are focusing on optimizing technology and production and want to find out which version(s) we can offer on a smaller budget. We got a lot of offers and advice from persons who consider crowdfunding to be a fairy tale where the happy end is reached when the funding goal is reached (resp. the prince gets the princess)- but as in real life the important part begins after this "happy Ending". At the moment we don't expect to reach the funding goal but it is clear we can at least offer shipment of the basic version this year. All backers of this campaign will get a special discount.

    33. Missing avatar

      Karin on

      I increased my pledge by 99EUR for an additional smart set.

      When I look at the videos and explanations, the lights brighten up, when they get closer to the rim. Does this influence the speed information generated and transmitted via bluetooth?

    34. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      Maybe you should split the campaign up fot the different products. Campaign with to many variables get less funding than the very simple ones, as far as I have seen.

    35. Chris Elliott

      Hi Dirk
      As a previous backer getting early notification of the launch of this project, I could have got a set of the 1 Euro lights, but I didn't. Instead I backed the standlight version, both lights front and rear, but not the smart version. I like the ideas in the smart version, but I think it may have been better to launch the form factor first, and then do a second version with smart features. For me, the key selling points are contactless dynamo lights that replace standard brake blocks, and which also have standlight and brake features. That was enough for me. If the funding target is set so high because of the cost of bringing the smart version to market, I'm not sure if enough people will sign up for the smart lights. I hope you make the current goal, but even if you don't, you have already raised over £80,000, and I am sure that if you eventually have to relaunch with a less ambitious target, that you will have no problem. It should go without saying that one of your backers would be me. :-)

    36. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Jack At the moment we just have an interval of 15 seconds which you can activate (and optionally break off prematurely) by the brake lever. It is possible to configure a custom delay and the length of the interval via smartphone app.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jack Liao on

      Hi Dirk,

      Q on how the turn signal duration, I'm assuming as soon as the turn signals are activated it launches a timer and restores to its original state afterwards. Curious to see how long in advance can I signal to turn (safety concern)


    38. Philip Pang


      Sounds like you have a plan, I really like your design even without smart connection. The smart features is a far stretch that seems costly and not wise to transfer the cost to a small group of backers. I agree that you're using economy of scale here to reduce the cost per unit. And if you could hit the target, then it's not the time yet. Maybe further marketing and exposure would help to gain more volume in the future. Have you given any thought to promote your design in the CES exhibitions? I see its common for high-tech products such as yours start promoting there and launch kickstarter at the same time hitting 2 birds with one stone. Anyhow, I'm sure most of the backers have done their best promoting in whatever social media we're connected. So hopefully you have at least hit some small goals here and continue on with your next steps, good luck!

    39. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Richard Simple reason: The smart version is the most expensive until it is ready for mass production so the risk seems too high at the moment. If we find a strong partner this might change but from today's point of view we don't have this option. Currently we are working on optimization of the electronics and I expect that we will be able to start the basic and the stand Light" version with or without Kickstarter. A few days ago Kickstarter told us that they consider to remove our campaign due to usage of photorealistic images so I am not sure if a new Kickstarter campaign is the best option. (This seemed so strange because apparently our prototype images which were even shown on TV are real while there are so many dubious campaigns on Kickstarter- and photorealistic images all around). But I think the current situation is not bad: Interest in the product is really high and with some more time it should even be possible to produce the "smart version" while it will be easier (this year) to sell the basic and standlight version via shops and retailers. It does not help anyone if we make 300K here and are not able to deliver the promised products.

    40. Missing avatar

      Richard Bergmans

      Why can iit not be the smart version. The smart version is the version with the most appeal. I want one!

    41. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Philip We have not yet decided if we start another project for this or directly offer with a discount for the backers of this campaign. In each case it is clear that the smart version can't be the first version we can offer.

    42. Philip Pang

      Hi Dirk, maybe just releasing one type of product at one time would be achievable? Like just the stand lights without smart connection, maybe another kickstarter for that..

    43. Mr.Mo


      Auf jeden Fall!

    44. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      Hi Mr.Mo

      "I still support this campaign because I like the showed product. If we miss the current goal and Dirk will do a second try, I will support it, too.", absolutely, like a lot of people here I hope :)

      But I think we will disagree about the lower goal, because I don't understand how can you obtain the lights with a lower goal if Dirk says it's impossible for him to start the projetc.
      I don't say that you're not interrested, I wrote : "I suppose you (and other people like Mr Mo) are interrested to support the project", and if you had this feeling please accept my appologies for my mistakes in english.
      I just say I don't understand the negatives comments, just because it doesn't help the goal to be reached and it's discouraging for Dirk.

    45. Ronny Makswitat on

      Die Entwicklung bis zur Wunschsumme sieht nicht so toll aus. Und auch wenn die Summe nicht geschafft wird, würde sich der Artikel in absehbarer Zeit und mit etwas Werbung extrem gut verkaufen.

    46. Mr.Mo


      I asked for a lower goal because I want Dirks fantastic product in my hand.

      Thats the problem, because I think we will not reach the current estimated goal.

      I still support this campaign because I like the showed product. If we miss the current goal and Dirk will do a second try, I will support it, too. Simon, this is the campaigns comment section, not only for marketing. People here ask a lot of question, like I do, because they are interested in Dirks bike light. Only supporter can write here. So, don't think or say I am not interested and want to destroy this campaign, please. That's not fair and by the way not true!

    47. Missing avatar

      Simon on

      @Dirk : did you reveive my email ? Just to know if your email adress I have is still available or if I need to use another one.

    48. Dirk Strothmann 3-time creator on

      @Moritz You can increase your pledge according to the additional (unlimited) reward (without adding extra shipment cost).

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